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If you’ve been keeping up with the goings on with Walt Disney World in Florida, you’ll have heard about Disney bringing back some popular features to the overall Park experience. Perks like the Disney Dining Plan returning have been announced starting in January of 2024, as well as a recently announced the 4-Day, 4-Park Magic Ticket, offering the full Disney Park experience for $99, However, all that glitters is not gold.

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The Disney History Institute podcast is an excellent way for Disney fans everywhere to stay informed about the Disney Parks, movies, and other projects, but their June update should nab the attention of anyone going to the Parks anytime soon. There’s definitely more behind these new deals than fans might suspect.

Disney World is Imprinting on Your Kids

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The DHI goes into finer detail on the matter, but the reason Disney is implementing this deal is that it has much more of a long-term solution than meets the eye. Disney isn’t just trying to get their Guest numbers back up to pre-covid statistics, but ensuring the return visitors in the future.

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According to the host, Todd James Pierce, Disney is aware that it has been pricing middle-class families out of the Disney World market. That not only means that fewer families are able to visit the Parks, but that Disney’s fanbase is slowly shrinking as fewer younger families make the trip.

In the update, Pierce states,

“If families don’t make that initial trip when their kids are young, they may be less likely to jump in later when their kids, slightly older, might be more interested in Parks with slightly more thrill attractions.”

At first, this might seem like a logical conclusion to some of Disney’s recent price increases. However, this also comes across as an ill omen for the future of the Disney Parks. Pierce also mentions that Park attendance is predicted to go down at least 20%, meaning Disney could be facing a tremendous loss.

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Moreover, this could also be evidence that Disney might be losing their most valuable customer, the Disney Adults. Family trips to the Disney Parks are the company’s way of imprinting the experience on younger visitors, and therefore the catalyst for their very vocal adult fanbase.

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While this could very well boost the company’s numbers, it also sounds like a Hail-Mary on Disney’s part. There are undoubtedly going to be a lot of families taking advantage of that $99 deal, but it’s generally unknown how much of a truly long-term effect it will have on future Guests. All we can do is wait.

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