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  1. Gary

    No, Walt said at the beginning young & old and that is the way it will stay!

    1. MortBA

      I couldn’t agree more

      1. Mickry Mouse

        No one cares what you think.

        1. Mike

          Yours is the attitude that take the joy out of life for normal folks. Everyone is as welcome at Disney World as they are to have their own opinion.

      2. Disney was built for everyone. Just cause you think because you have kids they should be the only ones there, nooo. It dosen’t revolve around you. Some adults never could go as kids, nor take their kids. Now that time is available and we’re still able to get around I would have liked to see it. Had they not bought into the woke nonsense I would take my grandkids there, but I can’t get what I want either. You know adults with kids there also don’t want your entitled bratlungs having a meltdown over a ride, although they make a good example to show your kids how not to act in public, you also make a good argument to show them how not to raise kids.

        1. Rick


        2. J L

          Woke & Woke Nonsense are a figment of you underactive mind that is if you have one. Do you even know what you mean by Woke? I seriously doubt it. You are what they call an aper. You are mimicking others saying it. You think it makes you sound relevant. Glad you don’t go because we can do with out the mindless red hat cult members who don’t have an original thought of their own and also more room for the rest of us who are actually intelligent.

          1. Scott C

            Yup WOKE can make you BROKE! How come we never see a STRAIGHT Day?

      3. Renee

        So the a person who is complaining is saying the rides that were made for younger children had no lines, and the rides made for older adults had longer lines, sounds like that person wasn’t there for their children they were it was wa them. They are pissed off they had to wait in line like everyone else.Well guess what when you own your own theme park you can discriminate against a person who doesn’t have kids see how far that get you!!

        1. Rick


        2. Lynn

          Exactly right! Walt wanted a place where young and old could enjoy family entertainment that was wholesome and in a clean environment…not just for kids and not just for adults. There’s enough woke crap going on in the Parks without adding this to the mix!

      4. Rick

        Banning adults only at WDW is the stupidest idea I have ever heard!

        1. Sherrie M Long

          No , it is not Gov. Desantis, the article is an opinion piece. The adults with kids are complaining and want people without kids banned.

        2. Mike

          DeSantis has nothing to do with self absorbed, overindulgent, entitled folks, claiming to be inclusive and wanting to exclude at the drop of a hat. Wrong discussion for the political slant my friend.

    2. Kat

      Preach. I just shake my head every time I hear people call to ban people without kids. They don’t know the history or understand the true spirit of Disney. It’s saddening. Even with that aside, who do they think keeps the parks going when kids are in school and their parents are at work?

      They’d do well to see some true Disney spirit. Just last night I was watching JustinScarred’s video on YouTube bidding farewell to Splash Mountain. These folks hung around until the doors closed and the last log went over the waterfall. They sang Zip-a-dee-do-dah together, total strangers, as if saying goodbye to an old friend. Security let them do it, long past closing, till they were sure the last staff had finished with the ride. The man who came up with the ride was there; he teared up. It was beautiful. Most of these people? Childless adults. Lifelong Disney fans.

      If all these folks are worried about are long lines, they aren’t going at the right times… and perhaps a bit of patience could go a long way. I went as a kid. Lines weren’t a problem.

    3. Chris Wood

      The problem are the adults who don’t want their kids and let them run around getting into trouble, the cry victim when they are kicked out.

      1. Helen

        Disney World is for everyone,not just for people who think they are entitled. Retired people also like to go. I say if you don’t like it don’t go

        1. Mary-Ellen Berg

          Amen!! My husband and I went for the first time in 1972. We had no children. We went with friends who brought their adult children several times. In 1986, we brought our son for the first time. We went several times a year until he married in 2012. We routinely go with our son and his family but often go alone, two old timers. We are Disney stock holders and DVC members owning hundreds of points! BAN US??? Absolutely ridiculous? For what purpose?

    4. I totally agree, I bought into the Vacation Club so I could enjoy Disney, with it without kids
      (Mine are grown)

    5. Reine

      Walt Disney wouldn’t agree at all. He didn’t design the Disney parks just for kids he himself said it was a place for fun both young and old. Before you speak you should check your facts.

    6. Cheryl

      You got that right, kids of all ages , there is no age limit !!!

      1. E.Chambers

        I always thought Walt Disney said from age 1-99 . You were never too old for Disney. Like most have already stated while they were kids ;they could not come to Disney. So why not go as adults.

        1. J L

          Woke & Woke Nonsense are a figment of you underactive mind that is if you have one. Do you even know what you mean by Woke? I seriously doubt it. You are what they call an aper. You are mimicking others saying it. You think it makes you sound relevant. Glad you don’t go because we can do with out the mindless red hat cult members who don’t have an original thought of their own and also more room for the rest of us who are actually intelligent.

        2. JL

          He actually said for kids of all ages he also said for young and old. More often than not he said for kids of all ages.

    7. Shelby

      He literally said, ‘adults are just kids grown up anyway.’ Whoever started that thread is a big grouch.

    8. Christine Williams

      I agree!

    9. Karen

      I agree 100% Gary

      1. Dawn

        I think the fact that they let way more people in per day for the sake of money probably is part of the problem. But the suggestion of making a new campus that caters to older children 16 + would be a great idea. Someone tell that to Disney.

        1. .All here is just my humble opinion..This idea of teen centers.. just .wrong..a teen center ( with all the problems that go with it) is not a good idea.. aThe troublemarkers will ruin it for everyone ..and it willclose downanyway .. a waste of building resources , labor , machinery , etcetery. look at the gun violence occurring recently at a W. VA graduation ceremony..near Lakeland , FL recently , hundreds of teen gathered at an intersection in a residential area near a mom and pop grocery market ..sometime after app. 11:38 p.m. ,
          a number of firearm shots rang out in the night , some people were injured and three were killed.. hundreds of folks dashing about in blind panic.. it doesn’t sound like fun..and I recently saw in the news that the Disney company is going to introduce bars that serve alcohol into their parks .. another great example to create for the children / teens / young adults..add a teen center to every park .. recipe for trouble.. Greed over life rules again..Karma is going to arrive.. One Sweet Day..yet to happen.Good Luck with that , Disney ..

