The Best Attractions For Disney Adults

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A group of adults visit Walt Disney World

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Although the Disney Parks are primarily marketed toward families and children, there’s no reason grownups can’t enjoy all the rides and attractions they have to offer as well. After all, even parents and adults can still show their Disney side.

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The term “Disney Adult” might have some negative connotations in some circles, but there’s really nothing wrong with enjoying Disney and the Parks at an older age. In fact, Walt Disney himself even took notice of “oldsters” and teenagers enjoying Disneyland way back in the ’50s. Even Walt Disney World’s website has a page inviting adults to experience the magic. Obviously, adults enjoying the Parks just as much as kids isn’t a new phenomenon, and there are even plenty of rides and attractions created by the Imagineers that cater to an older audience. Older guests looking for a more intense experience might want to check out these experiences from Disney.

Rise of the Resistance

rise of the resistance stormtroopers
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Rise of the Resistance is easily one of the most intense attractions the Imagineers ever designed. Set in the heart of Galaxy’s Edge, this attraction is essentially two rides in one and is possibly the most immersive experience in the Star Wars portion of Hollywood Studios. On this ride, Guests are captured by the First Order, imprisoned and interrogated by General Hux, and chased by Kylo Ren as Finn, Rey, and the rest of the Resistance rush to their aid. The effects and animatronics on the attraction are certainly some of the most lifelike on property.

Test Track

Test Track logo sign
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An EPCOT classic if ever there was one, Test Track is as educational as it is thrilling. Here, Guests can design their own car of the future and send it careening down the track at speeds reaching over 60mph. Known to frequent park-goers as the fastest ride in all of Walt Disney World, the attraction has been revving Guests up since 1999 and continues to be one of the Park’s most popular attractions. If Soarin’ doesn’t blow your hair back enough, Test Track certainly will.

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Expedition Everest

expedition everest yeti
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Easily one of the most atmospheric rollercoasters on Disney property, Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom has more than a few different factors that make it a bit more than some younger Guests can handle. Disco Yeti aside, the thrills begin long before the train even rolls into the station. Expedition Everest is a “story coaster,” meaning that there is a narrative constantly at play the moment Guests enter the attraction. From the queue to the ride itself, Guests are thrust into this story of a lost expedition, a ruined temple, and a monstrous Yeti waiting in a dark cave, making for quite a frightening experience for something from Disney.

Twilight Zone: Tower of Terror

Tower of Terror
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Similar to the environmental storytelling of Expedition Everest, Tower of Terror slowly earns its thrills and chills before Guests even set foot on the actual ride. The Haunted Mansion might be Disney’s first step into the realm of the supernatural, but this thrill ride from Hollywood Studios took them on a journey to and from the Twilight Zone. The drop from the top of the Hollywood Tower Hotel is already quite the rush, but paired with the chilling nature of Rod Serling’s classic series might be a bit chilling for kids unprepared for the experience.

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Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Guests riding Cosmic Rewind
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One of the newest attractions to join Epcot, Cosmic Rewind brings the Guardians of the Galaxy to Walt Disney World with a thrilling roller coaster across the fabric of time and space. The attraction has already developed a reputation for being quite a disorienting experience, and is also recommended for primarily tweens, teens, and adults by Disney themselves. While the Marvel portion can certainly be enjoyed by a wide variety of ages, the rollercoaster itself is by far one of the most thrilling experiences Epcot has to offer.

What “adult” attraction do you enjoy at Disney? Tell us in the comments below.

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