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Expedition Everest at night

Credit: Disney


  1. Marlene Morgan

    Nooo! This ride makes us laugh so hard every time!

    1. Janine

      I happen to enjoy this ride! I go on it everytime I visit Animal Kingdom. Please don’t remove this attraction. It’s track is similar to Indiana Jones at Disneyland….it’s our favorite!

      1. Please, PLEASE do not get rid of this attraction. It is one our favorites in the entire place!!!

    2. Paddie O'Furniture

      That’s because you’re too woke to see how bad it is.

  2. Wade

    This used to be the greatest place to take your Family. Disney is a Disgrace anymore. They want to make our kids little wussies. This is why the new generation can’t survive in the real world. Disney gets rid of everything when the 5 percent woke liberals cry. I could care less if Disney closes all together. Sad times

    1. laney

      you know for some people (like me and my parents), disney is a part of our childhood. i started going when i was 3 and im not a wussie. you know your probably just mad that you turned out to be a wussie and are just gonna blame it on something millions of people love and adore. it is still a great place to take your family and make memories.

    2. Heidi

      The Dinosaur ride is kind of tucked away behind what used to be Dinoland. They could totally keep it as its own area without disrupting the palns for the new land.

  3. Ed

    This will be the end of animated dinosaurs. That is the sad part.

  4. Joseph

    It is a horrible ride for anyone under 7… they could have made the ride way more kid friendly and it probably wouldn’t be going away….way too frantic and flashing lights(enough to give u a seizure).

    Build a better ride… actually build three!!!!

    1. Marilyn Fucci

      I so agree with you. When are we going to stand up and say enough?

    2. Marilyn Fucci

      Maybe you should not bring younger children on this ride. I have two grown boys and have gone to Disney at least 30 years and you learn to pick and choose which rides your kids can enjoy. Don’t ruin all rides for everyone.

  5. Rory

    It’s an AWFUL ride. Indiana Jones in Disney Land runs the same track system but is 100% smoother and more enjoyable. Probably wouldn’t hate this ride if it wasn’t so jarring but glad to see its getting a good refurb and updated story.

    1. Disneyfan2

      I agree too much jerky movement, the replacement hopefully is better. I never been on the Indiana Jones ride, something new and smoother is good.

  6. Deb R

    Maybe they can move the ride to Animal Kingdom. I was on the Indiana Jones Ride in I think Paris. It’s the same ride as Dinosaur.

  7. DF

    Too many crybabies here. This is why the last 2 generations are so emotionally, intellectually and physically weak. It’s supposed to be a THRILL ride people. You want non threatening and smooth go ride It’s a Small world or some other insipid Fantasyland ride.

    1. Anonymous

      This video isn’t even from an official Disney account lol don’t believe everything you see on the internet!

      1. Tim

        Thank you, both of you! These people are weak and dullards.

  8. Paddie O'Furniture

    Good riddance. This disgusting ride has been brainwashing children for too long. Dr. Seeker’s blatant disregard for safety and instructions of his superior input teach children to go against authority and explore things that they shouldn’t.

  9. Paddie O'Furniture

    Good riddance. This ride has been brainwashing children for too long. Dr. Seeker’s blatant disregard for safety and instructions of his superior input teach children to go against authority and explore things that they shouldn’t.

  10. Matthew Brewster

    I have always HATED this ride for it’s desperate attempts to toss every passengers out of their seats! It’s even more violent than Space Mountain! You hardly see any of the dinos for more than a second or so. The darkness conceals the fact that there are hardly any sets. As far as I’m concerned, Dinosaur is a disaster!

  11. Rox

    Love this ride. I still have my original Countdown to Extinction shirt. There is nothing wrong with having a few attractions geared to older kids and adults.

  12. I’m very excited about this. I have already experienced the UPCOMING INDINA JONES RIDE IN DISNEYLAND.

  13. Tom

    It’s been a while since I’ve been on this ride but I recall it being a bit bone jarring but non the less fun. Hope the return is as good or better.

  14. Rachel

    I remember going on this ride as a child and again when I was 15 and I remember having a huge panic attack. I think the ride is extremely frightening and I think it has ran it’s course.

  15. Kelley

    Disney is changing to much getting rid of Mickey and friends.
    Getting rid of rides that use to be there for the Disney cartoons. It sad. They getting rid of some good rides also. I loved those ride when I was in Disney. It sad seeing everything change. And getting rid of what Disney was all about how it started all with a mouse. Mickey Mouse. Sorry but that is how I feel.

  16. Big JAR

    Nobody’s gonna shut that ride on my watch!

  17. JoeNYWF64

    I guess the kids got scared of the Dinosaurs too towards the end of “Ellen’s Energy Adventure”?
    & the young kids don’t get scared on any of the roller coasters?

  18. Carol

    Noooo! That is my favorite ride at Animal Kingdom.

  19. Geoffrey Mills

    I can’t believe people actually like this ride. Hope it gets replaced with something good thats worth standing in line for ….

  20. Disneyfan2

    I say rollercoasters are much scarier like Space Mountain, but this ride needed a update at least.

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