Disney CEO Dodges Question About Removing Trump From Hall of Presidents

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Donald Trump Hall of Presidents

Credit: Inside the Magic

No matter what news outlet you watch, you’ve undoubtedly been inundated lately with stories about the ongoing Presidential Impeachment Inquiry.

And believe it or not, news about the inquiry has affected Disney fans on both sides of the proverbial fence. Many fans want to know: if the President is impeached, will Trump’s audio-animatronic likeness be removed from the Hall of Presidents attraction at Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World?

Donald Trump Hall of Presidents
Credit: Inside the Magic

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Sadly, few Disney fans have the platform to ask such a question, but Jimmy Kimmel does.

Bob Iger and Jimmy Kimmel on TV show
Credit: “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”/ABC

On Thursday evening’s edition of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” the host asked Disney CEO Bob Iger that exact question.

Iger was a Guest on Kimmel’s show on ABC that evening to promote his new memoir: “The Ride of a Lifetime: Lessons Learned from 15 Years as CEO of the Walt Disney Company,” but as is customary during heavily political times in the country, the conversation quickly turned to politics.

“If Donald Trump is removed from office–impeached–will you remove him from the Hall of Presidents at Disney World?” Kimmel asked. “Will his robot be removed?”

Kimmel’s studio audience cheered over the question, but after a short pause, Iger decided not to answer.

“I think I’m allowed to plead the fifth,” Iger responded.

Iger seemed intent on steering clear of the question and showed clear he did, as he and Kimmel moved on to other topics. However, Kimmel did come back to another presidential mention, recalling a recent event where Oprah Winfrey said she wished Iger would bid for the presidency.

Iger responded by joking that he would agree to do so.

But only if Jimmy Kimmel and Oprah Winfrey agreed to go canvassing for Iger’s campaign.

What do you think? If the President is impeached, should his audio-animatronic likeness be removed from the Disney Parks’ attractions? Could you tell us why or why not in the comments section below?

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