Police Called After ‘Star Wars’ Character Sparks Chaos With Blaster

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Stormtrooper at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Credit: myfrozenlife, Flickr

Police were recently called after a Star Wars character caused terror in a public space.

Thrilling though it may be, few would describe the Star Wars franchise as “scary.” That being said, plenty of characters featured in the series are pretty intimidating – especially if you happen to encounter them in real life.

A guest and Chewbacca standing back to back and crossing their arms in front of the Millennium Falcon
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At Disney theme parks across the globe, you can meet iconic characters such as Rey, Chewbacca, Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, Din Djarin, and even Grogu (AKA Baby Yoda). One of the most common Star Wars meet and greets involves Stormtroopers, the Imperial soldiers that crop up throughout the original and sequel trilogies.

However, you don’t necessarily need to visit a Disney theme park to encounter a Stormtrooper for yourself. That’s something a few members of the public found out for themselves when riding a train in the UK recently when the appearance of a Stormtrooper caused so much alarm that police were called.

A group of stormtroopers flanking Captain Phasma clad in a distinctive metallic armor and cape, set against a backdrop with a bold emblem.
Credit: Disney

According to LBC, a train was diverted on April 6 when Dan Gillespie – a 50-year-old Star Wars fan who was traveling from Aberdeen to Dundee to attend a comic convention named Deecon – alarmed passengers with the “blaster” of his £1k Stormtrooper outfit.

“Train stopped not long out of station, guard came to chat asking about blaster,” Gillespie wrote on his Facebook page, where he shares content under the name Grampian Stormtrooper. “Then asked me to go with him for chat. Apparently someone reported it to police, train went back to Aberdeen.”

Man dressed as Stormtrooper between two police officers at a train station in Scotland
Credit: Grampian Stormtrooper via Facebook

Gillespie then revealed that he was forced to return home having been ordered by police not to travel until he had concealed the toy blaster in a bag. “Met by 2 firearms officers, 3 PS [police seargants], 2 BTP [British Transport Police], had to chat to them all on train then in office. Then took me home to get bag for it and back for another train,” he said.

“Asked not to wear stormtrooper armour on train,” Gillespie continued. “Crazy world we live in. Been doing it 10 years first time any issue with stormtrooper blaster. Not been out much in it so maybe just close page.”

Stormtrooper at Disney's Hollywood Studios
Credit: myfrozenlife via Flickr

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Gillespie detailed having worn the Stormtrooper suit in public on multiple occasions, and explained that the blaster was holstered, so not even out on display.

A spokesperson for British Transport Police confirmed the incident, telling LBC: “Officers received reports of a man with a firearm entering Aberdeen station just before 9am on Saturday (April 6). Officers attended alongside colleagues from Police Scotland and it was determined it was a false alarm.”

Would you be alarmed by someone dressed up as a Star Wars character in public? Share your thoughts on the incident in the comments!

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