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  1. Carol

    I think Disney is feeling the effects of the Don’t say Gay law. They had no business getting into that situation.

    1. Gary

      Exactly! To clarify, it’s the Parental Rights in Education Act, which means that teachers must get PARENTAL CONSENT to discuss gender identity to students grades K-3. If Disney doesn’t like the law, then that’s too damn bad! Some – not all – members of the lgbtq community want their rights while attempting to minimize and dismiss the rights of others. What one does in one’s “bedroom” should be a private thing – nobody wants to see it.

      1. Victoria

        I love this. No one bothers to explain the truth of the actual bill. I am a single mom of 2 (3 people, 1 income) was a pass holder, and Disney adult. My kids and I went regularly. My oldest daughter has come out recently and even she says Disney is shoving the lifestyle down young children’s throats and confusing them, all to gain a dollar. It’s not because they support the community, it’s because they want to make money off them. It’s sad. We miss the old Disney where yes, they were still money makers obviously, but it wasn’t where they were exploiting people or excluding others, like middle class families, to do so. We’re SeaWorld people now.

        1. R J Pierce

          Soooo…now, because they INCLUDE all humans, you and you kids feel THREATENED??? How do you think “others,” who were born the way they are, through no fault, brcause GOD made them,, have felt all. their.lives?

        2. John Smith

          Nobody is shoving anything down your throat, Karen. And nobody cares about your illiterate kids. Disney simply welcomes everybody. It’s called inclusion. Look it up.

        3. God bless your daughter and thank her for her great insight

        4. Polly

          So are we!

      2. John Smith

        Poor Gary, so sad and scared of the LGBTQ community. If you don’t like it, too damn bad. It’s 2023. Not 1950.

        1. 1% of the population, you shut up.

        2. Joe

          #wedontcare we are just are tired of having your stuff shoved down our throats (no pun intended). You live your best life and so will we. Have a great day

      3. KC

        Except, every time a teacher talks about a husband or wife, or they teach about a historical figure’s spouse, they are teaching gender identity, bringing bedroom activities into the classroom and indoctrinating kids into heterosexuality

    2. Ed

      Yes they did, a lot of gay people work for Disney and they had a right to voice there concerns

      1. R J Pierce

        Thank you.

    3. Jon Smith

      Visit Florida is back. Everyone is running deals. Look it up… WOKE is good. Woke is good. Woke is good. Being a wokest is good. Being a wokest is good. Being a wokest is good. Hate is bad. Hate is bad. Hate is bad. Hate is bad. WOKE IS GOOD..

      1. You must be mentally disturbed!

    4. Jon Smith

      Hey kiddies Rhonda Santis is gay and it is not happy about it..


      you go girl.at least someone tells the truth

    6. John Smith

      I don’t think they are feeling the affects of any such nonsense. Magic Kingdom is the most attended theme park in the world. It’s 2023, The LGBTQ community isn’t going away because of some tyrannical 1950s era mentality.

    7. Bill Jones

      Although “don’t say gay” was criminally inaccurate statement, made up by media 🥵, it greatly affected WDW.. I don’t want my children going into a bathroom and not knowing what they will see.. Costs were changed to appease stockholders, and screw the guests.. Poor choices by man.. Covid and economy to a lesser extent.

      1. gay is good is god

        nobody cares about your children when they’re using the restroom. stop making up scenarios that will never exist.

    8. Brenda Mares

      Bring back all the previous passes for us Florida residents. The passes that are offered have the black out dates. I used to have a platinum pass but I can get that pass anymore

      1. The other passes can be bought after you use the pixie pass for a year.

    9. Bill


  2. Karla Maslowski

    We won’t be going back again. The smoking area may bit seem like a big deal to some but those who do, it is a huge deal. Send us to the damn parking lot to smoke. Disney don’t need money to bad.

    1. Bery

      You don’t like to smoke in a designated area, the. Don’t go. We don’t want our kids and ourselves having to breath the smoke you throw out of your lungs in peoples faces with no consideration. Second hand smoke is a thing. Stay away!

      1. R J Pierce


    2. Bery

      You don’t like to smoke in a designated area, the. Don’t go. We don’t want our kids and ourselves having to breath the smoke you throw out of your lungs in peoples faces with no consideration. Second hand smoke is a thing. Stay away!

