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Expedition Everest at night

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Big things are happening at Disney’s Animal Kingdom as DinoLand, U.S.A., undergoes its massive makeover. However, as the dinos make way for Dr. Jones and the new Tropical Americas expansion, one key figure has some objections to the new arrivals on his turf.

Guests ride DINOSAUR at Animal Kingdom
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If you’re familiar with the infamous DINOSAUR ride at the Walt Disney World Resort, you’ll know it’s famous for two things: unexpectedly scary dinosaur animatronics, an extraordinary amount of camp courtesy of Bill Nye the Science Guy, Dr. Seeker, and a plot involving time-traveling vehicles and a quest for an iguanodon specimen. The ride has since amassed a cult following, and many are sad to see it go.

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Any Disney fan worth their salt knows that some of the studio’s most unsung characters come from its theme park attractions, and that can certainly be said for Dr. Seeker. So imagine the surprise this week when he appeared to plead his case against Indiana Jones.

Emergency Broadcast From Disney World’s Animal Kingdom


After countless missions, Dr Seeker and The Dino Institute could be trouble. Missions could be coming to an end later this year at Dinosaur located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom #disneyparks #distok #disneyrides #disneytiktok #foryou #disneymagic #disneyimagineering #animalkingdom #waltdisneyworld

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@waltdisneyworldparks shared the footage above of Dr. Grant Seeker from Animal Kingdom’s DINOSAUR attraction stating that missions aboard the time rovers might be coming to an end as Dr. Jones makes his arrival. The descriptor on the video shares the following statement,

“After countless missions, Dr. Seeker and The Dino Institute could be trouble. Missions could be coming to an end later this year at Dinosaur located in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.”

Fans have known that DinoLand, U.S.A., has been on its last legs for a good while now, even before the upcoming expansion was announced. However, seeing what looks like an official parting statement from one of the ride’s characters is certainly enough to turn a few heads.

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While Dr. Seeker’s unofficial appearance feels like it has an AI generated flavor, as opposed to the eccentric performance from Wallace Langham, it does concur what the Walt Disney Company announced at D23. Even so, it might be time to leave the past in the past.

But Why?

Dinosaur stands over Guests on DINOSAUR at Animal Kingdom
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Along with the Disney Parks going under an identity change, reports of the ride’s deteriorating condition are also a major factor in its inevitable shutdown.

Additionally, the attraction has been described as one of the most terrifying experiences on Disney property, resulting in several cases of screaming and crying children (even this seasoned Park Hopper will admit that carnotaurus is the stuff of nightmares).

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Terrified tots aside, the DINOSAUR attraction has practically been with the park since its heyday. Like all of Disney’s Parks, they were designed to be in a constant state of evolution. Any paleontologist knows that adapting and evolving is part of life, and that even the magic of Disney can’t stay stuck in the stone age.

Are you sad to see DINOSAUR go extinct? Tell Inside the Magic what you think in the comments below!

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