Parents Bitter For Creating Disney Adults

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Disney Adults seem to be the easiest fanbase to criticize these days. Granted, there’s a fine line between an adult who loves Disney and one that makes it their entire personality, but does either of them deserve such hate? While there have been occasions of dangerous or cringe-worthy behavior, getting them banned from the Disney Parks seems more than a little extreme.

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Many disgruntled parents have recently complained about too many adult Disney Park Guests on their trips to Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Many have even campaigned for these childless Disney fans to be banned from the Parks altogether. Ironically, these same people petitioning against them are wholly responsible for creating them in the first place.

Disney Adults Come From Disney Parents

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As the Disney History Institute pointed out in one of our previous articles, parents who take their kids to Disney at a young age tend to revisit the Parks as their kids grow up. This way, Disney has an exponential market of consumers as the love for their brand is passed down from generation to generation. By that logic, those same adults complaining about too many childless millennials at the Parks are likely responsible for creating the next wave of Disney Adults in the first place.

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Whether some like it or not, Disney’s adult fanbase is quickly becoming its biggest potential market. As fewer family units continue to visit the Parks, Disney Park Guests without children or those going Han Solo on their trips could soon become the new norm. Naturally, Disney will have to adapt to cater to a changing market.

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In retrospect, this is more of a logical outcome than some might realize. Disney is a brand and a name all recognize practically from infancy, almost like a form of cultural indoctrination. It becomes a source of comfort and nostalgia for many, ensuring that Disney’s fans continue to buy and enjoy their products for that sweet serotonin hit.

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Parents buy Disney merch, Park tickets, and subscriptions to Disney+ for their kids. Should they really be surprised when they still have that imprinted desire as adults?  Disney fans beget Disney fans, after all.

Are these parents bitter over nothing? Tell Inside the Magic what you think in the comments below!

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