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donald trump hall of presidents

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  1. James

    There are already 2 impeached presidents in the Hall, why would a new one be removed this time?

    1. Laura

      came here to say exactly this. i don’t like trump, i want that perfectly clear, but the practice is not to remove the animatronics of impeached presidents. two others exist. it’s part of our history. if he is removed from office, then the next president will simply be added.

      on a related note, last month when we went to the hall, no less than 4 disney security guards were lined up around the edges of the theater. clearly there has been trouble.

      1. Carissa

        I respect your answer. If more people thought the way you do, this country would be in a much better place.

      2. lynn Deamicis

        I guess it is clear he is in the office!I also understand I have the choice not to go in to this exhibit any longer!!!????we were there in August and I stayed far away!!! I have no reason to be aggravated when I’m at Disney! I love America! I love all of humanity, I don’t think we have ever had a worse president full of controversy, so, I’ll stay out thanks!!! But please! Dear Disney, don’t add him to the movie at “The American Adventure”! We love that exhibit!! From Dear Disney lovin’, stock holdin, DVC going DeAmicis Family! NJ?

    2. Really? Do you know about anything he has done?

    3. John

      Trump committed treason against this country and it’s democracy by inciting a vicious, racist, violent insurrection.

    4. John

      Trump committed treason against this country and it’s democracy by inciting a vicious, racist, violent insurrection. He is not worthy of recognition as a legitimate president since through Russian meddling he stole the 2016 election and threw this country into a racist white suprematist turmoil

      1. Gary Manley

        Complete and utter lie! FBI finally recently admitted the breach of the capital building was not organized after over seven months of investigating it!

  2. Dawn

    I don’t like him, just so you get that part out of the way, but Nixon and Clinton were both impeached, so I guess he should stay. If he’s removed from office (which neither of THEM were), then we should revisit his audio animatronic creature. Can we get back to my favorite mystery? When will the carousel of progress family be moved out of the purgatory of the decade they are stuck in? I mean voice controls have moved forward at this point.

    1. Eric

      Nixon was never impeached. He resigned. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were impeached. And they were never convicted which is done by the Senate. So, they stayed in office.

    2. That is an original Walt Disney rode from the World’s Fair, it will be updated but not changed much

      1. MattyK

        No it was never at the worlds fair. You’re probably thinking of great moments with mr lincoln.

    3. Jim

      Nixon wasn’t impeach. He resigned but would had been.

    4. lynn Deamicis

      I guess it is clear he is in the office!I also understand I have the choice no to go in to this exhibit any longer!!!????

  3. Michelle Anderson

    Nixon resigned before the vote for impeachment. Andrew Johnson was impeached in 1868, and Bill Clinton was impeached in 1998. Also, I’m really tired of media trying to rip our country apart. They could learn a lesson from Brave – “Fate be changed, look inside. Mend the bond torn by pride.”

    1. Bryan Larson

      Perhaps if we had a President who wasn’t actively engaged in treasonous behavior, the media wouldn’t have to say what they say.

      Perhaps you ought to be the one looking inside, to see exactly how biased you have become when you can’t see the truth. There are a lot of us who are tired of people like you allowing the GOP to be so corrupt and actively backing politicians who don’t have any interests but the wealthy in mind. God almighty are we sick of you.

      1. Sheila

        You…are completely wrong on 100% of all your points.

  4. Drew

    Not a Trump fan here. I think he should be impeached and removed from office. But he has been the 45th president, and should be represented in the HALL OF PRESIDENTS with all of the other men of questionable quality who have held the office. I also believe that history should be revised as it’s whitewashing fades, but that does not include deleting figures who are no longer popular.

  5. Aaron

    I loathe the man as much as anyone – and I want to see him impeached (and removed from office – which no other President has been) more than many.

    That said? No, I don’t think his animatronic should be removed from the Hall. It doesn’t need to be featured or speak, but I don’t think removing the figure from the attraction would be at all worthwhile.

  6. Christopher Gapske

    Long time reader short time poster but.

    But truth he was elected. Like it or not. Hate him or live him. History is not always plesent. Learn from history or repeat it.
    People now a days are trying to erase history they dont like or change definitions so it fits the current emotional feelings.

    Again he was elected and it is the gall of presidents. Soo ..

    1. Hamhock1968

      Calling people stupid? Come on Eileen…Nixon wasn’t impeached…Yes, some people are so stupid, Eileen.
      (Shout out to Dexy’s Midnight Runners)

  7. Harley

    No one goes to hall of presidents anyways why are we debating this.

    Now donating libraries thats a grand idea!

  8. On an attraction called “The Hall of Presidents,” you include all the presidents, whether you like them or not. You may like or dislike a president, but dismantling an animatronic of one is going to still make people angry. If no one likes to hear this, then don’t go on the attraction. There’s plenty more to do at the theme parks.

    1. Jan Anderegg

      I am NOT a fan of Donald Trump. However, even if Trump is removed from office, the fact remains that he was one of the Presidents of the United States. It will be a part of history that parents can point out to their children (I hope) saying “That man thought he was above the law. He used his power for his own political gain, and ignored our constitution. He was removed from the office of the Presidency. And that’s what makes our country great. Nobody is above the law.”

    2. Robyn Dombrowski


  9. Eileen

    There are two presidents that have been impeached that are still in the Hall of Presidents. Nixon and Clinton. So why would they remove Trump. People are so petty and stupid.

    1. Annette

      Careful how you throw around the word stupid. Nixon wasn’t impeached. Johnson and Clinton.

