CONFIRMED: Bluey Steps Aside for New Characters

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Muffin barks at Bluey and Bingo

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If you’re one of the billions of Bluey buffs out there, you’re undoubtedly and rightfully excited for the new “minisodes” that are on their way to tide us all over before season four. However, while we might be getting more of the show, we might get a little less of its leading character.

Two animated characters from Bluey in colorful outfits inside a building, one excitedly throwing hands up and the other smiling with arms raised.
Credit: Ludo Studio

Bluey Heeler has the world wrapped around her tail, and that’s no understatement, but she’s not the only beloved character in the series. Bandit, Chilli, Bingo, Muffin, and a whole cast of other supporting characters are equally, if not more, popular than the show’s namesake. As if echoing that sentiment, Ludo Studios is making her share the spotlight.

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For the record, Bluey herself isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. However, many of the show’s best episodes involve her taking a backseat to allow the others to shine. According to confirmation from the show itself, these new minisodes will feature new characters taking center stage.

Bluey Bows Out

A cheerful group of animated dogs, including Bluey, with flower crowns happily posing together for a picture.
Credit: Ludo Studios

Bluey’s official blog made the following statement about the new minisodes.

“BBC Studios have announced that a collection of 20 brand new ‘Bluey Minisodes’ are set to be released on the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) in Australia and on Disney+ elsewhere around the world.”

“The new ‘Minisodes’ are a collection of funny and sweet moments with the Heeler family. There will be some new characters alongside fan favourites, including Unicorse, Nana and Bob Heeler, with Dad getting a ‘tattoo’ and even a special look inside Bluey and Bingo’s dreamhouse from ‘Escape‘.”

In the announcement, fans are promised a whopping 20 episodes, but there’s also a huge tell. While it’s neat to know that the new minisodes will not only be released worldwide on Disney+ (and Disney Junior by extension) and that they will callback to favorite episodes, the announcement also revealed three characters we now know will be the focal point of the next installment of Bluey.


Unicorse interrupts a story in Bluey
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It’s no secret that Unicorse is one of Bandit’s most beloved alter egos. With his madcap puppet antics, ridiculous quotes, and sometimes a crude sense of humor, it’s no surprise he’d get his own minisode.

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While it’s logical to assume that the minisode will focus on Bandit, any serving of Unicorse will get a big reaction. Hopefully, Bluey and Bingo have kept him tick-free since the last time we saw him.

Nana and Grandpa Bob

Nana and Bob flossing in Bluey
Credit: Ludo Studio

Bluey and Bingo’s grandparents don’t get that much attention, but that’s about to change with the new minisode. With that in mind, Nana and Grandpa Bob might have a bigger story to tell than some might think.

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Viewers familiar with “The Sign” know that Grandpa Bob went backpacking through India to “find himself.” How cool would it be if the show dedicated a minisode to Bob exploring the mountains and jungles on some spiritual expedition? Stranger things have happened.

In truth, we won’t really know what lies in store for our favorite family of cartoon dogs until the first minisode drops, but Bluey has promised viewers a lot of fun in the near future. Twenty minisodes is still a significant amount, and anything can happen.

Who do you want to see in the new minisodes? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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