  3. Jackie

    I’ve lived in FL for over 13 yrs and just was able to go to Disney within the past yr bc as a single disabled parent now that my kids r grown up, my oldest actually treated me and took me a few times. I loved my experiences BUT it is VERY pricey. The food, hotel (we had annual passes), forget souvenirs or extras bc it’s not in the budget. I know Walt wanted his parks accessible for families but maybe it’s only accessible for non-disabled wealthy married couples/families.

    1. Sher

      I have a special needs adult daughter. So I totally get the lifestyle of handicapped people. I think you are sounding very much like “poor me”. It has nothing to do with being disabled . A lot of people can’t afford Disney

  4. PHIL

    Bob Cheapskate really did a number on Disney in the name of greed. I visited WDW many many times since it opened in 1976. I always felt I was getting a dollar’s value for a dollar spent. I haven’t been back since before COVID, and I won’t be going back unless and until I believe they have restored the magic. As far as the “Don’t say gay” law goes, Disney had a constitutional right to take a position against that bill as much as people supporting it had the right to speak in its favor. I do agree completely with the commentator who wrote that “what one does in the bedroom should be a private thing”. That rule applies both to excessive private homosexual and heterosexual behavior in public. Teaching your kids to be tolerant of other people should be a goal of all parents. Sadly, it isn’t. For those who believe in intolerance, Disney is the perfect target.

    1. R J Pierce

      I unserstand. However, it’s always been pricey.
      The Jazz Fest, in New Orleans, used to be $15, for one day, pluse food costs. Now, his past year, it was $100., plus food costs. Both have been creepy up, over the decades.

    2. R J Pierce

      Thank you. Voice of reason.

    3. Wiggz

      It was Iger who wrecked things and if Disney has a right to shove political and social ideologies down peoples throats then people have a right to abandon them – as they are clearly doing – at the parks AND at the box office.

      1. Bill Jones


  5. Bill

    Between exorbitant prices and catering to a rabidly vocal minority who demand celebration and validation over mere tolerance, it is no surprise that traditional families (the overwhelming majority in not only this country but the whole planet) are deciding to spend their money elsewhere. I am a lifelong Disney fan who took my children to WDW when they were little, but we have no real desire to go back now, even with free tickets remaining that never expire.

    1. Cherie


    2. John Smith

      You are a tragically sad human, Bill. Magic Kingdom has been and still is the most attended theme park in the world. Disney, FYI, supports inclusion. Look it up. It’s 2023.

      1. Bill Jones

        John, I get it!. Ok? But keep your philosophy shared by less. 1% away from my family.. Will WDW survive at -1% visitors? I hope they attract ALL people.. But when you push your beliefs on my children: go woke=go to h*l@. would you take your kids to a zoo that shows the staff shooting the animals?

    3. Bill Jones

      Amen. I and most parents are in 100% agreement with your statement.. Don’t ask me to spend $6,000 to visit your gay money pit and be indoctrinated to a trans mouse. -1% of all beings are trans.

  6. Matt Rizzo

    Disney had no business getting actively involved in such controversial issues like teaching kindergarten-aged kids about sex.

    This should be a lesson to all companies out there. Take care of your business and your bottom-line. Leave your personal political and social views out of the boardroom.

    1. R J Pierce

      Wrong. They have a CONSTITUTIONAL right, unless people like you take that, among other rights away.

    2. John Smith

      Disney has every business getting involved. First they have a Constitutional Right to free speech whether you or DeSantis like it or not. Secondly, they employ a significant number of cast members from the LGBTQ community. They are far more of a priority than your phobias.

      1. Paul

        Which ones? Heterophobia, the one that started it all? “We’re afraid that children will learn real family values, we got to stop them!” That type of mentality?

    3. AJ

      LMAO NO ONE was ever teaching KG anything of the sort. I’m a 4th generation FL native with school age children as well. I grew up here and did generations of my family before me and my kids are and have been in school, in FL, this has NEVER been a thing. Only completely ignorant people ever actually believed it was. You poor thing. LMAO!! I have to sit back and laugh at your and your ilk. It’s just so sad that people like yourself believe the tripe out of the fascist governors mouth. Don’t worry, soon he’ll come for your rights as well and you’ll cry while those of us paying attention kick back and laugh at you. Smh. Imagine being angry about free speech and people literally EXISTING. ONLY on the alt right. 💀💀💀

