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Legendary Festival Returning to EPCOT, Dates Announced

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Walt Disney World’s theme park of innovation and exploration has been one of the most ambitious projects since its opening date, but it’s also been a hotbed of booze, liquor, and bad decisions for years. It looks like Disney is finally doing something about it.

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Although EPCOT offers a multitude of different experiences to enjoy, such as the iconic EPCOT World Showcase, Test Track, Soarin’, Cosmic Rewind, Journey Into Imagination with Figment, and other rides and attractions at Future World, it has consistently been the to-go place for adult guests looking to go bottoms up, especially during the famous EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival

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EPCOT and drinking have gone together like vanilla and whiskey, a sweet taste with intoxicating consequences. From guests jumping off bridges at the World Showcase to disrupting the interactions at Cosmic Rewind, reports of drunk and disorderly behavior have poured out of Disney World at a steady rate, but it looks as though things are starting to change.

Disney World Raises Prices to Combat Alcoholics at EPCOT

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Because the various pavilions, eateries, and festivals keep the alcohol flowing in a steady supply, the ritual of “Drinking Around the World” at the World Showcase has been kept alive and well for years. With crowds reaching into the thousands and tens of thousands and that much liquor and booze shared amongst that many people all in one place is a cocktail of disaster waiting to happen.

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The toxic drinking culture has been called out by everyone from casual Disney Park guests to even the Muppets, but only now does it seem like something is being done. It’s subtle, but many fans are already taking a notice.

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A recent post on r/WaltDisneyWorld called attention to an increase in the price of alcohol, and it essentially opened wide the door for a discussion on Disney World and its relationship with drinking.

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u/Infamous-Ad7832 leads the post with,

“Why is alcohol so expensive at WDW while non alcoholic beverages are priced quite ok? As a European seeing beers priced at 12$ seems to be veeeery expensive.”

To which u/Spacetime_Inspector adds the following explanation further down in the comments,

“a) captive audience – same reason movie theater popcorn is so expensive. b) they don’t want people getting sloppy drunk, and if they’re going to insist on it as some people do at Epcot, they at least want to make $150 for their trouble. Shockingly, Disney is actually the major theme park where booze is most reasonably priced. SeaWorld/BG and Universal charge even more.”

While the response above is perhaps the most logical conclusion, many other commenters share the opinion that Disney is slowly raising their prices to dissuade guests from purchasing alcohol. Given some of the recent of drunk and disorderly behavior from Disney Park visitors, it’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility.

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u/stiffneck84 agrees to the suggestion by adding,

“Watching two basics pass out in a puddle of vomit at the skyliner station after “drinking around the world” was a very special part of our family vacation.”

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There are many that agree that alcohol has no place in the Walt Disney World Resort, but the Walt Disney Company is still an entity in the business of making money. If people want to be zonked out while riding Journey Into Imagination, they’ll find a way to turn it into a profit.

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As sharp as that statement might be, there’s still an element of truth to it. However, this also might just be the first step in combating a bigger problem. Only time will tell.

Should drinking be removed from the Disney Parks? Tell Inside the Magic what you think in the comments below!


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