Mother “Fuming Mad” Her Child Had to Wait Behind Adult Guests to Meet Disney Princess

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The existence of “Disney Adults” is a hot-button topic online. Some simply live and let live, while others shame grown-ups for visiting Disney Parks, watching Disney films, and purchasing Disney merchandise. One woman received endless harassment for posting a video of herself crying while hugging Pluto for the first time since her father died. A couple stirred social media conversation for weeks after a botched proposal at Disneyland Paris.

Anonymous TikToker @annoyedlemon recently shared her experience waiting in line behind so-called Disney Adults at Walt Disney World Resort, arguing that childless Guests ruined the Disney Parks:


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While waiting in line with her daughter to meet Disney Princesses like Ariel and Jasmine at Magic Kingdom, the mother noticed that most of her fellow Guests were adults.

“If you are one of those f**king people standing in that line to get your picture taken with another adult who’s wearing a f**king costume, and you’re taking up that space that other people who have young children or have people with them that believe these characters are actually real… you’re wasting my motherf**king time,” she said. “You’re a full-grown adult knowing that you’re basically taking pictures with a mall Santa Claus.”
She cursed the “Disney Adults” who made her wait longer: “Get a life and go find something else to do with your time and your f**king money.”
Ariel ready to meet Guests at Ariel's Grotto in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom
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“I’m standing in that line with my husband fuming mad that I got full-grown *ss adults in front of me trying to get their picture taken with Ariel,” she concluded. “What in the actual f**k? I don’t understand it, and there ain’t nothing anybody could say to make me understand it.”

Nevertheless, commenters tried to explain their reasoning for meeting Disney characters as adults.

“They paid to be there too, they can take up as much space in those lines as they like,” said @dina_writes. “If it brings them joy & hurts no one why should they stop?”

Cinderella puts crown on young Guest at breakfast
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“Some adults never had a childhood,” @my_diylife wrote. “Maybe they just want to experience something they never had as a child.”

Still, the TikToker and other commenters defended their stances against “Disney Adults.”

“Disney adults have ruined Disney World and made it inaccessible to so many families,” the creator responded. “Pushing 💲 up and feeding the insanity. I said it.”

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