Blocked by Bluey: Animated Series More Popular Than the NFL

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An animated scene features Bluey, a large blue dog, with a camera flying over a brightly lit football field at night. Two smaller dogs play on the field surrounded by goalposts and trees, bathed in the glow of floodlights.

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Unless you’ve lived in a cave since 2018, you’re undoubtedly familiar with the name “Bluey.” The beloved blue heeler from Brisbane has become one of the most-streamed entities in television history, but she isn’t stopping at Disney+ and Disney Junior.

Bluey and her family dance at a wedding.
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To say that Bluey, Bingo, and all the rest of her animated entourage have taken the world by storm is a grand and glorious understatement. Recently, Bluey smashed through the Nielsen ratings yet again and pulled Disney-distributed entertainment up to the top with it. However, shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Family Guy aren’t the only victims getting absolutely steamrolled by a cartoon dog.

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At the time of writing, the show is number 2 on the official Nielsen streaming list. Second only to Amazon’s Fallout series, Bluey has a whopping 1,341 million minutes of streaming. That’s no easy feat, but a recent report shares that the animated series isn’t just leaving other shows in the dirt; one of the biggest sporting events on TV is also lagging.

Bluey Blitzes the NFL: Watched More Than the Super Bowl

Bluey Watching a Rugby Match
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The show’s extensive popularity isn’t exactly a secret, as Bluey, Bingo, and the rest of the Heeler clan have amassed a continuously growing fandom outside their native Australia. However, recent data reveals just how much of an impact the show has had in recent records.

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In an article from The Hollywood Reporter, it was revealed that Bluey not only surpassed a major milestone with ratings but also with the competition. Currently, the show on Disney+ is plowing through the NFL as it becomes more popular than the Super Bowl.

The report states,

“32.82 billion: The number of minutes American viewers have spent streaming ‘Bluey’ on Disney+ since the start of the traditional TV season on September 25, 2023, according to Nielsen’s streaming ratings (at least through the end of April, the latest week for which numbers are available). That’s about 2.4 billion minutes more viewing time than for Super Bowl LVIII — the most watched single telecast in American TV history — accumulated for CBS in February. Bluey’s episode ‘The Sign’ is also the most discussed episode of a preschool series in recent memory.”

Bluey might not be number one just yet, but numbers like that are a major indicator of its potential. If it’s leaving the NFL in the dust, how long will it be before we’re all watching?

Why It Works

Bluey and Chilli underneath a double rainbow
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Take away the budget-heavy commercials, the star-studded halftime shows, and the cheerleaders in glitzy outfits, and the Super Bowl is yet another gridiron grudge fueled by consumerism and excess. That’s not the case with Bluey.

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As ridiculous as it might be to compare an animated kids show to one of the most televised events on screen, there’s a reason the show is so beloved by viewers of all ages. Bluey hits its fans in a different place than the suped-up sporting event.

Bluey watching a movie
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While many of us had watch parties for the recent Super Bowl and the 28-minute special, the reason fans keep coming back to Bluey is the emotional brilliance and astonishing realism that continue to resonate with each episode. When was the last time a sporting event did that?

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Snarky remarks aside, both the report and the Nielsen numbers only further prove just how much the show has affected viewers around the world. If Bluey can topple the Super Bowl, how long will it be before it reaches the number one spot?

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