‘Bluey’ Baby Boom: Fandom Mocks Unhinged Parents

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Brandy and Chilli in Bluey

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Giving your kids unique and interesting names is not a new trend; parents around the world have been doing it since the Middle Ages. However, it might not be long before we meet children with names like Bluey, Bingo, or (Heaven forbid) Muffin!

Bluey with a silly face
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Names inspired by fictional media aren’t really anything new. In fact, many common names like Miranda, Jessica, and Olivia come from the works of William Shakespeare, and even names like Luke, Kylo, and Rey resonate with many Star Wars parents. Still, are mums and dads to be really pulling from Bluey as names for the next generation?

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A show about cartoon dogs, logically, has a litany of great names for one’s furry friends, but a recently shared article by Motherly suggests that parents should look to the beloved Australian animated series on Disney+ and Disney Junior for their next batch of name ideas.

“Best” Bluey Baby Names

Bandit, Bluey, and Bingo in Dad Baby
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Yahoo News posted an article by Motherly writer Cassandra Stone in which she breaks down several examples of “serious baby name inspiration,” and the suggestions are more than a little ridiculous. The author lists the following names shared by members of the Bluey cast, including Bluey, Bingo, Bentley, Bandit, Brandy, Buddy, Chilli, Chucky, and Lucky in the top ten.

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Stone herself even admitted to how strange this selection of names is, even going as far as to write the following statement in her article.

“Maybe some of these names are a little “out there” for your taste, or maybe a few names on this list made you go “Oh, that’s actually cute.” Either way, we love all things “Bluey” and every single character on this list.”

Granted, there are are several realistic choices on this list. Names like Brandy, Jack, Jean-Luc, and Rusty aren’t that abnormal. Even so, how long will it be before some Disney mom calls their kid Bandit?

The Fans Respond

Muffin screams in Bluey
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Even Bluey’s fanbase isn’t blind to how unbelievably silly some of these suggestions are, as the post was recently shared on the show’s subreddit. Naturally, it didn’t take long for the idea to get absolutely obliterated by even some of the show’s most passionate viewers.

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Names like Chattermax, Hecuba, Unicorse, Uncle Stripe and a whole litany of names Bluey and Bingo use in their various pretend games are tossed around and equally lampooned and praised. Even so, there’s still the faintest hint of realism with even the most ludicrous suggestions.

We might not be slapping names like Bluey, Bingo, or Shoobie-do-wah on our kids’ birth certificates anytime soon, but names like Calypso, Rad, and Mackenzie certainly have a neat flavor to them. This writer just pitties the kid who ends up being named Winton or Muffin .

Would you name your kid after a Bluey character? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!

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