“How Many Do We Have Left?” New ‘Bluey’ Announcement Hits Fans

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Makenzie in Bluey episode Space

Credit: Ludo Studios

Bluey is easily one of the most-watched animated series in the last decade, and the show’s popularity continues to grow exponentially, but fans fear for the future after a recent development arose.

Bandit, Chilli, Bingo, and Bluey together
Credit: Ludo Studios

Brought to US audiences by Joe Brumm and Ludo Studios, Bluey has taken the world by the tail and earned millions of viewers on a global scale thanks to Disney’s distribution. With a legion of parents and kids watching regularly, it feels like the show could go on forever.

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Unfortunately, the show’s producers recently announced that they will take an extended hiatus, meaning Bluey will have no new episodes until next season. Although the Heelers are set to go out with a bang in the season finale, the fanbase was quick to point out one glaring issue.

Is Bluey on Her Way Out?

Bluey with a shocked expression
Credit: Ludo Studio

Bluey, Bingo, Chili, Bandit, and all the rest of their canine comrades have us all by the heartstrings, and that’s been the way of the world for 151 episodes. However, the show’s creators promised fans a massive 28-minute-long season finale to cap everything off in a mysterious episode simply called “The Sign.”

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Fans everywhere have theorized and speculated just what the episode could be about, ranging anywhere and everywhere from a wedding, a pregnancy announcement, or introducing a new character into the main cast. That said, not all prospects for the finale have been so hopeful.

Jack and Rusty in the episode Army
Credit: Bluey.tv

Like Disney and the Star Wars universe, Bluey has a very dedicated and very vocal fan following, a large majority of whom are adults. Like any adult fanbase, they have their own pages and online forums where they gather in droves to share thoughts and opinions, and a recent post on r/Bluey brought up a very ominous idea.

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On the subject of the upcoming special, many fans are growing concerned that this is the beginning of the end for their beloved Bluey. While others might try to figure out the episode’s theme or meaning, many ask, “How many episodes do we have left?”

Bingo scared of something in Bluey
Credit: Disney/Ludo

Although Ludo is undergoing some changes with animators and development, that doesn’t mean it’s time to draw the curtain on Bluey. Although a few members of the fandom are trembling in their thongs (sandals), some fans are choosing to remain optimistic about the future of the show.

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A common concern in the fanbase is that the voice actors for Bluey and Bingo will likely age out of their roles, but u/builtinaday_ writes in the latter half of their comment,

“In Bluey, the characters age. And because the viewers also age, they can constantly shift the show’s dynamic to be more relatable to where the viewers are in life, just like in Adventure Time…”

To which u/gorgon_heart adds,

“Oh man. If we get a full arc of Bluey growing up like what we saw with Finn, I am going to be destroyed. I will enjoy every second of it, but I will get absolutely wrecked. It’ll be way more light-hearted, yes, but god stories about growing up always kill me.”

Other fans are increasingly worried about the Flanderization or over-simplification of the show’s characters. After all, the pups can only be so naturally cute for so long before they become parodies of themselves.

u/TheImperfectGamer writes,

“I’m not as scared of Bluey ending as I am of them going the Family Guy /Simpsons route of endless episodes with barely any substance.”

And then some are simply content with the show’s potential conclusion. u/Twinkletail shares this train of thought further down in the comments when they add,

“Sometimes special shows come into our lives, stay for a bit, then they have to go. It’s sad, but the bit where they were here was happy, wasn’t it?”

To which u/Intrepid_Risk4001 appropriately replies with the words of Chili Heeler,

“The main thing is to have a little cry, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and keep going.”

Bluey with Headphones on
Credit: bluey.tv/Ludo

Whatever the future holds for the little blue heeler, fans can take comfort that no official cancelation has been announced by Ludo Studios or Bluey creator Joe Brumm. We can say that the tremendous tower of talent needs a breather before it collapses in on itself.

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Bluey’s upcoming special is set to air in 2024, and fans everywhere are undoubtedly counting down the days. Until then, they have dozens and dozens of episodes to tide them over before the big day.

What do you think the future holds for Bluey? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments below!








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