Game On: Universal Strikes Back With ‘Star Wars’ Inspired Locations – Disney’s Dominance Challenged

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A Universal Orlando Resort man stands with his arms crossed in front of a conceptual aerial rendering of a Universal Orlando location, with an animated Mickey Mouse appearing jovially beside the image.

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Universal Orlando Resort might have taken inspiration from Star Wars as this week they announced two new locations that would be opening soon to the general public.

Universal just clapped back at Disney for closing its Galaxy’s Edge Galactic Star Cruiser resort experience.

Aerial view of Stella Nova and Terra Luna Resorts at Universal Orlando with two colorful building complexes surrounding a central lagoon and pool area, set amid lush greenery with a parking lot in the foreground.
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Universal Orlando Resort Masterfully Unleashes Its Two New Epic Universe Resort Hotels

Universal Orlando Resort has unveiled new details about two forthcoming hotels set to debut in 2025 alongside the highly anticipated Universal Epic Universe. The latest additions, Universal Stella Nova Resort and Universal Terra Luna Resort, promise to immerse guests in captivating galactic experiences, offering an unparalleled stay in the heart of marvelous galaxies and diverse planetary elements.

Scheduled to open on January 21, 2025, Universal Stella Nova Resort and Universal Terra Luna Resort are poised to redefine hospitality with their ultramodern amenities and innovative design. Co-owned and operated by Loews Hotels & Co., these hotels are crafted by the award-winning Universal Creative team, ensuring an unforgettable guest experience.

With a combined total of 1,500 guest rooms, Stella Nova Resort and Terra Luna Resort offer an array of options for guests at an affordable price point, starting at $147 per night (plus tax) for stays of four nights or more.

Universal Stella Nova Resort is described as a serene oasis reflecting the infinite vastness of the universe. Adorned in tranquil teals and calming purples, the hotel transports guests to distant galaxies where unknown worlds and unnamed stars await exploration.

A modern hotel lobby at Universal Orlando filled with people. Some are checking in, while others lounge or walk. The decor includes a large chandelier and dynamic ceiling lights.
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Meanwhile, Universal Terra Luna Resort invites guests to journey to uncharted territories, stepping onto undiscovered planets within an awe-inspiring solar system. The hotel’s fresh surroundings and terrestrial greens and gold create a captivating landing zone for travelers seeking extraordinary adventures.

Both properties feature 750 double-queen guest rooms, comfortably accommodating up to four guests, with spaceship-styled windows adding a touch of whimsy.

In addition to luxurious rooms, Stella Nova Resort and Terra Luna Resort boast a variety of dining options to satisfy every palate. Cosmos Cafe and Market and Omega Cafe and Market offer made-to-order American classics and grab-and-go items. At the same time, Galaxy Bar and Galaxy Grill Moonrise Bar and Moonrise Grill serve delicious poolside fare.

A modern spaceship-themed hotel room at Universal Orlando featuring two beds and a large circular window showcasing a view of outer space, with sleek, contemporary furnishings and ambient lighting.
Image Credit: Loews / Universal

Guests can unwind and enjoy dedicated resort days with an array of amenities, including resort-style pools, fitness centers, game rooms, and recreation rooms. Plus, exclusive perks such as Early Park Admission to Universal theme parks and complimentary shuttle bus transportation ensure a seamless and unforgettable stay.

Conveniently located adjacent to Universal Epic Universe and minutes away from existing Universal Orlando theme parks, Stella Nova Resort and Terra Luna Resort offer an ideal base for exploring all that Universal Orlando Resort offers.

These Universal Parks in Orlando will offer more options than Universal Studios Hollywood in California, such as an expansion to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Universal CityWalk will also be getting a facelift soon as well. Universal Studios Florida is also gearing up for DreamWorks Land, which is set to open this summer. Not to mention that Halloween Horror Nights will span over four months this year. The Universal appeal is set to hit new heights soon.

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A Direct Response to Disney’s Galactic Starcruiser?

The recent announcement of Universal’s Stella Nova Resort and Terra Luna Resort, while not explicitly referencing Disney World’s Galactic Star Cruiser, has sparked speculation among industry observers. The thematic similarities and timing of Universal’s unveiling have led some to infer that these new offerings may serve as a response or alternative to Disney’s Galactic Star Cruiser.

Universal’s and Disney’s resort hotels emphasize celestial and galactic themes, promising immersive experiences for guests seeking otherworldly adventures. This thematic alignment suggests a potential competition for travelers’ attention in extraterrestrial-themed accommodations.

The proximity of Universal’s new hotels to the closing of Disney’s Galactic Star Cruiser adds another layer of intrigue. Universal could interpret it as a strategic move to capture guests’ interest considering Disney’s celestial offering, presenting them with an alternative option.

