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  1. Gary

    She is right, Disney Adults remember Disney the way Walt had in mind. Not what it is now with the high prices, the Woke agenda which must go for good, just put it back to where Walt would have been happy.

    1. Jon

      High prices yeah. Woke agenda? What is that even supposed to mean?

  2. Marcus the Adult

    Something to keep in mind… Although kids are the expected Disney targeted fans, the money still comes from adults. Ignore them at your peril.

  3. Pat

    Disney Adults are absolutely right. Disney has lost the magic that Walt worked so hard to create. I hope they can get it back, quickly! Walt would be so disappointed .

    1. J

      DLR will always be for real kids 1st & adults 2nd.

      1. shahe

        Dude. all i want is a few more Churro carts, a few more food options. And bring sweater prices down like 5 dollars.. Waiting for rides is an acceptable sacrifice with an the people i get it. But we shouldn’t be starving because the food lines are too long. Add more food options. That’s it. My only wish

        1. All I ever wish for is for Disney to return to the magical times we knew. It was easy times. Remember not everyone is tech savy, some don’t even have smart pphones.BRING BACK THE MAGIC, PLEASE.

  4. Mickeymouse3

    My top 5 for Iger to consider for Disney parks…
    1. Scrap Genie+ and return to the fastpass with 90 day bookings for Disney resort guests. 60 days for others. The previous 180 days was too long.
    2. Scrap the park reservation system.
    3. Allow dining reservations at 90 days for Disney resort guests. 60 days for others. Again, the previous 180 days was too long.
    4. Return tram service. It’s a long walk from no man’s land.
    5. Bring back annual passes.

    I also think Iger should form a division that watches, reads, monitors etc. the many blogs, comments, social media and the like that reports on what fans are saying and adjust accordingly. Judging by recent actions, my opinion is Disney does not follow these and should take note.

    1. Anonymous

      And don’t forget scrapping failing unpopular projects like the retheme.

    2. Nook5

      I agree totally with everything you said. They only other thing they need to bring back as the plan.

    3. SP

      Nailed it!!

    4. Karen

      Excellent. Suggestions!!!
      1992-2016 BEST YEARS EVER !!!!

    5. Lori Lynn Nicklas

      Yes these are what’s missing and Mears picking us up from airport and taking us to our hotel. Everyone of our family and friends are no longer that interested in supporting Disney currently. We use to be yearly guests. At least Chapek is gone. Bring back the concern for Disney lovers.

  5. Mel

    Everyone forgets that Disney is a FOR PROFIT business. Yes, cast members should be paid better. People complain now about how crowded the parks are. Do away with reservations or lower the price and you’ll complain about that. Yes Walt had great ideas 50 years ago, but he was also a business man who knew change was inevitable. The parks will NEVER be what they were, either find new joy or don’t go. This entitlement is ridiculous! Signed a former CM and longtime AP.

    1. Gary

      Walt was not good with the business part that was Roy’s but Walt’s creation is loved thru out the world. Yes there are changes but do not change the basic idea Walt had for any reason PERIOD

    2. Harry

      I am not a Disney fanatic but I had to respond to your post. Most of these posts are asking for fixes. I don’t see entitlement I see brand loyalty fading. Disney should have invested in seriously expanding their parks. The only entitlement is from Disney itself. How can you operate in opposition to fans and expect market share not to suffer in this competitive environment.

      1. Patrick

        It’s that brand loyalty capital that’s being spent on the short term revenue. That loyalty is generational. It’s the older generation introducing their younger generation to Disney that’s Disney biggest advertising engine. But it’s one that they cannot control directly so Chapek just ignored it’s value.
        Now they’re in a pickle. Many of the suggested fixes/rollbacks would do wonders for repairing the goodwill, but they’re not in a financial position that will allow it easily. They don’t have the staffing to go back to what they had in 2019, but I they can’t get the staffing, let alone train them quickly enough. So they have to continually “right size” daily staffing to make sure that they can cover the operations of the park for that day. They’re not managing park guest capacity so much as park staffing needs capacity against the predicted guest count. They used to have that info from the fast pass+ reservations combined with the ticket sales and even the 6 month dining reservations. The park passes is a much more direct measure of capacity. Rolling back they can go back to the way they used to be plan staffing, but they had to always build in a flexible cushion they no longer have without working everyone overtime to death. Add on top, the loss of the experienced managers and supervisors for training new staff. That also makes getting new hires into the Disney way and more likely to stick around much harder to get done.
        I don’t envy Iger’s situation, but he only really needs to get Disney back to an even keel, and get a new CEO to take over. He may not even be able to make as many changes as we’d like just to satisfy the board, which wants it’s profits and wants it done their way through ESG parameters and the like. Iger’s got a mess but may not be cleaning up nearly as much as we’d like to see.

        1. Anonymous

          Well don’t get your hopes up for Iger, because he’s already failing and costing the company money for his actions. The more he keeps this up, he may be history sooner than he was scheduled.

          1. Suzanne Robitaille

            Please bring The Grand Floridian Orchestra back…they were the spirit of The Grand Floridian and symbolic of Disney magic and charm.
            Restore the street entertainers and skits in the Parks and bring back the meticulous cleanliness and maintenance standards that were a Hallmark of Disney.
            And for heaven sake’ revive annual passports to your loyal fan base. Our support and attendance brings family and friends to your resorts, restaurants and parks!
            The reservation system does nothing for park guests but rather supports your goal of scheduling a minimum of staffing on any particular day.

