The ‘Bluey’ Episode That Destroyed Parents

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Chilli needing 20 minutes in Bluey

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Even though season 3 just ended, Bluey is still the talk of Disney+ because of her impact on an ocean of dedicated viewers. While the 28-minute special was the most-watched episode in the series’ history, one episode might dethrone the emotional rollercoaster that was “The Sign.”

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A phrase often echoed amongst the Bluey community is that “Bluey is a show about parenting that kids can watch too.” This is an apt description if there ever was one, but part of the reason for the show’s success is that it has slowly collected an adult following that far outweighs its intended audience. Moreover, Bluey creator Joe Brumm and the rest of the team at Ludo are well aware of who’s truly watching.

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“The Sign” was undeniably the Bluey event of the year, and there’s no getting around the fact that it had over ten million views when it launched. However, it did so well and resonated so much with its audience because it resolved three seasons’ worth of storylines. If we’re talking pure, raw emotion, Rad and Frisky’s wedding might be taking second place.

“Baby Race” Wrecks Bluey Viewers

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Inside the Magic has spoken at length on how emotionally real the beloved Australian series has become, and how many episodes have left parents and adult viewers an absolute mess. “The Sign” might have been a big hitter, but a large portion of the fanbase states that Bluey already had its most devastating episode all the way back in season 2.

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“Baby Race” is one of those episodes that rendered many parents into quivering piles of emotional goo as Chilli tells the story of Bluey’s first steps. While “The Sign” definitely had an emotional ending, the consensus seems to be that only the ending genuinely struck an emotional chord. According to a recent post on r/Bluey, many fans feel this earlier episode had a much more tremendous effect.

u/_279queenjessie shares their “unpopular opinion” with a post where they share a surprisingly apt analysis,

“In ‘The Sign,’ I only find the ending emotional, but in ‘Baby Race,’ I find most of it emotional! Chili’s telling Bluey a story about her in order to explain what she means by “run your own race”. Bluey was just a baby in it. In this story, the moms and all the babies Bluey’s age all got together and met each other’s babies. Chilli lost her confidence about her child and suspected Bluey had some developmental delays. She blamed herself for the reason Bluey was behind in her development and compared Bluey to the other babies. The doctor kept brushing it off every time Chilli brought it up to the doctor. Bella decided to show Chilli a picture, held onto her lap while looking at Chilli in the eyes and said the most heartfelt comment to her “you’re doing great!” That episode of Bluey was both emotional and heartwarming at the same time! Very beautiful.”

Although labeled as an “unpopular” statement, over 500 Reddit users seem to agree with them. At the time of writing, the post has over 100 replies, proving just how much it resonates with parents.

Down in the comments, users like u/m_squared219 concur with the previous description and add,

“Baby Race hit me harder because my youngest was going through that same stuff when we first saw it. He didn’t crawl on hands and knees until 12 months, didn’t walk until 18 months. I saw that when he was about 13 months. He rolled everywhere. His cousin is 2 months younger and was walking by then. I really felt like I was doing something wrong (his older brother was walking by 12 months too so we didn’t go through that with him). Baby Race really made me feel better because our doctor was saying the same stuff the doctor on the show said. It was a huge help to me. He runs everywhere now so there was nothing to worry about but man, was I stressed.”

The comments are full of personal stories and testimonies similar to those above, but what’s truly remarkable is the number of parents sharing near-identical experiences. Once again, Bluey proves that it is an animated series made with a parental audience in mind.

Our Thoughts

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If you’re anything like this writer, you watch way more Bluey than you probably should (not that that’s a bad thing). As satisfying and heartwarming as “The Sign” was, the intensely emotional reactions were likely due to the resolution not only being for the episode but for a majority of the show’s entire run.

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“Baby Race” works because so many parents see their own journeys represented by the cartoon dogs in the beloved show. That kind of representation will keep Bluey on Disney+ and Disney Junior. It also doesn’t hurt that its creator often uses real-life experiences to give life to several episodes. What better way to relate to mums and dads around the world, right?

Regardless of whether or not viewers have children, some experiences are universal, such as babies learning to walk, kids having irregular sleep patterns, or even grownups dealing with anxiety or depression. This commitment to relatability makes the show work and will likely keep it in action for many future episodes.

Do you think “Baby Race” was better than “The Sign?” Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!


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