Disney May Introduce More Pixar Meet and Greets Soon

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Toy Story 2

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Disney has always presented Guests with more than ample opportunity to mix and mingle with their beloved animated characters. From standard-issue Meet and Greets to fully-filled character breakfasts at places like the Crystal Palace, the Disney Parks have brought their classic casts to life for millions and millions of Guests, making generations of memories for fans young and old alike.

Woody and Jessie on the Disney Cruise
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While Disney has done incredible work in bringing their own characters to life, their sister studio hasn’t really gotten that much love, at least not in the American Parks. Aside from things like the standard Buzz and Woody Meet and Greet in Toy Story Land, they don’t get much attention. However, a new addition to the Disney Cruise Line experience is giving Andy’s toys all the attention they could possibly ask for.

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Last December, Disney introduced more Pixar-centric additions to Pixar Day at Sea on the Disney Cruise Line, including the Hey Howdy Breakfast featuring Woody, Jessie, and a rare appearance of Bullseye with their musical entourage. It’s a rare occasion to see the entirety of the Roundup Gang all together, and this could open the door for even more Pixar Pals to step into the spotlight.

Bullseye at the Hey Howdy Breakfast
Credit: DLC Fan

With Rex recently appearing at their dance party, it might not be long until we see even more of the Toy Story gang joining in on the fun.

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What might seem like a simple breakfast event with Pixar characters could very well be a fan’s dream. With characters like Bullseye and Rex being a major addition, the event could potentially have a large draw for the Disney Cruise Line. While this certainly isn’t the only place fans can rub elbows with their favorite characters, seeing the Roundup Gang together is definitely going to garner some serious attention. Hopefully, the rest of the cast will be let out of the toy box soon.

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