‘Bluey’ Takes Risky Move, Bets It All on Muffin

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Muffin wears a cone in Bluey

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It might be a while before we see more Bluey episodes, but the upcoming miniseries could be just enough to tide us over until the eventual fourth season. While we wait, however, Bluey might step out of the spotlight to give some of her other friends a chance to shine.

Bluey watching a movie
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Bluey’s name might be on the title, but she is far from the only beloved character on the roster. As much as people love the little blue heeler pup, dozens more love her canine companions. While Bandit, Chilli, Bingo, Jack, and all the rest are as vibrant and colorful as the show’s animated Brisbane, one character might barge in to steal the limelight.

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If fans know the name “Bluey,” they more than likely also know the name “Muffin.” Muffin is Bluey’s cousin who embodies the term “toddler energy,” and she is more than a few shades wilder than her blue counterpart. However, if some of her episodes are to be believed, she might be the new star.

Bluey Bows Out for Muffin

Muffin barks at Bluey and Bingo
Credit: Ludo Studios

Bluey will always be Ludo’s favorite child; there’s no getting around that. However, Muffin has an unusual mix of fan following and collective fan groaning. Bluey and Bingo might be the adorable pups that have captured the world’s hearts, but Muffin is by far the most realistic character in the entire show.

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The show is often considered an animated series made more for the parents and adults in the room than the kids, and that might be true to a certain extent. If that’s so, the creators might push the envelope with the series by pushing Muffin to the forefront. What better way to improve parenting skills than by demonstrating how to deal with a hyper-realistic toddler character?

Bluey and Bingo might have their moments of selfishness, whining, and such, but Muffin is an absolute terror most days. She screams, throws fits, and causes trouble, sort of like just about every average three-year-old. It’s this level of reality that makes her spinoff-worthy, and it might also make her the focus in many season four episodes.

But Why?

Muffin screams in Bluey
Credit: Ludo Studio

There’s no denying that everyone and their brother loves Bluey, but Muffin represents a different and all-too-real side of parenthood. Not only is she a handful, but many would agree that Muffin is the character that both needs more love and is the most difficult to love. Muffin isn’t a bad character; she just has trouble regulating her emotions and still needs to learn how to communicate properly.

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Several episodes of the current Bluey run heavily feature Muffin playing a central role. Episodes like “The Sleepover,” “Charades,” and “Faceytalk” both show off an accurate portrayal of a toddler character and how to give them the proper attention and communication that they need.

Muffin speaks to viewers (namely parents) on a different level than Bluey or Bingo might. By exposing the hard truths, viewers are provided with winning examples and potentially better ways to parent.

It should also be understood that just as Bluey and Bingo have slowly developed over the series, so too has Muffin. She might not be perfect, but she’s definitely the character that could benefit from the most growth.

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