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Disney Adults at Disneyland Resort with Mickey Mouse

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From the day Walt Disney first put his plans for Disneyland into motion, the brand has always been made with both children and adults in mind. However, the push for more adult-oriented spaces on Disney property has been growing for years, and the Walt Disney Company finally listened.

A group of young adults pose in front of the entrance to Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind at EPCOT during an After Hours event
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Although the term “Disney Adult” might have some negative connotations in some circles, Disney has been making more efforts to cater to its older audience with some impressive results. Along with the recently announced Haunted Mansion bar and other similar upcoming projects, older Disney fans have much to look forward to.

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While it’s definitely true Disney has planned a lot, this isn’t something that will happen instantaneously. However, footage from perhaps one of the first adult-only Disney spaces surfaced on social media just days ago. Could this be the start of something bigger?

Disney Adults Score Major Win

A group of adults visit Walt Disney World
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Disney’s fanbase is one of the most vocal and active in the realms of pop culture, but the age debate has been a wedge issue for years. While most are thrilled that Disney is being more inclusive by directing its attention towards an older crowd, some believe Walt’s love for children is being sacrificed in favor of unruly guests and patrons.

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A hard truth so many people seem to forget constantly is that Disney Park tickets, merchandise, movies, and Disney+ subscriptions are all bought by adult audiences. So why shouldn’t the company strive to give more to the ones forking over their cash on a regular basis?

Mickey meets two guests at a restaurant
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Yes, kids and families have benefited the most from the house of mouse over the last century, but those same kids who grew up with Mickey Mouse and all his friends all grow up eventually. Why should the fun end just because Disney-loving children evolve into full-blown Disney Adults?

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One of the biggest adult-oriented projects pushed officially by Disney is the newest addition to the Disney Cruise Line, the Disney Treasure. Disney seems to be incorporating adult-only activities, along with more spaces and environments for adults, as the following video demonstrates.

WARNING: The video contains suggestive lyrics.


We did a Disney Cruise with our daughter for thanksgiving. This was an adult only dance party with #oogieboogie – not quite sure what we got ourselves into.

♬ Call Me Mother – RuPaul

As ridiculous as it is to see that no account Oogie Boogie busting down to RuPaul, the description shares that this was “an adult only dance party.” Needless to say, it’s certainly different from what Disney normally dishes out.

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If what @equity.ben states is true, then this is just one of the first of many Disney events catered specifically to adults. While it might not be in his nature, seeing one of the official characters mingling with grown up guests will definitely seal the deal for most fans.

By incorporating that same amount of energy and dedication to adults that Disney has for children for decades, the company ensures the future of a steady consumer market. Although it might be some time before we see something like this at Disneyland, the Walt Disney World Resort, or other Disney Parks, this could very well open the door for something much bigger.

Is this the beginning of more adult-only Disney events? Tell Inside the Magic what you think in the comments below!

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