Ron DeSantis giving a thumbs up next to an image of Epic Universe, an amusement park with fireworks, and an illustration of Mickey Mouse covering his mouth with his hands as if shocked.
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Furthermore, Universal’s announcement’s timing shortly after Disney unveiled the Galactic Star Cruiser raises eyebrows. Some speculate that Universal’s decision to introduce Stella Nova Resort and Terra Luna Resort may be a deliberate response to Disney’s initiative, aiming to attract guests with a similar concept but with its unique twist.

While Universal has not explicitly stated its intentions, the timing and thematic alignment of the hotel announcements with Disney’s Galactic Star Cruiser suggest a calculated move in the competitive landscape of celestial resort experiences.

The opening of the new resorts, Universal Stella Nova Resort and Universal Terra Luna Resort, in 2025 holds significant implications for both Universal Orlando Resort and the broader Epic Universe project.

A magical encounter: children meet a life-size dragon under the watchful eye of a viking warrior in a whimsically themed environment at Epic Universe.
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Universal Orland Resort Will Come Hitting Hard Next Year

For Universal Orlando Resort, introducing these new hotels represents a strategic expansion of its accommodations portfolio. By offering guests additional lodging options with unique thematic experiences, Universal aims to enhance the overall guest experience and attract a broader audience of visitors. Adding 1,500 ultramodern guest rooms across the two resorts provides more choices for guests. It increases the resort’s capacity to accommodate the growing demand for accommodations in the Orlando area.

Moreover, the thematic alignment of the new resorts with Universal’s existing and upcoming attractions reinforces the cohesive storytelling and immersive experiences that Universal Orlando Resort is renowned for. By incorporating elements of celestial and galactic themes, Universal continues to differentiate itself in the competitive theme park market, allowing guests to immerse themselves in imaginative worlds and narratives.

In the Epic Universe project context, the opening of the new resorts signals continued progress and development within Universal’s broader expansion plans. Epic Universe, slated to be Universal’s third theme park in Orlando (except Volcano Bay), is expected to feature diverse, immersive lands and experiences, further solidifying Universal’s position as a significant player in the global theme park industry.

Steven Spielberg standing in front of Epic Universe at Universal Orlando Resort.
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The debut of Universal Stella Nova Resort and Universal Terra Luna Resort in 2025 aligns with the anticipated opening of Epic Universe, creating synergies between the resorts and the theme park that are poised to elevate the overall guest experience and establish Universal Orlando Resort as a premier destination for immersive entertainment.

Overall, the opening of these new resorts in 2025 represents a strategic move by Universal to expand its offerings, enhance guest experiences, and align with the broader vision of the Epic Universe project.

The introduction of Universal Stella Nova Resort and Universal Terra Luna Resort holds several implications for guests of Universal Orlando Resort shortly.

An artists rendition of Epic Universe at Universal Orlando Resort, opening summer of 2025.
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What These Universal Orlando Resort Hotels Mean for Guests in 2025

With the addition of 1,500 ultramodern guest rooms across the two resorts, Universal guests will have more choices regarding accommodations. This increased capacity provides greater flexibility for guests in selecting the type of lodging that best suits their preferences and needs.

The thematic focus of the new resorts on celestial and galactic elements promises to immerse guests in imaginative worlds and narratives. This aligns with Universal’s commitment to delivering immersive experiences across its properties, allowing guests to engage with captivating storytelling and thematic elements throughout their stay.

Universal Stella Nova Resort and Universal Terra Luna Resort will offer guests various dining options and recreational amenities. From quick-service restaurants serving made-to-order American classics to poolside bars and grills offering delicious fare and beverages, guests can expect a range of culinary experiences to suit their tastes. Additionally, amenities such as resort-style pools, fitness centers, game rooms, and recreation rooms provide opportunities for relaxation and leisure activities during their stay.

A vibrant night sky illuminated by fireworks above the Epic Universe Resort, inviting visitors to a world of entertainment and excitement.
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The opening of the new resorts coincides with the development of Epic Universe, Universal’s highly anticipated third theme park in Orlando.

As part of the broader expansion plans for Universal Orlando Resort, the new resorts are positioned to complement the immersive experiences offered at Epic Universe, creating synergies that elevate the overall guest experience across Universal’s properties.

Overall, the introduction of Universal Stella Nova Resort and Universal Terra Luna Resort signifies an exciting chapter for Universal guests shortly. With expanded accommodation options, enhanced thematic experiences, and a range of dining and recreation offerings, guests can look forward to unforgettable stays and immersive adventures at Universal Orlando Resort.

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