‘Bluey’s’ Theme Park Days are Numbered, Disney Waits to Pounce

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Bluey at CBeebies Land in Alton Towers

Credit: Merlin Entertainments

After taking the world by storm with over 150 episodes (and hopefully an upcoming fourth season), Bluey is finally getting the theme park treatment in the form of Bluey’s World in Brisbane. Soon, fans of all ages will get to explore the Heeler house and play in Bluey and Bingo’s backyard, but it might be a fleeting fancy.

Illustration of the entrance to "Bluey's World Brisane," showing a vibrant, family-oriented attraction. The facade has a large glass windows and cheerful murals of beach scenes, patrons are seen entering and gathering at picnic tables outside.
Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+/BBC/ABC

Although Disney might be responsible for bringing the beloved blue heeler to audiences internationally, the House of Mouse missed the opportunity to feature her in Disneyland or Walt Disney World. Bluey’s World will undoubtedly be a smash hit, but it comes with an expiration date.

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The immersive event promises to take visitors into the show’s version of an animated Brisbane, where they’ll be able to explore Bluey’s house, interact with characters, and more. However, the fact that it’s a limited-time event might prompt a certain mouse-eared studio to pounce on a missed opportunity. Once Bluey’s World has its run, Disney might renegotiate a few terms.

Bluey Could Go To Disney (Eventually)

A large building with a bright mural featuring cartoon dogs Bluey and Bingo running, with the text "Bluey's World Brisbane" on it. The entrance to the building has glass doors and windows, and some people are visible near the doorway. Palm trees are in the background.
Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+/ABC/BBC

As of today, tickets just went on sale for the big event, and fans are bound to be stoked. The official description for Bluey’s World reads,

“Bluey’s World is a one-of-a-kind guided immersive experience, that takes you into the Heeler family’s iconic Queenslander home, backyard and beyond – for real life! Explore multiple rooms and play games from Bluey, as you embark on an interactive adventure with your guide through the vibrant and playful world of Bluey. This expansive, multi-sensory experience features real-life sets, recognizable scenes, and beloved characters and games from Bluey.”

That’s all very exciting, but it’s also a guided experience that lasts a little over an hour. Knowing what we know about the show’s massive fanbase, they will definitely want more than that. Additionally, the event only runs from November 7, 2024, to April 27, 2025, making it a limited-time event that will be absolutely swamped with patrons. What happens when the fun is finally over?

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Bluey and Bingo might make several public appearances at special events and special locations like CBeebies Land at Alton Towers, but the show’s theme park presence has been undeniably limited. As one of the highest-performing shows on Disney+, it’s a wonder Disney hasn’t brought her in at this point.

Now We Play the Waiting Game

Makenzie in Bluey episode Space
Credit: Ludo Studios

Inside the Magic previously shared how Disney dropped the ball early in Bluey’s career by not bringing her into the Disney Parks. A report from Bloomberg shared that the studio simply signed onto the show’s distribution rights instead of signing on for the merchandise and park rights, meaning that Bluey and Bingo can’t even have so much as a Meet and Greet on Disney property. That might soon change.

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Depending on how successful Bluey’s World is, it might prompt Disney to renegotiate with Ludo to get proper rights to the characters, at least in terms of merchandise and park appearances. Bluey is still very much a property and product of Ludo Studios, making it unlikely that the show will get anything as big as the immersive experience. Still, there’s no way Disney hasn’t been tracking the show’s success.

We might not see a massive immersive experience here in the States, but the studio undoubtedly knows how much Bluey means to Disney+ subscribers. Either way, the House of Mouse is far from finished with Bluey.

Do you think Disney is waiting for a golden opportunity to seize our beloved blue dog? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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