        2. Loro

          As an adult without children, a large part of the of the magic at Disney was watching other’s children reacting to it. It always brings backs warm memories of my own childhood. A separate park for older children and adults would not do well.

    10. Luke

      Disneyland wa a place where children and their parents could have fun together. Unfortunately many rides are not holding to that philosophy, but that’s todays world.

    11. Scott C

      I agree that Walt built Disney parks so people of all incomes could afford the Parks – Disney added their own onsite hotels and prices have gone up according to supply and demand which I think Walt was against! My wife and I stayed at DW resort once in the 1990’s and it was affordable – The prices were high for everything but it was the DISNEY experience! We stayed off property the other 3 trips to DW and 2 for DL — we don’t have kids yet IF DISNEY decides to move to banning childless parents be prepared for BOYCOTT of not only Disney products BUT every product that ABC airs in their commercials AS well as Streaming services! Why? Discrimination against couples who wanted to have children but couldn’t – oh yeah – as a couple we lost wages after my wife quit her job as a Nurse making us lower middle class to this day – We have not been to Disney in 15 years as prices for us were too high for 2 day attendance – not to mention the meal prices!

    12. Totally agree with you! Also, my parents did not do Disney vacations when we were little. So, I get to be a kid when I go.

    13. Mike


  2. Stephen

    So sad they people forget what it was built for. Some of us who live even further than those in the US are lucky to get a visit once in our lifetime. It took me until I 27 before I got my first shot from Australia.

    I have now been back 6 times to either DLR, WDW, DLHK and in 4 weeks DLP for first time, I am 55. Each time has been a different experience and t be told i would not be allowed to experience a Bucket List item is just selfish!
    As for those wanting separate adult areas, get real. Deal with life that goes on around you. It takes a lot of peopl to make life go around and we have to learn to enjoy every aspect good or bad.

    1. Holly

      The real problem is the over crowding of All ages! Disney needs a new campus. Expanding isn’t really helping. A new campus that has rides that appeal to 13+ crowd might be a win – win for everybody.

      1. Dawn

        Adult rides in a different campus is a great answer to the problem and reducing the number of guests that can enter would also be helpful

  3. Chris

    The problems are the entitled like the person that started this petition.

    1. Kathy

      Yep! And, the entitled locals who think the parks only belong to them.

      1. Kelly

        Yes the entitled locals drive me crazy. Magic Keys need to go away, or only have reservations for Keys.

    2. Mindy Edwards

      Entitled big babies!!!

    3. Trixie

      Exactly right! What gives one person the right to say what others can do?

      If someone doesn’t like the lines…don’t go to Disney!

    4. Pete

      Bingo. Everyone can enjoy the parks and be respectful to each other and everyone will have a good time. Start getting demanding and you will be miserable, kids or not.

      1. Della K

        You are absolutely correct
        The problem is rude people. Those who rope drop and jump line are a** holes that would just be ah’s with children. I say to those parents to explain to their kids that the experience is showing them how the real world is. Sorry some folks are so rude and inconsiderate. You can’t ban all adults from Disney no more than you can ban bad acting adults from the world. Wish we could.

    5. Can

      Absolutely, thank you.

  4. John

    I’m 56 years old. Every time I walk into Disney World, I become that same 7 year old child that walked into Disney for the first time many many years ago.
    Walt built that park for everyone. Where do these people get so much entitlement from.

  5. Sharon

    I grew up watching the Wonderful World of Disney and dreamed of attending it one day. My first time was when I was 24 on a college trip to California. It was also my first time flying. Later ai was fortunate to visit Disney World as an adult. I haven’t been blessed with children but I was able to visit both with no problems. I know how to act as an adult and never encountered what has been going on now. All people should be able to visit without prejudice.

  6. Cookie

    I would love a Disney World without kids! No strollers, no screaming, no standing in lines with fidgety kids bumping, pushing, arguing, whining, parades and fireworks without people putting kids on their shoulders at the last minute blocking views, or trying to push their kids in front of you after you’ve been staking out your spot for hours.

    1. Al

      100% agree. Too many children there not even happy to be there, I feel sorry for them spending hours in their stroller crying to go home. I’m

      1. Frank Wellner

        I could probably rent my neighbor’s kid for a day or two.

      2. Jeff

        Call Child Protective Services. Child Abuse.

    2. Nanny

      I %100 agree

    3. Hey there

      I was able to experience this during the cast member preview when they reopened the parks in July of 2020 it was MAGICAL!!!

    4. Adam

      Me too. Whenever I see a stroller or an infant, I know these parents are doing it for themselves and not for their kids, because they’re too young to possibly remember it

      1. Daisy

        I totally agree with you! Maybe they should ban kids in diapers (under 2 years old). They get tired and cranky but thier parents sill drag them throught the parks for 8 to 10 hours. I feel bad for those kids who are having melt down because they are over tired, over heated, and hungry.
        I’m childless by choice and 69 years old. My first time going to WDW was when I was 25, and only the Magic Kingdom was open then. You could see them building EPCOT.

  7. Erin

    And when the people complaining’s kids are grown, they’ll want it adult only.

  8. Vita

    There is no age at Disney stop being so entitled where you tell adults with no children to stay out of Disney
    Go somewhere else then
    And grow up

    1. Kevin

      Yes I for agree Disney is for everyone but I do think adults without children should still be considerate by allowing families with kids and teenagers go in front of them in the queue.

      1. Daisy

        If childless adults let people with kids go in front of them in the queue, then the childless adult would never be able to get on the ride, or get something to eat. There are a lot of kids at Disney.

        1. Mike

          In Walt’s eyes, everyone at Disney is a kid! That’s why he built the place!

  9. Al

    Not in agreement at all, as a couple in our mid 70’s Disney World is a destination that is safe to visit and get the healthy exercise and human contact that seniors require in life. There are no negatives to childless adults enjoying a bit of the magic that Disney provides.

