Delayed Disney Title Escapes Development Hell

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Vanellope von Schweetz from Wreck-It Ralph looking cheeky in racecar

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Disney has brought fans a lot of joy through its animated masterpieces, its beloved Parks and resorts, and its commitment to making magic for all ages. That said, not every Disney project makes it off the cutting room floor. However, this Disney title has finally pulled itself free after years of pushback.

Mouse Greets Guests at Disney's Hollywood Studios
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To say that everyone has a favorite Disney character wouldn’t be that much of an understatement. From Mickey Mouse to Elsa, fans have adored the studio’s animated cast for nearly a century. In our modern age of streaming services, tablets, consoles, and VR, the characters aren’t strictly bound to our screens anymore.

Shut Up and Drive

Kingdom Hearts 3
Credit: Disney

Disney and video games have had a touchy relationship for some time. While Disney Interactive has produced some of the most incredible video games on the market, such as the original Ducktales games on the NES or the iconic Kingdom Hearts series, many of their modern titles are semi-passible movie tie-in cash grabs. However, Disney had plans to make an impressive competitor to Nintendo’s Mario Kart, but it lay dormant for years.

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Originally announced between 2021 and 2022, Disney Speedstorm is a high-octane racing title starring the studio’s classic characters like Mickey, Donald, Sully, and Belle to name a few. While the footage and images presented look absolutely stunning, the game didn’t get a release date until today.

Disney Speedstorm’s Big Reveal

Herc and Megara racing in Speedstorm
Credit: IGN

Fan’s of other character-focused titles from Disney, such as the award-nominated Dreamlight Valley, will be absolutely thrilled to know that they won’t have to wait much longer to see their favorite heroes, princesses, and villains behind the wheel of their own racing vehicles. Similar to Wreck-It Ralph’s Sugar Rush, the game will feature zany characters, cars, and tracks inspired by Disney’s best animated features, with several twists, turns, and power-ups along the way.

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Disney recently revealed the “Early Access” date will be April 23, 2023, pushing the original release date back a full year from what was originally announced. Now, Disney is promoting “Founder’s Packs” to encourage potential racers to preorder the game. While the reviews won’t be released for another month, Disney is truly flooring the gas on its preview materials.

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