Campaign to Ban Childless Adults From Disney World Gains Traction

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Disney Adults are under fire once again. After years of online bullying about overemotional reactions during character meet & greets and Disney Park proposals, some Disney Parks Guests want them banned from Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort altogether.

In a post on the “True Unpopular Opinion” subreddit, u/turlockmike shared their experience taking their kids to Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom for the first time since their own childhood family vacation.

“Adults who visit Disney World without kids are ruining it,” the Guest argued. “When I was a kid growing up in the 90s, my parents took us to disney world, it was a lot of fun, we got to ride all the rides we wanted, see everything, stay at a disney hotel and it was affordable for our modest income. 2 years ago, we took our kids. I make twice as much as my dad did back then and the disney hotels were insanely priced, couldn’t afford it.”

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The family got a nice place to stay off-property, but were miserable at the Disney Parks.

“It was basically all adults everywhere,” they recalled. “The rides that were for the youngest kids were basically empty, but any ride that appealed to adults had insanely long lines, like 3 hours or more. We didn’t get to ride any of the cool new rides other than the few we could get a fastpass (or genie pass, not sure what it’s called).”

“Disney world and disney land are for kids,” the Guest concluded. “Anyone over 21 visiting that isn’t on their honeymoon or with their kids is making the place miserable. There are way more fun things to do, go do those and leave Disney alone.”

While a few dozen upvoted the Guest’s post in agreement, most fired back.

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“Disney World is actually for anyone who can afford a ticket, which 99% of the time, is adults,” u/mczmczmcz said. “No amusement park could exist if it were literally for children.”

“Fun fact: a lot of us didn’t have parents who could afford Disney World as kids so people that go as adults are just making up for lost time,” u/TheSnappleGhost agreed.

“Imagine being so entitled that you think having kids gives you the right to dictate where other people go on vacation,” u/PWcrash wrote. “All because you don’t want to deal with impatient kids waiting in long lines at surprise surprise…DISNEY! I would LOVE if there were more adults only spaces or at least spaces that don’t allow kids under the age of 6 but we all can’t get what we want.”

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