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Figment in a Christmas Sweater

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If you’ve been to EPCOT at Walt Disney World any time in the past two years, chances are you’re already familiar with the Park’s beloved purple dragon. The undisputed and technically unofficial mascot for EPCOT, Figment has been a classic Park character for decades. However, it looks like the little guy is getting ready to visit another side of Disney.

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Since the original Journey Into Imagination opened in 1983, Figment has spread his special brand of whimsy throughout EPCOT’s Imagination Institute. Now it seems like Disney can’t contain him as he has spread from the ride throughout the Park and beyond, but Disney’s not done with him yet. Figment is leaving his ride this April and making a bold new debut outside of EPCOT.

Figment Leaves EPCOT for Speedstorm!

While he might still be EPCOT’s golden boy, Figment’s got way bigger plans than the Disney Parks alone. The character has definitely been given a new life and fanbase all his own, but that’s not all Disney has in store for their beloved dragon, as the Parks have just announced a major first for the theme park icon.

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The announcement was just made yesterday, and this is definitely a big step forward for the character. While he has an absolutely massive fan-following, Figment hasn’t exactly had much of a life outside of the Disney Parks.

Herc and Megara racing in Speedstorm
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Although both Figment and the Dreamfinder got a new lease on life in the Disney’s Kingdoms comic book series, this is the first time the character has been featured as a full-fledged video game character. While that might seem like a minor achievement on paper, imagine what this could mean for both Figment and the Parks.

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Figment might be one of many famous Disney Characters available in the upcoming racing game, but this might actually be a huge step in the right direction for the character. Although he’ll always be known for his time behind EPCOT’s boarders, this addition will definitely spark more interest in his adventures. Now if only Disney would repair his animatronic in the ride…

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