Scorpions, Frogs, and More Plague Disney World Resorts

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When planning a trip to the Walt Disney World Resort, one of the key questions Guests have to answer is where they will stay. The Disney Parks all offer unique and exciting hotel experiences, but sometimes that comes with some unexpected surprises.

Grand Floridian Resort, exterior aerial shot
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Staying at one of Disney World’s multiple resorts, regardless of the price, offers several benefits that chain hotels don’t have. However, recent Disney Park Guests have shared horror stories of infestations and unplanned animal encounters on Park property.

Disney World Resort Infested with Birds, Bugs, and More

Disney's Contemporary Resort at night with a monorail running through the lobby
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r/WaltDisneyWorld is a public Reddit forum where hundreds of Disney fans share their questions, experiences, and trip-planning tips. Although a recent post about “Resort Horror Stories” was made in jest, dozens of commenters have dropped several reports that are comical at best and creepy at worst.

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Frequent Florida visitors know that the state is home to some vicious wildlife, apart from the radical politicians. Guests have even seen live alligators on Park property. Of course, what else can people expect when the resorts are built on a wildlife preserve. That said, many Guests have reported animals wandering off the reserve and into the resorts.

Parrot in front of the Tree of Life in Disney's Animal Kingdom
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Many Guests, like u/Kadf19, write about the epidemic of thieving birds. The user writes,

“I had a bird try to steal my sandwich at Animal Kingdom. Scared the crap out of me and I yelled “f****” loud enough for every family around me to hear. Scared the bird and saved my sandwich though.

And u/Th595906 shares how not even the Parks are safe with,

I saw a bird steal a granola bar out of a stroller in Epcot this past Sunday. They’re bold little pests.”

Of course, birds aren’t the only pests that have found their way into the Parks and resorts. As annoying as hungry seagulls, pigeons, and the occasional ibis can be, at least they’re better than creepy crawlies that find their way into some unfortunate hotel rooms.

Disney's All-Star Movies
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u/MagicMouseWorks shares a scene straight out of a Stephen King book when they write,

“I stayed in one of the All-Star Resorts in March of 2021, and there were frogs coming out of the shower drain. Even the CMs thought that was really bizarre. Still never forgot the image of little grey critters coming out of the drain.”

Scorpion lying on a table
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Frogs are definitely unusual, but many of us would gladly prefer frogs in the shower to scorpions in our shoes. A rather infamous story concerns one Guest who discovered a live scorpion in their room.

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u/ADeSieno75 writes,

“Scorpion in our room at Pop. Like massive one. Pest control took almost 3 hours to come and get it.”

Then later elaborates with,

“It legit took 3 hours and the reason they hooked us up is because I had to go to guest services multiple times and show them pictures because they thought we were not being serious.”

Exterior of Pop Century hotel at nighttime
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Additionally, u/ximfinity confirms this story when they add,

“Pop has had a history of scorpion infestation unfortunately…. I’ll still stay there, just check your shoes especially if your leave them outside.”

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Disney is home to some incredibly magical experiences, but it’s also apparently home to plagues worthy of a biblical epic. All that’s missing from the equation is a swarm of locusts.

Have you ever had a strange animal encounter at Disney World? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!


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