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What People Don’t Realize About Disney Adults

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Goofy with Disney Adults

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The term “Disney Adult” has been something of a derogatory term in the realms of social media. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with grownup audiences loving Disney’s iconic movies and Parks, Walt Disney himself even encouraged them to do so, many find it immature and “cringeworthy.” However, they don’t recognize that Disney Adults have always been the company’s true audience.

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Walt Disney’s goal for his company was to give the world something both adults and their children can enjoy together, which means both his films and theme parks don’t have an age limit. While their enthusiasm certainly stands on par with the younger audience members, the grownups far outweigh them in terms of numbers and experience. With the recent changes, both good and bad, facing the Walt Disney Company, Disney Adults are starting to become more and more vocal about how Disney has been altered.

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Disney adults have been ripped to shreds on popular social media, and some have even been outright roasted for their adoration of all things animated and magical. However, there’s a major factor that consumers (Disney fans or otherwise) can’t seem to grasp. While the prime audience is definitely children, the ones behind the inflow of income are all adults. Whether they want to admit to it or not, this makes everyone a Disney Adult on some level.

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On a recent Inside The Magic article on the subject, a user by the name of Marcus the Adult had this to say,

“Something to keep in mind… Although kids are the expected Disney targeted fans, the money still comes from adults. Ignore them at your peril.”

To which “Pat” added,

“Disney Adults are absolutely right. Disney has lost the magic that Walt worked so hard to create. I hope they can get it back, quickly! Walt would be so disappointed.”

While both statements are correct, but “Marcus” wastes no time in cutting to the heart of the matter when he writes,

“Walt even understood the value of Disney adults and mentioned them from time to time. Most people who complain about Disney adults are Karens. Much of the offerings in Disney parks are intended to target adults. Consider how many attractions have a minimum height requirement. Mission: Space was not built for kids nor was Alien Encounter. The Epcot World Showcase restaurants and shops were developed for adults. The many items sold in the Disney stores around the parks mostly target adult tastes.”
Yes, kids and families are the intended audience for the Walt Disney Company, but they aren’t their biggest supporter. Disney Adults are more than just grownups with an inherited love for a very famous brand. They’re children who grew up with the magic of Disney and they know what the company could be like again. It’s not about brand loyalty, but recapturing that same sense of childhood wonder they experienced once upon a time ago.
Do you think the Disney Adults are actually right? Tell us in the comments belw.

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