    1. Rick

      Amen to that! When we would go, I’d stand in front of Walt & Mickey; and I felt like a kid again… Children need Disney. If you don’t like that, if you don’t want that … Find somewhere else to go. Nobody is MAKING you go to Disney…

  10. Shay

    How sad that anyone would even think of this. I am over 60 and enjoy coming to Disney. I can’t believe they would restrict a group of people based on a few. Stand in line just like everyone else.

  11. Adult Disney Fan

    I’ve considered a campaign to ban strollers from the parks and specific days where no children are allowed. I’ve been visiting Disney parks for 50 years.

    1. David A

      If you have been hit with the stroller even 1 time, you would agree. First time I went to Disneyland, 1971, there were hardly any strollers. Now you see thousands in the park.

    2. Teddy Gingerich

      We’ll never get a stroller ban, but how about a VERY strict size limit. Today’s version of umbrella strollers are sturdy and high quality. And all you need for a stroller-age kid. Aside from people whose children of any age have medical needs, no one needs an SUV stroller. My (now grown) kids and I started going to DL in about 2001. There were nowhere near the number of strollers then. Now there are massive stroller parking areas, and they take up so much room: on the walkways, in shops, in outdoor eating areas. Disney needs to get serious about limiting the size and NOT get bullied by whiny parents.
      They also need to add a ton of lockers (there’s room to expand the in-park locker areas) and reduce the price to $1/day. The high price of lockers keeps many parents from putting all their stuff in one until it’s needed. I also wonder just what these people are bringing to the park. I’m an over-packer, and still manage to only need a small backpack (slightly larger than a Loungefly bag). No one needs to bring all their worldly goods with them.
      Rant over. I’m just tired of getting slammed by giant strollers, often pushed by the very kids they are intended for.

  12. Jose

    Imagine being so entitled that because you’re gay or part of some rainbow cult that you get to dictate to people how they are suppose to accept your belief system no matter how crazy it clearly is that the real problem is mental issues

    1. Teddy Gingerich

      Imagine being such an a*hole that you feel entitled to attack people who aren’t just like you.
      Imagine being such an a*hole that you feel it’s acceptable to link mental illness (which you also seem to denigrate) with simply being who you are.
      Maybe you need to go somewhere else, like a Six Flags park, where you can be with less happy people.

  13. Nancy

    “You’re dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway.”

    -Walt Disney

  14. Oldgoat86

    Don’t blame us for wanting to let our inner child out to have fun. Blame Disney who keeps adding more rooms (like 3500+ @ WDW in the last years…and more coming w/expansion at Polynesian) without adding another park.

  15. Joshsmom1996

    I wasn’t able to experience the parks growing up. I was in college before I got to go and paid my own way. I was instantly enchanted and brought my son up with a solid Disney vacation history. Now I go with family and friends and still enjoy every moment. I truly doubt Disney is going to turn down the money I spend there

    1. Teddy Gingerich

      I didn’t get to go as a kid either, despite living in Arizona and going to the LA area regularly to visit family friends in Pasadena. My mother hated theme parks, and didn’t feel that going to DL was an acceptable use of time. She only thought that “educational” destinations were allowable. Think Colonial Williamsburg, for you East Coasters. Yeah, nothing like going to a phony colonial “village” and watching people die of heat stroke in wool clothing in a Virginia summer to expand the mind.
      I finally got to go to DL for Grad Night in 75, then not again until I was married and had kids. Been going ever since, even now that they are grown. My adult older daughter still loves DL, and plans to introduce her new hubby to it. Walt built a place for all of us.

  16. Rox

    What kind of fascist bs is this? People need to get over themselves.

  17. I didn’t go, as a child. We couldn’t afford it when my kids were younger.
    When, I finally went, I was more emotional than I expected.
    I cried when Cinderella passed by in her carriage. 💕During the parade.
    If you’re “young at heart “, I think you can appreciate children more. I sure do!!

  18. Lori

    I grew up down the street from Disneyland. I have went to Disneyland more times than than i can can count. I’m 57 and I actually met Ms. Disney in the watch shop when I was 9 yrs old. I have taken my daughters to Disneyland many times and the three if us recently as adults have been fortunate to go. It’s is always a bonding trip for me and my two adult daughters. Recently, I got to take my two yr old granddaughter with her mother an aunt, and we had an amazing time and got on all the rides we wanted. To see her eyes my granddaughter’s eyes light up seeing brought tears to my eyes. Sure it was crowded and expensive. We stayed off park and transported in. Most hotels near Disney have this option and it’s not bad. Sure Disney has changed, and it’s even more expensive, but everything these days is expensive with rising employee wages, food cost and everything else in between. Disney is for everyone, young and old. If Disney limited adults then what next? These people who want to put limits on Disney, get over yourself. Learn the system, buy the fast pass, save your money and you will have an incredible time at Disney.

  19. Joe Burdett

    No way you could or should ban Disney adults. It’s called marketing and Disney wants us adults. If you think DW is expensive now, go ahead and ban us….you will never be able to afford it without our “shared” contributions to overhead. Wait in line like we all do, you’ll notice I am the guy who isn’t complaining and very tolerant of all those (young and old) around me.

    1. Smitty

      How about a ban on entitled crybabies

  20. Patti Langerman

    Disney has been my go-to place since my kids were young. It is the place that I can let go of everything and just be a kid again. I lost my dad when I was 7, there was no time to be a kid “when I was a kid”. When I go to Disney as an adult (the grandkids can’t always go!!) I still get to feel like I have some childhood fun that I didn’t have as a child. Also, I don’t like the crazy rides, I like the more subdued ones, so I am NOT one of the people in the “3-hour lines”. It is hard to see what this world is coming to.

  21. Lori

    I grew up down the street from Disneyland. I have went to Disneyland more times than than i can can count. I’m 57 and I actually met Ms. Disney in the watch shop when I was 9 yrs old. I have taken my daughters to Disneyland many times and the three of us recently as adults have been fortunate to go to Disneyworld. It’s is always a bonding trip for me and my two adult daughters. Recently, I got to take my two yr old granddaughter with her mother an aunt. We had an amazing time and got on all the rides we wanted. To see her eyes my granddaughter’s eyes light up, brought tears to my eyes. Sure it was crowded and expensive. We stayed off park and transported in. Most hotels near Disney have this option and it’s not bad. Sure Disney has changed, and it’s even more expensive, but everything these days is expensive with rising employee wages, food cost and everything else in between. Disney is for everyone, young and old. If Disney limited adults then what next? These people who want to put limits on Disney, get over yourself. Learn the system, buy the fast pass, save your money and you will have an incredible time at Disney.

