First ‘Bluey’, Now ‘Wish’: Disney’s Flop Tops Nielsen Charts

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Asha (Ariana Debose) with her friends in shock.

Credit: Disney

Wish (2023) was marketed as Disney’s return to form, and a love letter to the classic animated films of yesteryear, but its performance at the box office wasn’t as magical as the studio would have liked. However, the former flop is now a rising star as it reaches the top of the Nielsen charts in recent reports.

Magnifico enchants Asha in Wish
Credit: Disney

Disney has its Mickey Mitts around multiple films, franchises, and shows, so its no surprise that the House of Mouse has a solid foothold on the Nielsen ratings, but few were likely expecting Asha and her quest to return the wishes of Rosas from the clutches of King Magnifico to make such an impact.

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This is likely due to Disney+ making the film more accessible to fans after its initial release. After all, it’s not unusual for Disney+ subscribers to have more access to a streaming service than a movie theatre in some circumstances. Ergo, the use of home media could be the biggest reason for the movie’s success

Wish Soars After Star Falls

Star, Valentino, and Asha from Disney's Wish
Credit: Disney

The film was meant to be Disney’s triumphant return after its so-called “Flop Era,” something to pay tribute to Disney Animation’s 100th anniversary. However, while not the financial win Disney needed, it was still critically well recieved. A recent report from What’s On Disney Plus made the following statement,

“The debut of Disney’s “Wish” pushed the movie to the top of the film streaming chart, and the 20th Television series, “The Resident”, was pushed to the top of the overall chart due to it being on both Netflix and Hulu/Hulu On Disney+. There have been some adjustments to how Nielsen collects information, which has resulted in a boost in viewership numbers for Hulu content. Most of the acquired chart now makes up Disney-owned content, which is available via Hulu On Disney+.”

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According to the official Nielsen rating page, the film sits at the number one spot as the most watched movie currently streaming. At the time of writing, viewers have spent 1,018 billion minutes in the city of Rosas. With subscribers spending that much time with it, it’s honestly hard to call Wish a flop.

That’s Not All

Bluey using a typewriter
Credit: Ludo Studios

Not only is Disney taking the top of the Nielsen charts with Wish, but Moana (2016) currently sits in the number seven, and both Bluey and Shogun also landed high ranking spots with the blue cartoon dog still maintaining her top-tier status. While Disney might have had a rocky season earlier this year, it’s clear the company still knows how to make magic for our screens.

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From Bluey to Wish, Disney still knows how to keep its mouse ears above water. The ‘Flop Era’ might be behind it, but ratings like these could be interpreted as a sign that the studio is healing.

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