Guests Weep as Disney World Closes DinoLand

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DinoLand U.S.A. front entrance sign inside of Disney's Animal Kingdom Park

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Walt Disney’s original design for his Parks was to keep them in a constant state of evolution and keep them moving forward. With that mindset comes a mandatory acceptance of change. While the Disney Company might be more than prepared for the inevitability of progress, the Guests aren’t so flexible.

splash mountain at walt disney world
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If the recent controversy surrounding Splash Mountain was any indicator, it’s clear that many Disney fans are very much attached to their iconic rides. Guests have shown intense displays of mourning for a ride being closed in the past, but what happens when an entire Park’s land is axed off?

 DinoLand Dies at Disney World

chip and dale posing at donald's dino bash at dinoland USA
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A recent post on r/WaltDisneyWorld asked,” What do you think will be the next WDW Attraction to close?” While many were quick to offer the typical suggestion of dated rides like Carousel of Progress or Journey Into Imagination, there was an unexpected majority defending DinoLand at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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It’s no secret that the Imagineers at Walt Disney World have been planning to shut DinoLand U.S.A. down for a good while, reportedly making room for the city of Zootopia and a Moana-inspired area. However, there seems to be a very vocal fanbase for the location hiding in the wings.

primeval whirl
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In response to the subject of its closure, many Disney Park Guests were decidedly displeased with the very idea. u/Ok_Calligrapher_8199 replies with,

“They can take the playground from my cold dead hands. There’s sentimental attachment, and then there is necessity: that place is a life saver for toddlers.”

To which u/elderberrykiwi adds,

I was JUST short enough to go in there once, and it was incredibly fun. And then it continued to be an oasis, occupying my younger siblings for years. Disney needs more of these, like the defunct Honey I Shrunk the Kids one and Universal’s in Jurassic Park.

Concept art of 'Zootopia' and 'Moana' areas at Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom presented at D23
Credit: Disney

That all in mind, not all Disney Parks Guests are so opposed to the land’s upcoming transition. u/forthewatch39 shares what they would like to see by writing,

“I’d rather that area get an extreme revamp and maybe one e-ticket attraction, but that would probably require taking down the Nemo auditorium that is adjacent to the land. The theme of Animal Kingdom was to have animals represented from the present, past and fantasy. Getting rid of Dinoland to reset it to Moana/Zootopia erases the past theme…”

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Of course, DinoLand isn’t the only Disney attraction facing the chopping block, but to say the reaction from fans was expected would be entirely untrue. Hopefully, the results will be far better received than a certain Frontierland fixture.

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