  22. Connie

    I am a senior,.childless ,FL resident that lives near Disney. I love the Disney parks. I have seen more entitled children pitching temper tantrum than any adult feeling “entitled”.
    Walt will roll over in his grave if childless adults are banned. That is discrimination.
    Don’t throw out the entire barrelof apples because a few are bad..

  23. Kevin

    That’s probably the reason why park reservation were/are getting fully booked and they weren’t giving families chance to book their park reservations first. It’s ok for adults to visit the parks who haven’t got children as long as they promise to be considerate by letting families with children go in front of them in queues as it’s not fair keeping children waiting.

    1. David A

      Kevin, it is not fair to keep Adults waiting.
      Just wait till you get older, and have to stand in line, because you love Disney, and some 20 or more families with small children, who most of the time could care less about the rides, cut in front of you! THEN as you are waiting another 20 families with children, cut in front of you!!! You are at the end of the line waiting for 4 hours, no bathroom break for you, sore back, tired feet! This makes no sense, except for a parent that does not want to wait in line like everyone else.

      1. Kevin

        David A, I didn’t mean the bathrooms I meant that Adults without children should let families with children in front of them for rides and character greeting only not the bathroom

  24. Smith Nellon

    While we’re banning stuff, can we talk about the FU-to-the-world that is DOUBLE WIDE STROLLERS?

  25. Ts

    Might as well close EPCOT then.
    The revenue loss would be substantial and I don’t have any business turning down that kind of money.

    The Karen mommies need to grow up.

    1. Fran

      Not to mention the fact that at Epcot the World Showcase would feel the pain! Epcot is adding more “family friendly” activities for children and the World Showcase has mostly been more adult friendly.

  26. DXP

    I’m an adult of 53 years of age and I’m going to Disney world quite often because that’s why I moved to the area. I always try to make magic moments for children and accommodate our first time visit guests. I do not have children but I travel with someone who has three I think the problem is not adults I think the problem is entitled people both with children and without.

  27. PhaQUE

    LAME. as a single parent AND child is almost 20 living his own life. I lost my friendships becoming a single parent. I lost a job 6 years ago I had for almost 20 causing me to move. I know Noone, I try making new friends just others have their own issues this day and age. I get a Disney ticket and go alone. This will never be taken away because ‘young or old’ is part of Walt’s speech! Let’s not infringe on his deeply rooted values he wanted instilled in the parks. If you were a friendless lonely single parent whos child us too busy with life for you and your only excuse for a sense of joy is a Disney park why are the Karen and Ken snowflaks calling all the shots?

  28. Childfreelol

    Epcot’s alcohol sales say differently, you entitled snotbag. How about keep your horribly behaved kids out of breweries and restaurants, then child free adults will stop going to Disney. Seriously your kids don’t belong in breweries or pubs. Keep them at home.

  29. I agree its entitlement. Disney did say young and old. Who was it said if you weren’t with children or on your honeymoon you shouldn’t be there, well bs. What if you want to celebrate something else and you want to At a Disney park like anniversary or a birthday or a promotion? What if you don’t have children but they want visit a Disney park are gonna tell ppl who can’t have children they can’t because this shelfness is all it is. They can afford the tickets they should be able to enjoy it just like anyone else would. Every one is entitled to have fun young or old with or without children.

  30. Karen A

    I have been going to wdw since 1973. First just my husband and I, then with my children and now my grandchildren. To be told I cant go is against EVERYTHING Walt built these parks for…THE YOUNG AND THE OLD. So grow up, face reality. And if you dont like it there with us old people.. DON’T GO!!

  31. Kerri

    I would argue that parents who drag their tired whiny kids who don’t want to be there are ruining Disney. I’ve always wanted to go, my parents could never afford it. If I want to go and am paying the money to go, screw you, I’m going!

  32. Paul W

    There’s a reason Disney parks are so consistently packed with people. I’m in my 50s, no kids and still go twice a year with friends, some of whom are over 60 and we enjoy the place just as much as the kids do.

  33. David A

    Epcot would be empty if it were NO ADULTS.
    In reality Disney should ban children under 5 years old. It is only for the parents pleasure that children under 5 enjoy the whole long day at a Disney Park. The parents are the ones who want to re-live there childhood through the children. I remember taking my Daughter when she was 3 to Disney World, all she wanted was to go to the pool at the Hotel, and watch the parade, the rest was too much.
    I also watch, children when I go to the parks, and they are either cranky or wound up. The TV spots showing these Happy children, do not exist.
    Disney was built for families of all kinds!
    And where do you think the $$$ come from? Young starting out families with Large payments for first time home owners. Child care costs, diaper costs and so on.
    The Disney adults are the ones who have experienced child rearing and ready to enjoy life just for themselves, and maybe grandchildren.
    The rides that are packed are typically the Height requirement and most of the time this is 7+ years old.
    My opinion is to limit the amount of baby carts, and children of the proper age should be walking through the park.
    Remember Walt built it for his children, not for babies.
    Adults designed the rides for all ages.

  34. Catherine

    This is so new America. People need to mind your own business and so being so self centered. It’s all about me, me, me now adays. I’m more and more embarrassed every day by the people who claim to be American. And this is coming from a military veteran of 20 plus years. I didn’t serve my country for all this hate for each other. I served to preserve our right to individual freedoms. I
    can only hope that we get smarter as a civilization and just accept people for who they are.

    1. Lisa

      thank you for your service!
      and your comment is correct

  35. Coach Tim

    I went as a kid with my parents, I took my children several times as children until they gravitated to older parks of Universal. Now I am 50 and my wife has never been to Disney. I haven’t been in 15 years. I want to take my wife. Standing in long lines is actually part of the experience. Good with bad. I agree that alot of complaining parties feel entitled imo. Parks should be for anyone who loves Disney. Plus going as adults you don’t have to chase kids around.