    3. Bill

      Yes exactly people complaining about the park pass system will be the same ones complaining about the park being way too crowded. The reservation system is great you know what parks are available and what ones are at capacity. It’s not even hard to make a reservation it really is the disney adults who can’t fathom that they can’t go to the park they want when they want its kind of hilarious actually throwing temper tantrums because they don’t get their way.

      1. Ali

        Exactly. The reservations need to stay, especially for APs who go all the time.

    4. Gary

      Yes Walt is dead but he will NEVER be forgotten and never forget that!!

  6. Marcus

    Walt even understood the value of Disney adults and mentioned them from time to time. Most people who complain about Disney adults are Karens. Much of the offerings in Disney parks are intended to target adults. Consider how many attractions have a minimum height requirement. Missions: Space was not built for kids nor was Alien Encounter. The Epcot World Showcase restaurants and shops were developed for adults. The many items sold in the Disney stores around the parks mostly target adult tastes.

  7. Bob or

    Some items need attention for real. Loosing the Disney freedom is not good at. The Rigid rules take the fun out of going. Yes crowd control needed. Please stop or limit alcohol it does not belong on Disney properties. No smoking no drugs no alcohol a disaster in the making guaranteed let’s keep it as it was.

  8. Debbie

    The only thing I think she’s missing is the free Magic Express from the airport with luggage delivery.

    1. Tim

      She did say bring back Magical Express

  9. Tara Tomah

    Speaking only for myself of course, but I’ve neither strong nor emotional ties to my neckwear… 😜

  10. Jeff

    I’ve been a Disney vacation club member for 15 years. I had a Disney plus subscription and have enjoyed Disney with my family for years. In the last 5 years they have become so political that it is no longer enjoyable. The genie and park reservations are a nightmare. They are price gouging at every turn now. I have canceled my Disney plus due to “THE MESSAGE” and don’t enjoy going to the resorts any longer.

  11. Melissa

    There is still something missing after everything that was mentioned in the comments the Electric parade will bring the magic back to disney.

  12. Gustavo Roca

    Apologize for sticking your nose into politics. Bring back welcome boys and girls (There is nothing insulting about that). Get rid of Kennedy. And stop will so much woke pandering.

  13. Jaime

    Disney Cast Member don’t even make enough to get by or pay for the necessities. They leave home early to get to work and beat traffic. With some cast members it’s either pay for mortgages and bills or pay for food. They sometimes don’t have enough of a wage to pay their bills. They are struggling to get by.

  14. Wayne L Trapp

    I agree with all your suggestions, except for the window for Fastpass Plus at Disney World. 60 Day out window as it was originally for guests staying on property was perfect. 30 days for others not staying on property too was perfect. It was never a 180 day window. That was the dining reservation window, which was too far out. Also, although tram service is largely already back, Magical Express needs to return.

  15. Heidi

    While I agree with what she says, I’m pretty sure that TikTok was satire to a point. The idea of “making things less expensive but raising costs for CMs” and “you can do 2 firework shows in a single night” just scream satire to me. I think what’s important to take from this is… There’s a lot of things we want but not everything is possible. I’m already seeing some good changes so far. I’m excited to see what Iger has in store. He’s obviously seen the disgruntled fans and anger in general. He doesn’t need us “preaching to the choir” if you see him in the parks haha! Not saying you can’t make a difference with your opinions but take things one at a time.

  16. Will

    It’s such a shame, but the good days of Disney are gone forever.😢

  17. Steve

    Just fire Iger.

  18. Sarah6

    The customer is always right, and like it or lump it, minors don’t tend to have a whole lot of disposable income. You want the spice to keep flowing, you’re going to appeal to the adults who are willing to shell out multiple thousands each year on merch, movies and vacations

  19. j davis

    We love going to WDW during the food festivals of which there are four now during the year. We pick one other park to go to while we are there enjoying the food festivals in Epcot. Because we live only 2 1/2 hours away it isn’t too bad but for those having to travel by air, rent a car, etc etc it is way too expensive. I see a lot of cast members standing around not seeming to be doing much. Could be like in government – over staffed and under worked. Cut the number of cast members by normal attrition and pay the rest more. Happy (and the other six).

  20. Sarah

    I think if they actually use the reservation system to keep the parks at a manageable crowd size it’s good. The problem is the last year has been packed and wait times are so long you have to buy genie plus to even ride five or six rides which means they are overcrowding the parks even with the reservation system. The cast members are grumpy and unhappy because they aren’t paid enough and they aren’t there because they love it like they used to. Everything is a price gouge and you spend the entire time on your phone ….but I don’t know how they are going to change that. The food is going down in value but going up in price. I have been a annual pass member for 12 years and still love to go, but it also makes me sad that my experiences are not what they used to be.

  21. Garrett Hoffman

    I keep seeing comments about Disney being woke. Please describe that to me.

  22. D.A.A

    Damn, reading these comments make me feel like im wasting money trying to take my 5 year old son to someplace i always dreamed of going as a kid back in the 90s but could never afford it due the stuggles of my parents and their finances.

    1. Jimmy

      Most of the people that comment on these topics are overly dramatic. I never went as a kid but went with my wife in 2012 and 2013. We just brought our 3, 5, and 8 year olds in May. While it definitely didn’t have the same feel as when we went before, they still most certainly loved it and still talk about it. All of these “Go woke, go broke” Fox News buzzwords are an embarrassment. Lol

  23. Steven A

    The adults in my family are astonished at Disney’s stance on homosexual content and its support for the absurd, impossibility of transgenderism.
    Just who are you people now?

  24. Jim

    The 2015 WDW commercial says it all, that’s the disney experience. NUFF SAID!

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