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Muffin wears a cone in Bluey

Credit: Ludo Studios


  1. Nelson

    Muffin has been my favorite for the reasons you sighted and that she closely mirrored the growth of my own kid

  2. Donna F

    Muffin is so relatable to both kids and adults. Let’s face it, everyone knows at least one muffin in their lives. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just different.

  3. Alexis C

    Love Muffy. Reminds me of my son for sure we always get a good laugh out of her as a family when watching the show. I am all for her getting her own show or spin off but u would rather leave the Bluey show we all came to love as is. 🥰

    1. Alexis C

      *I would rather*

  4. L

    We do love Muffin in our house but a whole series of her shouting could get annoying – I like the calm of Bluey and Bingo, if I want to hear a toddler shouting all day I could just turn the TV off and listen to my own 🤣

  5. Bob S.

    I love how the when there is a problem, Muffin’s solution is to bite Uncle Bandit.

  6. Dora

    At first I wasn’t a big fan of Muffin, because of the screaming and fit throwing. When I watched Granny Moblie, I laughed so hard. Then she became one of my favorites, cause you never know what she was going to do. Just like my younger grand children.

  7. Priscilla

    My daughter is a muffin, she wants to be a bingo but she’s a muffin and I love her. I’ve learned a lot of small simple overlooked things from Chilli, but seeing muffins parents deal with muffin and being able to relate and or learn new things would be awesome. I’m very excited.

  8. So i can see a significant chance for solid SUCCESS for a Muffin spin-off.

    Uncle Stripe & Aunt Trix(Trixie?) are some very realistic & awesome parents (to Muffin & Sox) who have real-world disagreements and are all around relatable parents.

    While Chili and Trix play sports together pretty regularly, Bandit & Stripe often hangout with all 4 girls (Bluey, Bingo, Muffin & Sox), which is a GUARANTEED entertaining time!

    I actually thought that this was an AI Generated piece (due to the repetitiveness of the entire article).

    But at the very bottom, it seems to show a real writer… who knows. But most of the comments seem authentic (the first couple/few don’t, but meh). I’m grateful to see that there’s a few other parents out there who truly appreciate this show as much as i do (except for the 1 negative comment, no judgement tho, we are all allowed our very own opinions🙂).
    I have great hopes for this spin off, if it’s a real thing. I’d bet it’s got a 92/100 chance of being successful. That’s just my on all this.
    Stay safe & Be Kind To Each Other: cuz we never know what anyone else may be going through.

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