  36. Paula B

    My husband and I have been numerous times w and without our kids. We enjoy the magic of being a kid and keeping us young. Our kids are 18&20. We were just there in January. So what is the definition of bringing a kid? Isn’t that age discrimination?
    We brought our kids as young as 2, always had a snack on hand, watched them sleep in a stroller and taught them if they behaved all day they could have a treat at the end of the day.

    We stayed at value resorts

  37. Lynda Braddeley

    It’s everyone’s own choice whether or not to have kids. Proposing to ban childless adults from the parks is a form of coercive control- “You are not allowed here unless you have children.”

    My body, my life, my choice.

  38. Jack Middendorf

    Don’t forget, Disney has a vacation club that has membership for 50 years. What do you expect members to do once their kids leave the nest.

  39. Sherry

    I have never been, but I hope that if I can ever afford a trip to Disney, I can be there with people who love Disney, young or old.

  40. Kris

    I am 63 and my kids are grown but still my kids. So I guess if they go with me then it’s okay, huh?

  41. Veronica DePasquale

    Disney for everybody no one can say those of us who don’t have kids can’t go. Walt made it for everyone. Where do parents think they have the right to say that. I was 7 when my mom brought me to Disney. It was her favorite place beside home.

  42. Ashley

    I agree with a previous post that said some parents couldn’t afford Disney when we were kids. Now as adults my sister and I went with our mom last year for the first time. Waiting in line is just part of Disney. And what about people that can’t have kids? They’re not allowed to have fun and make memories? Come on people, if you can’t handle Disney with your kids then maybe wait until they’re a little older, take another adult with you or get a Disney cast member to walk with you and your family. Don’t try to ruin the magic for everyone else.

  43. Natasha

    It’s also a safe place for nerodivergent adults with autism or add/ADHD to enjoy their love of Disney.

  44. Kathy

    These people have lost their minds. Disney is for everyone not just permissive parents who usually allow their children to misbehave and cause problems for others.

  45. James

    Disneyland and Walt Disney World have always been, and will remain favorite locations for anyone and everyone whether it is a vacation, or a first time going. I’ve been to Disneyland several times, but that was years ago when admission was 55 dollars per adult, now it is almost 100 dollars per adult, who can afford those prices? Certainly not kids, Disneyland was built for kids and for the children inside all of us adults. Anyone who knows the history behind Disneyland knows it is a family place to be, it just so happens that many youngsters now don’t have kids yet, their family is close friends and close family members. The world keeps spinning with or without kids, so to those entitled with kids I say: wish in one hand, scoop up dirt with the other, see which one fills up faster

  46. Kathy Kelly

    So since I am childless as are most of my friends, you don’t think we have a right to be at Disney?? What about our rights when you push your strollers into our heels or our backs? Disney is for everyone of any age .

  47. KRob

    So I’m supposed to be penalized because I can’t have children? That’s like pouring salt into an open wound.

  48. George Reynolds III

    Just because you want to see Disneyland as your own personal utopia does NOT give you the right to have your own way!!!!! These other people have as much a right to visit a tourist attraction as you do, or anyone else!!!!!

    As long as they are not a sex offender, criminal or behaving in a way that does not create a disturbance, harass you or make you feel unwelcome, they can legally stay as long as they follow the rules of the park and do nothing illegal!!!

    It is ILLEGAL for any private business to discriminate against someone based on their initial perceptions of that person that are based on their instincts and anxiety!!!! If Disney wants to address this problem to allow certain areas available for families only, they need to change their policy for this…. otherwise, these people simply need to do more research to find the least busy times of the year to visit!

  49. Patricia

    I’m that these entitled people with kids want to ban adults who can’t have kids. The last thing I want is to have some business ban me for not having kids due to health reasons. Try being in my shoes for once

  50. Charla

    If you want to ban adult from disney then children should be ban from Las Vegas and Atlantic city those places are just for adults

  51. Andy

    If I am an adult, but when I set foot into a Disney park I feel like a kid again…does that allow me admission into the park? Lol…get real…Disney parks were build for EVERYONE to enjoy, not just those adults with kids.

  52. Deb

    Seriously guys those of you who don’t want adults without kids in the parks really need to realise it’s not all about your kids,mine are grown so now I like to enjoy it just for myself,we all have to wait in lines.

  53. Gerald Logue

    Hey Karen, Walt Disney built Disneyland for everyone, not just kids.

  54. If it was not for adults spending money and being a DVC member for years the price of everything would be double , but short lines . Your choice . I guess Epcot and Downtown Disney are for children?

  55. PapaRod

    I agree. The Disney Parks should only be for kids, or people who were kids at one time. Or people who act like kids. Or people that have adult kids but don’t want to bring them because they still expect you to pay for that one popcorn bucket.

  56. Jason

    If that’s the case have a day of the week that bands child so the adults can have fun.

  57. Donna

    “Where the young at heart of all ages can laugh and play and learn together” Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Magic Kingdom …

    Walt was for “children of all ages” a place for all. There are more adults now because these are the grown children that have been going since the parks opened. We bring our Children and Grandchildren but during the school year we go without them. We followed the rules and there was no fights or “line cutting” or trash thrown around like now. It’s different because society is different not because of older adults without children. We’re the ones behaving and having fun!

  58. Carol Rea

    I totally agree Disney should be for everyone not just kids. I don’t have kids but would love to go to Disney and should not be told I cant because I don’t. That is not fair. Walt Disney wanted the parks to be enjoyed by everyone.

  59. Christie

    People are hilarious. Get a better paying job or don’t go. Not sure how adults with no kids has anything to do with someone not being able to afford it. Get mad at Disney for the increase in rates. Cry me a river.

  60. Nelly

    I have kids, but sometimes as an adult you want to go out and let your inner kid out without having responsibility of other kids. Disney will also lose lots of money and it’s also bias on people whom are unable to conceive should they not be allowed to have a Disney experience?

  61. Kjay

    Then I purpose that kids under 22 are not allowed in first class or comfort plus on airplanes.

