Beloved Celebrity Guest Abandoned on Broken Disney Ride, Rescued After Filming Video

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A whimsical montage showcasing a real-world roller coaster ride with two cars-themed vehicles racing along the track, juxtaposed with Gabriel Iglesias expressing an exaggerated look of shock or surprise on the right side.

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A Disneyland VIP guest was recently evacuated from one Disney ride alongside his family after the attraction broke down.

Like all theme parks, breakdowns happen every day at Disney parks across the globe. While some evolve into hours – if not days – worth of closures, the majority of incidents are quickly resolved so guests can get back to enjoying their favorite attractions ASAP.

A little girl rides her father's shoulders outside Radiator Springs Racers at Disneyland
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One of the many interruptions to Disney’s theme parks this week occurred at Disneyland, where guests were left stranded on one of the resort’s most popular attractions, Radiator Springs Racers.

The California Adventure attraction – which is inspired by the world of Pixar’s Cars (2006) and involves guests racing convertible cars through Ornament Valley and Taillight Caverns – was closed for about 45 minutes on Tuesday (April 9).

Cars on Radiator Springs Racers
Credit: Disney

Stand-up comedian Gabriel Iglesias was aboard the ride at the time and documented the entire experience on social media. In a video later shared with TMZ, he showed his family stuck in a red vehicle and asked the rest of his party who exactly had messed up the ride.

“This isn’t how the ride normally goes,” he told the group before turning to his Disneyland VIP guide – who stood just outside the attraction, in a spot viewable from where Iglesias and his family had broken down – and remarking, “Part of the VIP experience, right?” (To which the VIP guide jokingly responded, “Yes, it is.”)

Stand-up comedian Gabriel Iglesias in festive attire expressing surprise or excitement during a holiday event.
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Speaking to TMZ, Iglesias later confirmed that they were sat on the track for 20 minutes until they were evacuated from the attraction. The ride was then closed for 45 minutes, at which point Iglesias and his group were the first to be seated back on Radiator Springs Racers as it reopened.

Iglesias himself has a history with both The Walt Disney Company and Pixar. The comedian previously voiced the Clerk in Coco (2017) and had a larger role in the Disney+ series Monsters at Work – which served as a sequel to Monsters, Inc. (2001) – where he voiced Gary in two episodes. Most recently, he played Kris Kringle in the second season of The Santa Clauses, which aired on the streaming service in late 2023.

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