‘Bluey’s World’ Reveals Opening Date, But the Race to Score Tickets Starts NOW

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Two animated characters, resembling cartoon dogs, stand cheerfully in front of a grand castle with blue spires and detailed architecture. The background depicts a bright, sunny day with a well-kept garden and a clear, pink-tinged sky.

Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+/Nightcafe AI

Move over, Disney World! Bluey’s World is slated to open later this year, and pre-purchased admission tickets are available now–but only for a limited time!

Two colorful cartoon characters stand in front of a large, whimsical castle with blue spires. A large blue X is drawn over part of the image, partially obscuring the characters. The sky is clear, and the surrounding area is landscaped with bushes and flowers, hinting at Bluey's World as a potential new venue.
Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+/Nightcafe AI

Global Fandom Over a Children’s Television Series

Bluey was first commissioned by the BBC and the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) in 2017, and the very first episodes featuring the little blue heeler puppy alongside her younger sister Bingo and her mom and dad, Chilli and Bandit, debuted in 2018. The series was created by Australian animator Joe Brumm and produced by Ludo Studio. Brumm also serves as the main writer of the series.

Two animated dogs, one wearing a blue shirt, are sitting in the front seats of a red van with an open window. another small dog is in the back seat looking out.
Credit: Disney+/Ludo Studio

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In July 2023, The Guardian touted Bluey as “still arguably the best television series in the world” and noted that “every seven-minute episode is its own self-contained short story, most of them nudging at the boundaries of what a children’s show can be.”

Perhaps the most impressive and interesting piece to the massive success of the series is that a sizeable portion of Bluey fans aren’t children–they’re adults, many of whom do not yet have children or no longer have preschool-aged children.

Bluey, Bingo, and Muffin as Grannies
Credit: Ludo Studios

When Is Bluey’s Disney World Debut?

It’s no wonder fans of the series that follows the daily adventures of the Heeler Family have long wondered why Bluey, Bingo, Chilli, and Bandit are simply non-existent at Disney’s theme parks around the world. Simply explained, Disney only owns the broadcasting rights to the series, allowing Bluey to be broadcast on Disney Channel and Disney Junior–and streamed on Disney+.

Outside of that, Bluey creator Joe Brumm, BBC Studios, ABC, and Ludo Studio would like to keep Bluey for themselves, thank you very much. (And we can’t say that we blame them.)

But that doesn’t stop fans from wishing on stars that Bluey will eventually find her way to Magic Kingdom and other Disney theme parks globally.

A playful blue cartoon dog character stands on one leg with an excited expression outside a tall hotel building surrounded by palm trees on a sunny day. Promoting Bluey's World, the hotel, a new venue, has a reddish facade and green ivy climbing up its walls.
Credit: Disney+/Ludo Studio/Nightcafe AI

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Whether a Magic Kingdom debut will ever be in the plans for Bluey remains to be seen, and with the announcement of a brand-new Bluey-inspired park opening later in 2024, it seems less likely than ever that the Aussie pup and her family will be meeting and/or greeting guests at Disney World anytime soon.

Bluey’s World Opens in a Few Months

Forget about Disney World–plans for Bluey’s World were first announced in 2023, and the anticipation and excitement over the new venue has continued to grow since that time.

Two animated characters, resembling cartoon dogs, stand cheerfully in front of a grand castle with blue spires and detailed architecture. The background depicts a bright, sunny day with a well-kept garden and a clear, pink-tinged sky.
Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+/Nightcafe AI

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The new theme park-esque venue will see fans of all ages stepping into, well, Bluey’s world–for real life, apparently. The brand-new venue is slated to open later this year, finally giving fans of immensely popular children’s series to enjoy an exciting and immersive experience inspired by the hit series.

When it opens in November, Bluey’s World will be a one-of-a-kind immersive experience featuring beloved characters, iconic episode locations, and interactive games.

Illustration of the entrance to "Bluey's World Brisane," showing a vibrant, family-oriented attraction. The facade has a large glass windows and cheerful murals of beach scenes, patrons are seen entering and gathering at picnic tables outside.
Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+/BBC/ABC

Per the official Bluey website:

Embark on a brand-new immersive journey with Bluey, Bingo, Mum, and Dad in their beloved home, backyard, and beyond. Explore your favorite rooms, play interactive games, and keep your eyes peeled for surprises around every corner . . . and maybe even a Longdog or two!

As you arrive at the Heeler family’s Brisbane cul-de-sac, watch out for those pesky bin chickens. Then, enter their colorful Queenslander house, where you are invited to live and play like Bluey.

A large building with a bright mural featuring cartoon dogs Bluey and Bingo running, with the text "Bluey's World Brisbane" on it. The entrance to the building has glass doors and windows, and some people are visible near the doorway. Palm trees are in the background.
Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+/ABC/BBC

Yes, Bluey is finally getting her own “world,” and the presale of tickets began this week. The venue doesn’t open until November 7, 2024, but fans have the chance to pre-purchase tickets now through May 21, 2024–or until tickets are sold out. Prices vary by date and time of visit.

General ticket sales begin several hours following the end of presales on May 21, meaning that fans who miss the presale won’t be out of luck.

An animated blue dog joyfully jumps in front of a large, geometric, dome structure with a vibrant sunset sky in the background. The path leading to the dome is lined with manicured bushes and colorful flowers, while people walk towards the structure.
Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+/Nightcafe AI

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Immersive experiences await at Bluey’s World:

Follow the hallway to the living room, where you will meet your guide, who will join you on this very special adventure. Discover Bluey and Bingo’s epic giant cubby. Crawl, climb, and walk (funny walks encouraged) your way through the various cubby rooms.

Explore the girls’ bedroom from the stained-glass window to the watermelon rug. Then play games and [make memories] in the fun and vibrant playroom. See what’s cooking in the Heeler’s kitchen and decorate a pavlova like Bluey. But hold the edamame beans, please.

Chilli catching the Sticky Gecko in Bluey
Credit: Ludo Studio/Disney+

It’s just too darn bad that the new experience is located in Brisbane, Queensland, at the Northshore Pavilion.

For ticket information, to learn more about Bluey’s World, and to buy tickets, click here.

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