  62. ChasUGC

    Oh No, cancel culture is at it again. It never stops. I used to love going there with my girlfriend. It made us feel like little kids again. A small world was so sweet and romantic. Why do they want to ban couples in love from the most happiest place on earth, when people in love ARE the most happiest people? It is not just, or fair, or right.

  63. Adam

    I like the implication that somehow it would be cheaper if childless adults were banned. If anything, the prices would go up because far fewer people would be coming.
    These are people who don’t understand the parks, who don’t plan ahead, who don’t do research on how to best navigate the parks. Most of them come at a time of year when the parks are at their most crowded (you will never catch me in the park from March to May or in the summer)

    They’re just pissed because they expected an effortless idyllic family vacation, then realized they should have prepared better and are taking it out on everyone else.

    Childless by choice and a WDW lover for life.

  64. Frank

    Legoland has a policy of no childless adults except on select days, which is the reason why some of us haven’t Legoland yet.

  65. Amy

    Beyond personally offended by this comment and I have a child. However, because she will soon be 18yrs old and an adult, does this mean we no longer have the right to go to the parks because someone who feels he/she is more entitled than others dictates this? I agree with others who stated it’s those parents who let their kids run around, throw tantrums, endlessly scream, or cut in line that are to blame. Disney is for all ages and most people know it’s going to be busy, you will have to wait in line and need to pack you patience….if you’re unwilling to do so than YOU should stay home or find somewhere else to go.

  66. George

    These no just adult people need to get a life. So at 18 yrs
    old you just stop being allowed in unless you have kids. Sorry, WRONG. Look at the new rides Tron and Guardian, they are not for kids under a certain height and geared for adults. And let’s start talking about people with kids who have them as old as 9 or older still in a stroller so they can lug their entire house around with them.

  67. Jo

    I got a great idea. Just stop the season passes. That may help with overcrowding.

  68. Randi B

    My problem is with the strollers and scooters. They block everything for everyone.

  69. Terri

    I was 24 years old my first time at Disney World, and have been back 8 times since (3 total pre-kids), and as an adult experiencing it for the first time it was magical and special. I’ll be 50 later this year, and would love to go sometime again with just my husband, even though we have two kids (15 and 6 – and the 6 year old hasn’t gone yet). We’ve also experienced 3 Disney Cruises (most recently last month, my 6 year old’s first Disney experience), and both have offered plenty for kids and adults alike.

    We are also season pass holders of Six Flags, and the bigger pull is for adults based on several events our local park has to offer this year. Adults are the ones who are spending the money, with or without their kids in tow, and the theme park companies know this.

  70. Renee

    Sounds like a discrimination lawsuit for people who don’t or can’t have children not a smart move

  71. Rick

    Amen to that! When we would go, I’d stand in front of Walt & Mickey; and I felt like a kid again… Children need Disney. If you don’t like that, if you don’t want that … Find somewhere else to go. Nobody is MAKING you go to Disney…

  72. Ralph

    I’ve been going to WDW since before these new parents were born. I have taken my kids and grandkids. So now in my retirement I have earned the right to enjoy Disney on my terms. Some mom with snit nosed kids hasn’t earned the same right….at least not yet.

  73. Noreen T Walsh

    Walt is rolling over in his grave!
    “Why do we have to grow up? I know more adults who have the children’s approach to life. They’re people who don’t give a hang what the Joneses do. You see them at Disneyland every time you go there. They are not afraid to be delighted with simple pleasures, and they have a degree of contentment with what life has brought – sometimes it isn’t much, either.”
    ― Walt Disney

  74. Bella

    Well my husband and I started going years ago, without kids BUT we didn’t act entitled like some people do. We just enjoyed the parks. The ones that spoil the party are those entitled persons with or without kids that feel they can stare you down in a kid friendly restaurant in The Magic Kindgom because your little one is acting up a little at the table. Hey, they’re kids everyone so they may not have the best, refined table manners. Oh brother. We had this experience when we had our young child with us in Liberty Tavern. An old couple was staring us down. Perhaps Disney ought to kick out the entitled and those who feel they have to look down on everyone else. Perhaps Disney could put up a few partitions to give us some slight privacy in restaurants. Shaking my head. And Disney IS for everyone, that is, everyone that doesn’t act like a spoiled, entitled t*rd.

  75. Phoenix Jackola

    I have autism as an adult and didn’t grow able to do those because my parents were somewhat mean and so poor we ended up homeless even though I didn’t know it so if, and it’s a huge if, I can afford to go there with my husband believe me I’m going to. Grown ups already took Chuck E’ Cheese away from me and I never got to go there so leave Disney alone, please.

  76. Daniel

    I was 36 years old when I finally was able to go to Disney with my mom, my mom was 66, and it was her first and only time ..
    We were like kids again, my mom loved small world, and watching the parade and the fireworks for the first time was something unforgettable..
    It is sad how people lately wants to ban other people, books, etc..everything they don like. It is them and nobody else.

  77. Daniel

    So much hate…
    That’s the only problem.

  78. Marie A Murray

    My late husband and I spent many winters in F lorida and would meet our children and grandchildren at Disney. It was a great experience. I have saved up enough money to return by myself to “walk down memory lane”. I have no plan to do any rides. After reading some of these nasty comments, I think I’ll stay home, visit the cemetary and spend the money on something else. I don’t need exposure to these selfish, angry people

  79. The crowds are insane, but Disney will give you the opportunity to pay money to skip some of the lines. Universal has a similar program. I miss free fast passes when my kids were little. I still take my kids who are adults. A lot of good memories visiting Disney with my family members of all ages. People who hate adults in the parks have issues. Bitter. They are often arrested for fighting and drinking in front of their kids. Go when other people don’t go–cheaper, shorter lines

  80. Sue

    I am not sure who these folks are and how they think the park doors stay open. If it wasn’t for the “childless adults” their ticket prices would be a lot more expensive as would the hotels on property. I believe the major of annual passholders are adults with no kids and if I am not mistaken they tend to spend more money at Disney on each visit vs those that come on vacation. Thus once again keeping the prices low. I am truly getting very tired of others feeling that they are more entitled than another person. Walt Disney even said himself “young and old are welcome here”. If this attitude continues with folks they will always be unhappy with something or someone and it will never stop. I believe in Disney and just because people sign a “petition ” doesn’t mean a private company will change their policy of only allowing a certain people in and not others. If I have this correct that word would be DISCRIMINATION!

