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It’s been nearly a month since Bob Iger’s triumphant return to the Walt Disney Company, and fans are certainly glad to see Bob Chapek dropped like a bad habit, but there is still a lot of work to be done before Disney is back to the name fans recognize. That being said, Iger has at least taken some steps in the right direction to try to get the ship back on course. One fan, however, shared her thoughts on what needs to change first.

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Disney Adults have gotten something of a bad reputation in the realm of social media. There’s nothing wrong with being an adult who enjoys the works of Disney, but some do tend to go a little overboard with their dedication to the fandom. However, they are some of the most vocal fans out there, and they aren’t afraid to call Disney out when something goes wrong.

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With Iger’s return, there was certainly much rejoicing amongst adult Disney fans, but many are bringing forth the primary issues in the company that need addressing first.


Yo, for real the requests/changes I’m seeing Disney adults discuss on social media now tnat Iger is back is cracking me up. Also, this is satire, not meant to he taken seriously..maybe 🤣😅😅. #lynnenchantsvacations #bobiger #disneyadult #disneytravel #disneylife #disneymom #disneygirl #disneyceo #disneyparks

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TikTok user @lynn.enchants.vacations brought up several factors facing the Walt Disney Company, many of which have been vocally expressed by fans and Cast Members alike, but she also addresses other problems that seem to be on the back burner. While Iger has already made efforts to address matters such as ticket pricing and the upcoming Tron coaster, the user also points out other factors and features that are both prevalent and tangible if only the right steps were taken. She addresses not only a decrease in ticket pricing, but better treatment and pay for the Cast Members, the removal of the Park reservation system, the return of complementary features like transport and Magic Bands, and the possibility of restoring things like Extra-Magic Hours.

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Granted, not all of the user’s suggestions were the most practical, such as the return of Wishes (a popular Nighttime Spectacular), but she’s only one of countless Disney Adults who have strong emotional ties ties to Disney and the Disney Parks. Disney Adults aren’t just vocal fans, they’re fans who remember how magical Disney can be, and they have first-hand experience at what happens when that magic is taken away. While this is one of many voices, the pleas of the Disney Adults should not go unheeded by Iger or any Disney executive.

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