    4. Bill Jones

      IMHO, if Target wants to sell pride bathing suits, then have an area that you enter with a parent, via closed door and parents can choose to enter.. If WDW wishes to show mouse in drag, pride colors or gay, have a separate entrance and parents can choose. A trans Goofy? A Snoopy in pride colors? Minnie in a tank top? Pirate in a bra? Not for my children 😱👹

  7. J

    Disney has been pricing regular houshold families out for yrs, $6 sodas, $18 for a burger, $12 for a hotdog. And yes there is the posting of rainbows everywhere. Im Latin, my kids kept asking what was all the rainbows for. We havent even discussed birds and bees yet & now I had to explain bees & bees. I dont go there to get ripped off and have to be forced to explain a whole platform agenda to a child. Much less the scam of doing away with “free” Fast passes to get on rides with less wait. Now they have “lightning Lanes” but u got to pay for each ride. Its EXTORTION. Give me a decent price (with their occasional promotions) to get my family of 4 in and then rip me off per ride and for eating and drinking. Does Disney who OWNS ESPN, ABC NETWORK and multiple other media sources need to rip us off that badly????

  8. Randy Crump

    We went to Disney because we could have a great time together and felt we got what we paid for. It was expensive but no more than a week at the beach. An important aspect was it was simple, clean, and NOT political. Now the “woke” indoctrination agenda is in everything Disney does. We are no longer the target market. We do not want this in your face dogma when we are paying top dollar to come. I hate we can’t go back unless this changes.

    1. R J Pierce

      Sooo…you don’t understand that your “woke” means to WAKE UP, or ENLIGHTENED. Got it. Sooo…are you gonna stay ignorant?

  9. I had been going to Disney since it was a single
    Theme park. Purchased DV in 1998, annual pass holders more years than not but Disney it’s appeal to my group. They constantly took away onsite guest perks, insane price increases, years with nothing of value added, quality of the product consistently decreasing. Sold DVC last month. We are done!

    1. First off Disney was not “teaching kindergarten kids about sex” and neither were the school systems in Florida. Desantis was serving red meat to his followers who have a problem with inclusion of anyone who isn’t just like them. Prove me wrong with facts. Disney was supporting diversity of guests and cast members who have a right to their own opinions and lifestyles just as we all do as long as we don’t infringe on others rights.We all deserve Love and respect wherever we choose to find it.

  10. Walt Disney is rolling over in his grave at what his company has become, along side Sam Walton.

  11. Elizabeth

    Just left Disney and other than Animal Kingdom the park is lacking in innovation and growth. Very disappointed that as much a everything costs they have not made improvements to most rides in 30 years!!! It is nice to have a good new roller coaster every now and then but there has to be more than that!!! Do better Disney!!!

  12. Jason T

    Can’t take my kids while disney panders to the perverse. Not kid friendly.

    1. Ryuko

      Fox with comrades is lying to you. No one is grooming kids but your preachers.

  13. Dee

    Disney has out priced themselves. We used to go twice a year. We can’t afford now to take our family of 4, even with a military discount back again. Goodbye Disney! The magic is gone!

    1. Ryuko

      Take your own parties advice and get a better job, this isn’t a socialist country. Pants up and boots on.

  14. Peggy

    We are here at the fort wilderness and the campground is packed. Fantasmic was completely full end to end last night. MK fireworks was packed little park reservations for ap was available Even in the heat. Doesn’t seem like they are hurting and kids are not out of school in many states yet

  15. Phyllis Miceli

    I teally wanted to takr my grandson but the “buy tickets first” and “then find a date to make park a reservation” is for the birds!!! We wanted Magic Kingdom, but it wasn’t available and we could go after 2 pm, but my son said “ No way!”. We never tried again. After all, they have to take time off of work and airfare, to be told NO!!!

    1. Ryuko

      Your competing with people from all over the world that plan months and years ahead of time. Don’t blame others for your lack of planning

  16. William

    Disney is not desperate. As much as Desantis wishes Disney is still a highly desired vacation spot which is why they have pricing power and continue to raise prices. They will be around LONG after Desantis is a bad memory.

  17. Janice Mckinney

    If Disney would get back to kids then politics, and lower cost year round. Maybe us Blue Collars would visit. I am a Floridian, our tickets should be at a lower rate. Our taxes go back into Florida.

    1. Ryuko

      Take your own parties advice and stop seeking special treatment this isn’t a socialist country. Get a better job and get to work.