    2. Hamhock1968

      Calling people stupid? Come on Eileen…Nixon wasn’t impeached…Yes, some people are so stupid, Eileen.
      (Shout out to Dexy’s Midnight Runners)

  10. No it is ridiculous that it would be removed, there are impeached presidents included in the Hall now, as I am here in the park now. People are getting ridiculous anymore…face it, he’s your president fellow Americans!!! Get over it!!! Stop whining about everything for God’s sake!!!

    1. Greg

      Jennifer L, seems as if you haven’t been paying attention. 45 is the biggest whiner of all, and voicing an opinion about someone or something doesn’t mean we are whining.

      For the record, he, as difficult as it is for me to admit, is the “president.” He should remain in the show, but way off to the side.

  11. Darth Pence

    Oh, come on!! Can’t we please talk about the REAL issue here?!!! WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON?! 30 DAYS!! That guy was president for 30 DAYS!! His robot’s been the Hall of Presidents longer than he was president!

    Look at him now, nodding at us just for being mentioned, so pleased with himself to be taking up shelf space in Disney World.

    I can’t believe I have to look at his smug-faced animatronic every time I want to sit in some air conditioning for twenty minutes because I’m tired of the heat. Gee whiz!

  12. Billy

    He was elected and is our president. Sadly for most of the people reading here he will continue to be the president no worries. They don’t have anything substantial to impeach except for spite. Not enough votes in the house to go forward and it will never go through Senate. I guess what I’m saying is this whole conversation is a moot point

  13. Sylvia Ramirez

    We went to WDW in 2014 and enjoyed seeing all the presidents. I didn’t notice if Bill Clinton was one of them, but President Trump is not going to be impeached, but if Mr Clinton is still there, they should remove him! Another thing, the President wears a long red tie, he should be wearing, a long red tie! 2020 baby, that’s all I have to say!??

    1. MattyK

      Your grammar and understanding of impeachment are on par with your comment

  14. Nachtwulf

    Chiming in on the pile but… yes, as much as I can’t stand him, if they’ve got Nixon in there then there’s no reason to remove Trump either. The only way I could see grounds for removal is if, say, evidence is found to prove his election was entirely falsified somehow (which I will freely admit isn’t going to happen).

    Now…moving him to a non-speaking part in a corner? Yeah, absolutely.

  15. Matt Brewster

    Well, since he was “elected,” it wouldn’t be right to remove the figure. However, the spotlight on it should forever be burned-out.

  16. Anne

    I just want to say that many of the people that commented don’t know our us history very well. They need to go back and read about Nixon and Clinton. I’m truly amazed at the lack of knowledge.

  17. Doug

    Trump is our 45th President and should always have a place in the Hall of Presidents. I get tired of Political motivations constantly invading every aspect of our lives. I love all Disney properties and hope they don’t start dividing all Disney fans by turning into a political propaganda machine like the late night tv talk shows I used to watch. Please don’t ruin Disney by taking sides.

    1. mattyk

      Hey Man, if you read the article or know what you’re talking about you would know that they are NOT TAKING SIDES. Reading and knowledge are not characteristics of drumpf fans

  18. Kim

    Donald Trump is our President and should not be removed. I never realized until he became President how mean Democrat’s are. They are suppose to be the ones that love everyone but seem to be the ones that spew the most hate about Republicans. I shouldn’t have to be scared to wear a shirt that says I support Trump, that someone will go crazy and hit me. Also I love Disney don’t make it political there. I feel like it’s the one place I can escape from all the political crap.

  19. Mark

    Who watches Jimmy Kimmel anymore?

  20. Robert J Zahn

    The real question Jimmy Kimmel should be asking is what will Bob Iger is doing about the deteriorating conditions in WDW. People have to be rescued from the Monorail, and the brand new Gondola system failed, leaving hundreds of guests stranded for three hours.

    1. Anne

      If Trump, who has done so much to return this country to economic health (remember the Obama years?), is impeached and removed from HoP, the 63 million people who elected him will tank Disney. Include me among those who would end my annual vacation at WDW.

  21. Rosemarie Musical Basinger

    Do we have to bring politics into the Happiest place in the world. I go to Disney World to escape the crap in the world. Please don’t ruin that because you can’t leave your politics at the door.

    1. mattyk

      disney world is the most magical place on earth, not the happiest

  22. lisa

    remember freedom of speech and no one has the right to take away history so no I don’t think anything or anybody should be removed,

  23. Joe

    I don’t like Obama being in with them but like most of you saying it’s a part of history and people just need to grow up and stop being so butt hurt over every little thing. Something happened to America and many people lost their freakin minds .

    1. Sheila

      So true!

  24. yes it should be removed from the hall of presidents in walt disney world orlando.i never want to see his face in there,he is a total disgrace.

  25. Deborah Tiller

    President Trump has done more for this Country than any other President . Leave trump who is a true America there and remove Obama the thief who stole millions from the American people. Any one asking this should be tried as committing treason.

  26. Heather

    You cannot remove the animatronic because no matter what, he held office at a point in history.

    You cannot remove the animatronic because then where would I throw my tomatoes?

  27. Scott Mills

    But he’s a TERRORIST

  28. Jenny

    In light of his insurrection in inciting violence in the Capitol, the Trump animatronic should be removed. This is the “hall of presidents”, not traitors. It’s an outrage to have him there among mostly people of honor. No past President has ever gone to the extreme that he has.

  29. Tammy Walker

    Dear Disney, It’s called “The Hall of Presidents”, not “The Hall of SOME Presidents”. I’m utterly disappointed, my family and I have been going to Disney for years. Wow just Wow!

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