  81. Me

    Well I’d normally agree but Disney has recently proved itself NOT for kids with all the gay controversy stuff going on lately. Not something kids should be exposed to so maybe Disney is outright for adults only

  82. Rick

    Adults only are not a problem. This is about the dumbest thing I have heard. The people who believed this are more likely a problem.

  83. Mike

    First off, this better be a joke. They’re going to have to drag my dead, wretched body off of their property before something like this ever happens. Who the hell do they think pays the bills? If I wanna go to Disney alone, I’m going to go to Disney alone. And there’s not a damn thing any Karen can do about it. I’m sick to death of people, bitching and moaning about every little thing that bothers THEM. Well, here’s something that maybe bothers the hell out of us. Your kids can be loud, rude, obnoxious, and not listen to you half the time. You don’t think that ruins our time at the park? But do we complain about it to anybody? No. It’s because this park is for all ages, and we anticipate that when we arrive. Whomever thought this was a brilliant idea is not fit to make a bed.

  84. Elisabeth

    The real problem here is the entitled jerk who made that comment. And the Karen’s who agreed with her. Sounds like the same one who called WDW when they had to close due to covid and were demanding the secret Cinderella’s castle room as compensation for their canceled trip. Little side note on that it’s something they give away, you can’t request it. And 10s of thousands also got their trip canceled too. My annual trip with my nieces and nephews to WDW was canceled. There are a total of over 36K rooms at Disney world and let’s say they were all filled and stayed a week. It would take 98 years for them to give that room to people who had their canceled trip. Which is nuts.

    I get it Disney is expensive. If the main Karen that was complaining went to the value resorts which rate at $170 on average that’s not that bad. If you really want a Disney vacation it’s doable you just have to do your homework. I do it with 5 kids. I take offense to her comment because I and several friends have no children. Not by choice. I’ve had two children who passed away and giving that joy to my nieces and nephews makes me happy. I know my travel agent goes to Disney a lot they’ve tried everything including adoption. Disney is not going to ban adults without kids to the parks. That’s ludicrous.

    Look at Disney vacation club, they sell it for many years and those who purchase have access long after their kids are grown.

    Problem is the number of tickets/passes that are sold along with that hefty 36k hotel rooms at the park not even counting the ones who go in from other hotels and resorts. Then you have the florida pass holder, people who have those passes could be there everyday if they wanted. There’s where your crowd issue lies. They need to bring back the old ways of doing things to make trips more magical like they used to be.

    I agree they have a crowd problem but banning people who’ve done nothing wrong is just demented.

  85. Christine Patton

    It’s not adults without kids ruining the Disney magic. It’s anyone who is rude and feels entitled, and it’s parents who don’t control their kids, who allow their kids be rude and out of control ruining the magic.

  86. If you ban childless adults from Disney parks you should ban them from all parks. I don’t care to bring my grandchildren to water parks because of the inappropriate bathing suits they allow.

  87. Melissa Turner

    What WDW needs is LESS crying children and more adults who actually want to be there.

  88. Sonny

    As a parent who went as a child with my parents and then took my children i go back for the fond memories of years gone by knowing i will not be able to go with my parents and my children have chidren and grand children AND YET ENTITLED PEOPLE WOULD ROB ME OF MY WONDERFUL MEMORIES.. and by the way the obe person stated the children rides were open they complained they could not ride the adult rides which brings us to the question isnt that an oxymoron question

  89. Linda Ruffini

    I am IN MY 70′. M y SON And his wife are in their mid 30’s None of us has EVER BEEN INVOLVED IN THE POOR BEHAVIORS exhibited by some so-called adults or children. We abide by all the rule. We do not go to visit characters or do character dining. We generally spend our time at Epcot during the festivals and we do visit the other three parks. Why should we not visit the parks? I have taken my grandchildren when they lived in Florida. Their parents might have been working or doing other things We have never had a problem with it. I even took my parents before they died. Why should my family stop going just because we are not with children under 18?

  90. Angela

    Thank you for feeling so entitled to that Disney was made just for families with kids. Guess what?! I medically can’t have my own children. But thanks for the reminder that I don’t have any, and I don’t deserve any enjoyment in my life bc I don’t and can’t have children since I’m reminded all the time when I’m left out of things with friends! I can’t be a kid at heart. Love life a little. Forget about everything and stress. Appreciate you for being so entitled. I work hard everyday to make sure society is safe, so excuse me if I don’t deserve some magic in my life.

  91. Mack Bolan

    Are you kidding me. Do you know how much revenue Disney would lose? Theme parks are for everybody, including Disney.

  92. Sue S

    This whole idea is comical. I’m now a senior citizen widow, no children, and have been going to Disney Parks for more than 50 years. I didn’t read all of the comments, but did anyone mention the amount of money Disney would loose if they discontinued selling booze?????? 🙂

  93. John

    Only those who go to Disney to cause trouble (brawls) should be ban for life… We never did and certainly don’t need any more problems and/or violence in life. Keep those out of people’s (and specially children’s) life. Allow the place to remain a healthy environment for all

  94. Tkckt

    This attitude goes directly against why Walt created the parks in the first place. They are for EVERYONE.

  95. Kathy

    So when “these” people’s children turn “21” they will no longer go to Disney.
    Because as to their way of thinking “they will ruin it for people with children”!!!

  96. Joe B

    I would propose banning strollers… kinds too young to walk are not going to remember the park anyway.

  97. Ed

    With out the adult only money going into the parks, prices on everything would at least double. So she won’t have to worry about long lines, since she wouldn’t be able afford to go. Be very careful what you wish for.

  98. Kathy

    I wonder… we have a son who has two sons. Does that mean we can go any time because we have a “kid”? Or are we excluded because our kid is an adult?

