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Figment in a Christmas Sweater

Credit: Celebration Press


  1. Looks like mario kart to me

    1. Audra

      I thought the exact same

  2. Elmo

    I need my Figment in EPCOT!!

    1. Chris B

      Calm down. He’s not leaving the park hes just appearing in a video game lol.

      1. Dolce vita

        Lol! Seriously! I often wonder if people reads the articles thuroughly before commenting! But clearly not!

  3. Pocho Villa

    If the game is a success, they could turn DinoLand into Figment’s Beastly Kingdom, which they proposed to be a land long ago. They could make one of the rides be a racing attraction like Mario Cart but better.

  4. AG

    I love Figment and the original attraction.

  5. Sherry

    Don’t take FIGMENT away, he’s needed in the park

    1. Dolce vita

      Again, why doesn’t anybody on the thread? Read the article all the way through? No one said he’s physically leaving the park. It’s just a video game disappearing in it that’s it you’re boring. Figment ride is still going to be there calm down.

      1. Angel

        People respond to the story TITLE, not the actual story. This site is great for that, but absolutely read the story, especially before commenting!

  6. Figment is a Walt Disney original attraction. I preferred the original but accepted the new version we have now. Not all attractions need to be fast and furious. Hope it is long before Tony Baxter and Steve Kirk’s vision lives on. There was a change after the original that added a salute to the original. Mr. Disney said that things will get bigger and more beautiful and wonderful time and time again. No, it is not leaving.

  7. Diane

    But why do we need another game – the wonderful thing about Figment was that he reinforced imagination which is lacking for children today in so many ways

  8. Rick TR

    Rick TR

  9. Rick TR

    Can we have him race the Splash Mountain characters?

  10. Sharon

    Figment hasn’t been interesting or at all amusing since he was separated from Dreamfinder in ride remake.. They made it an attraction to avoid.

  11. Verna

    No, no, no. Figment is old-school and is an essential part of childhood. EPCOT has ALWAYS been my children’s favorite park. And innovations and the Land, the Seas and Figment are iconic. There’s enough property for Disney to add things without destroying the basic Disney attractions

    1. Disney Boy

      He’s not actually leaving he’s coming to a video game.

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