      1. Dragging Canoe

        Never mind a quick check shows the always changing Disney prices currently 30% off for FLA residents (must show proof). Not year round but airlines or hotels also change rates based on season. Does this woman demand to pay less there too?

  18. Margaret

    Come on!!! Rainbows have been everywhere for YEARS. Children notice them.nevause they are bright and happy. If they started asking questions, you must have given a clue👍 WAY more to attract children’s attention at Disney.

  19. PMon

    The sad truth is that Disney has raised their prices so high I don’t mind looking elsewhere for family entertainment. Also, I am and understand being tolerant of people with other beliefs and lifestyles, I wish Disney did for traditional family values as well .

    1. Ryuko

      They do and no one stops you or makes a comment on how you hold had or give any affection to your partner, but people like you definitely go out of your way to complain about others.

  20. May serrano

    My first time visiting Disney was so disappointing. Everything was about making money and It was so overcrowded with unbelievable wait time. I don’t think Walt ever intended Disney World to be just for the rich and wealthy. It has lost sight of family and once upon a time its magic. Now it’s just another woke business to extort and push an agenda down our throats.

    1. Ryuko

      You can’t even define woke, you just another bigot spreading hate

  21. Ryuko

    Desantis and his followers are Christian nationalists that choose to ignore the truth of the founding fathers wanted separation from church and state and those christo fascist seek to ruin America. They did it all across Europe and they’ve been grooming kids to to continue the hate cult.

  22. 1% of the population, you shut up.

  23. Wiggz

    If they’re desperate for families then they should stop actively trying to destroy them.

  24. Darrell

    It’s because they chose to cater to a group who wasn’t their fanbase. They deserve the financial loss they’ve had and will continue to have. If they hadn’t lied about the Parental rights act and decided to shove perversion fown peoples throats they wouldn’t be taking the financial hit they have. They asked for it and they got it.

  25. We stop doing Disney, they have the right to support any thing they want we have the right to stop spending money with them.

  26. Mike

    Unfortunately,,,, their comittment to their political support agenda, has completely alienated me an family forever. Nothing different than budweiser brand messaging. I wont consume any budweiser products an even worse, never associate/participate in anything Disney produces. Not even their movies. Goodbye, good ridance.

  27. I have attended many Disney parks in tha past three years and it sure didn’t look like they were hurting. It was wall to wall atmagic kingdom 2weeks ago. Due to long wait times we were only able to visit 6 or so attractions in the 10 hours we were there. Plan to go back in July to epcot hope we can find a deal somewhere cuz 175 $ fr the day is a bit to chew off for a long day of waiting

  28. Polly

    We are not a poor household but Disney has finally gotten so expensive we have had to stop our family trips. It’s also not a fun family day when you wait in line for 75 minutes or more with small children for a 6 minute ride. The kids get cranky and tired. The parents get stressed. It’s not very happy or magical then. I think Disney and greed go hand in hand. They are charging too much for most people to afford and they let so many people in that the lines are waaaay to long. And then they try other things that are so complicated you have to have a navigating Theme parks degree.
    Just wonder how much the Disney family and shareholders make on a daily basis. Bet that magic makes them happy.
    I believe they have lost sight of Walt’s original dream.

  29. Great grandmother

    GGMA we have been going to Disneyland sine I was 10. My children went. My grand children went and now my great grandchildren have gone. My grand kids have gone on GAY day. Not knowing what it was. My grandson was uncomfortable. He wore a red shirt. So I bought him a blue shirt. My 2 granddaughters had more fun that day. My girlsasked to go to the Hotel for a GAY party. Loved it. My youngest granddaughter danced and won add a dance contest and the prize was advance with a Trans Queen. Both girls were 12. They are straight. The Gay group were nice and kept them safe. My grand kids have several gay friends it is not a big deal friends. My great grand daughter has the Bobby bobbity Bo experience at 3. We hope to get here baby sister Princesses too . my issue is not gay. Rainbows are beautiful butsadly Disney are greedy. We will still go buy instead of once a month it will be once a year. They will be. Told about birds and bees and bees by her parents. And will be whatever make their life happy

  30. Judy

    Disney has gotten way off course..Walt is probably turning over in his grave ..with how it’s run now days…I taken my kids once and that’s enough for the way it is now days…I’d rather go to the other parks there.

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