Guests Cause Disney World Attractions Face Permanent Closure

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Pooh and Friends Christmas Party

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The Disney Parks are undergoing many changes, some with more success than others. At Walt Disney World alone, we’ve just recently had the opening of Tron: Lightcycle/run, new Character Meet and Greets are coming, and several of announcements and developments for places like EPCOT and Disney’s Animal Kingdom are well underway. The question is, is there room to grow?

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In the famous words of Rumplestiltskin, all magic comes at a price. As happy as fans are to see Disney getting some new blood, there’s a chance many classic attractions and areas could be getting the axe to make room for the new kids in the neighborhood. Granted, many Guests would agree that some Disney Park fixtures have had their run and it’s time to retire, but that could mean that many favorites are facing closure if Guests have their way.

Nothing Sacred at Walt Disney World

Disney World - Magic Kingdom
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The thing about progress is it always progresses, as the saying goes. Disney execs like Josh D’Amaro and Bob Iger have commented about “listening to their audience,” which could be a double-edged sword. Especially if Guests are looking to get rid of vintage Park mainstays.

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A recent post on r/WaltDisneyWorld asked Guests what rides they’d redo or replace, and fans were quick to respond. Some attractions like It’s Tough To Be a Bug, are understandable, but others are calling for the closure of Disney Park icons.

Guests Tell Pooh to “Go to Hell”

Winnie the Pooh laughs while covered in honey
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If you’re anything like this writer, you’re probably something of an armchair Disney historian. Meaning you already know about the troubled history between Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride and the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. While Pooh is undoubtedly one of Disney’s most beloved properties, some fans are calling for Disney to reverse their decision to replace the home of J. Thaddeus Toad.

u/KingHarambeRIP bluntly but aptly stated,

“I’d replace Pooh with a ride about a frog who goes on a bender, gets convicted of DUI, dies prematurely, and goes to hell.”

And u/TrespassersWilliamTW disturbingly adds,

“this is where the pooh ride is now? i’m willing to sacrifice pooh for this”

That all being said, there is arguably more of a following for a character as cherished and beloved as Winnie the Pooh. Ironically, the previously mentioned user also stated,

“first of all never get rid of pooh anything for all the parents out there who rely on pooh for calming children…”

“That’s Life” at Walt Disney World

Tree of Life Beacon of Magic
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Journeying outside the Magic Kingdom, some users have called for one of the Parks most iconic symbols to be gutted and re-themed. The Tree of Life at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the Park’s most identifiable feature, and currently home to It’s Tough to Be a Bug, as well as a host of animal encounters and engaging trails. However, some fans think it could be more.

u/ShinyGallinule writes,

“I’ve always wished the tree of life could be transformed into a planetarium-like projection show that captures the beauty of nature and the circle of life. Something that you could use to escape the heat and relax with some amazing music. Kinda like the vibe of a world showcase theater.”

And u/sudifirjfhfjvicodke suggests,

“I think that the Tree of Life theater would be a great place to put a Zootopia-themed show instead of trying to add a Zootopia land to the park. Like it could be basically the mammalian version of It’s Tough to Be a Bug. Make it educational, utilize the fun effects that the theater can already do, but make it less terrifying to people.”

Getting Sick of It

Tomorrowland Speedway
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We’ve talked about iconic fixtures that Guests want replaced, but what about Park attractions with actual problematic reputations? Two of the most hated Disney Park rides are the Tomorrowland Speedway and EPCOT’s Mission: SPACE. One ride has toxic fumes from the motors on the cars, and the other has a record of literally killing a Guest, so its understandable why visitors would want them out.

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Several users offer their ideas toward what could be done with the speedway, ranging from re-theming it with everything from TRON to Wreck-It Ralph. However, u/DrewCrew62 offers a more comprehensive and appropriate redo for the new theming.

“Cover the speedway over and change the vehicles to electric. Make it all neon and black light similar in the styling of test track. It would make the experience ac’d, less fumey, and overall way better than what we have now.”


“I’d design the structure so it’s able to be built on, and then add more rides/shops/ restaurants on top of it. Would create a huge chunk of usable space while preserving a ride that kids like and making it way better than it is.”

The attraction of EPCOT - Mission 'SPACE'. Main sign on the left side and imitation of the attraction (crested by
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On the other side of the fence, we have Mission: SPACE and it’s stomach-turning reputation. We’ve talked about the tumultuous ride before, and fans are still continuing to share their negative association with the attraction. However, fans might have a solution to the problem by bringing back an old attraction… Horizons.

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Horizons was a classic EPCOT dark ride that opened up in 1983 and ran for a whole decade. Needless to say, the attraction has developed more than a little bit of a cult following.

u/kibongo writes,

“Horizons is, IMO, the best ride that’s ever been in EPCOT. Better even than Spaceship Earth. An entire ride about the history of humanity’s relationship with technology and the promise of future technological development used for the betterment of humanity. I don’t think it’s an accident that the update of Spaceship Earth included a choose your own adventure gimmick at the end. I think that was learned from Horizon.”

To which u/theyellowpants replies,

“With the technology we have today I would adore a Horizons 2.0 that’s updated with current tech and what ML and AI will bring to the table – and what might be beyond that…”

The Disney Parks have always been in a constant state of evolution, and progress is a huge part of that. Certain rides aging out is part of the process, but there’s always room for fixing and improving what works along with replacing what doesn’t.

Which rides would you replace? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!







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