  99. Doris

    You spoiled young adults with dozens of unruly loud kids in double wide strollers as big as a van and picked to the hilt are the ones to need to be banned to fantasy land only! You let the kids rund wild even in the restaurants and what a mess in the bathroom to include HANDICAP! STROLLERS BLOCK ALL SHOPPING areas pathways and rest areas everywhere. Then their is the nursing in the wide open cover up! Adults grew up in the parks and raised kids but it was a more disciplined comfortable and disciplined enjoyment. If you don’t like the adults THEN GO ELSEWHERE!!!! OR STAY AWAY you will not be missed

  100. Ali

    I asked many times growing up to go but my parents were not Disney fans except to watch WWOD on tv. I was VERY happy when I got old enough to pay for myself and finally go! To quote Walt, ‘Imagination has no age and dreams are forever’ How are childless people ruining things?!?! If we had kids the lines would be longer because of more people in the party! I will keep going until Disney shuts it’s doors. If I save, I will go!! If parents can bring kids at an age where they won’t remember the trip. I’m going there for fun and have lots of it!!

  101. PHIL

    How do you feel about allowing adults who are kids at heart?

  102. Vk69

    I’m 53 and didn’t go to DW for the first time until maybe 18 years ago. My father passed away when I was 7. My mom took us to Fla to visit my grandparents. Never any plans to go to anything Disney. In 2005, my fiancée and I decided to go to Fla for the first time together. I finally had a chance to go to Disney for the first time. Know what it was like to see kids with fathers? Since that day, we started a plan to go back at least once a year. It was something to look forwards to. Got married in 2007 and went back to Disney. Kids were born in 2009. That trip was held off for a couple of years. Come 2012, my wife, and kids, went down to Fla for Disney. I was able to do what I couldn’t do as a child. Spend a day at WDW with my kids. I’m sure plenty of these adults that the enitiled feel should be banned, might go because of other reasons, that they never had to experience.

  103. It’s simple, if Disney banned childless adults the parks would go out of business.
    It’s a ridiculous suggestion on multiple levels.

  104. Deb

    Some of the comments are ridiculous and so full of hate, people need to just chill enjoy your time in the park ,not everything is a race ,I let people go in ahead of me if I see the kids struggling,I don’t rude the baby rides as they are really for babies not adults, just my humble opinion,just be happy and enjoy this one life

  105. April

    This is extremely hurtful for people who have always wanted kids, but weren’t able to. Walt Disney’s original purpose was to make his parks available for everyone, and that should continue (although it’s now available for everyone who can afford it). Sounds like a bunch of whining to me.

  106. P.C.Knott

    The Karen that made the original post needs to get laid, but good! And not on a Disney attraction as some people have allegedly been doing.
    What about the young couple on their honeymoon? What about the adult who simply can’t have kids, for whatever reason? They should be banned just because?
    Karen can suck an egg for her entitled and selfish opinion. Disney is for everyone!

  107. Adina Long

    I started going in 1976. Don’t really remember a whole lot as a kid. Teenage years were fun. When I got married and had kids, they came too. I learned ahead of time how to make the system work for us. It was fun. NOW that my kids are grown, we absolutely LOVE going on our own. No pressure, no screaming kids, no temper tantrums, no schedule, no nothing. There are some trips that we don’t go into a park because there’s TONS of other things to do on property. Sometimes we don’t ride any of the rides if we do go in BUT if I have the money AND I want to pay …I’m always going to go and do as I please. I know too many cast members and my old adult ass is much nicer to deal with than some entitled parent who thinks the world should revolve around them.

  108. Deagan

    You just said that the kiddy rides were almost empty.
    Why were they empty if you only went there for your kids?
    They should have been full of kids!

  109. Daniel C.

    Personally I think anyone who claims they were modestly priced in the 90’s is clearly out of touch with reality. I have never made enough to afford Disney. Even when I was working 16 hour days seven days a week. It is my dream to be able to go there.

  110. Butt

    Just close the place. End of problems.

  111. Gabi

    Totally disagree on this one. For starters, most 18 year olds don’t have children. Second, 18 year Olds aren’t as mature as they were 30 years ago, and besides, most of them would probably want to go with their parents anyway. Then, you have disabled dependant adults who can’t go on their own. And then you need to show proof of parentship/guardianship?? That seems a bit invasive to ask for. Idk if this is reallu going to happen or not, but I hope it doesn’t. Maybe have a separate line for families with children from the adults without children line.

  112. There money is as good as anyone elses.. the people with kids clog up the lines for characters with autograph books

  113. DMV

    It wouldn’t surprise me if Disney abandoned the Orlando parks and moved to an off shore Caribbean island. Most people only go to Florida to visit Disney and the beaches, a private island would have both. The tax savings alone would be incredible plus no interference from local government (which is what Reedy Creek was all about). They could bring in all the foreign workers they want on a lower pay scale and not worry about immigration status. They would build their own cruise ship destination and international airport that Walt had planned Orlando. And let’s face it, the Orlando parks are 50 years old along with the Orlando area fast becoming a city of abandoned hotels, souvenir shops and a traffic nightmare on a good day. Most corporations have no trouble walking away from investments that old and by building new parks they could incorporate new fresh start ideas that would bring in repeat as well as future generations of people.. DeSantis has just “woke” up the sleeping giant and given them a good reason to leave the state.

  114. Andrea Blau

    This is discriminatory no matter how you slice it. It is also elitist and shows the entitlement of some of the guests at these Disney resorts. My parents couldn’t afford to take me and my brother to Walt Disney World when we were kids and I was hoping to MAYBE go one day as an adult. My parents, before I was born or even thought of, met up in Orlando while my father was in Florida on business and they were just a married couple making the most of their time together before they even HAD kids. Some people don’t even WANT children. My thought is, spend your money elsewhere, go to Universal Studios.

  115. KDC

    I never could afford to go to Disney growing up and finally went after I was married, and the Magic was for real… If people are not allowed in the parks just for being childless, even if they wanted to finally go to Disney but can’t because parents with children don’t want those people to be there, well that is hateful… What about childless adults who have challenges, or infertile but want to go to Disney? Selfish much?

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