Live-Action ‘Cars’ Movie Sparks Outrage Among Disney Fans

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Pixar's best and worst movie at the same time; Cars Movie, Pixar Animation Studio

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A poster for a live-action Cars (2006) movie did the round on social media this week – and let’s just say that it didn’t go down too well with Disney fans.

As of 2024, Disney is deep into its live-action remake era, having rehashed a significant portion of its animated canon over the past few years. The next few films to get this treatment include Lilo & Stitch (2003) and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), the latter of which has sparked its fair share of controversy among those who disapprove of Rachel Zegler’s casting in the title role.

Rachel Zegler in Disney's Snow White
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So far, Pixar has avoided the animation-to-live-action pipeline. However, fans were outraged this week to see a poster for a live-action remake of Cars (2006).

The poster in question shows Lightning McQueen – voiced by Owen Wilson – covered in dirt in the middle of the field, with a release date of 2025 tacked onto the bottom. An accompanying description teased a brand-new take on the iconic Pixar film.

Get ready to race into a world of adventure with the all-new live action remake of the beloved animated movie, ‘CARS,’ coming to theaters in 2025! Join Lightning McQueen, once again voiced by the Owen Wilson, as he shifts gears on a heartwarming journey of friendship, determination, and discovery. Perfect for the entire family, this revved-up retelling brings the charming town of Radiator Springs and its colorful inhabitants to spectacular life like never before.

Sunset hues reflect off the surface of a weathered, race-worn Lightning McQueen, its vibrant colors and racing number 95 hinting at a history of high-speed thrills and adventures on the track.
Credit: YODA BBY ABY via Facebook

Of the 4.7k comments generated by the post, the vast majority were displeased by the notion of Pixar allowing a live-action Cars movie. “Seriously?” said one user. “OK I liked the Pixar version… but live action? I simply cannot envision that one!”

Plenty of fans were most irritated by the fact that a “live-action” Cars would still be CGI – essentially making it just another form of animation, like 2019’s remake of The Lion King. “How does one ‘live action’ Cars?” questioned another user. “I need an explanation.”

Lightning McQueen and Mater look at each other
Credit: Pixar

The explanation is this: a live-action Cars doesn’t exist. The poster itself is fan-made (as is evident once you notice that some details are incorrect, like the number on the side of Lightning McQueen) and comes from a page with several other fan-made remake and sequel posters, such as that for a version of Iron Man (2008) starring Tom Cruise and a live-action version of the animated TV show Bob’s Burgers starring Adam Driver as Bob Belcher.

These posters tend to fool a lot of social media users (especially those on Facebook). However, as a general rule, if it hasn’t been shared by Disney, it’s fake. The likelihood of Disney branching out into remaking Pixar films is also relatively low – especially considering the fact that Disney’s new head of live-action has a strict creative policy that may limit the number of remakes produced in the future.

Would you like to see a live-action remake of Cars or any other Pixar movies? Let us know in the comments!

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