Disney Adult Days Get Update Amid Latest Developments

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Disney Adults are one of the most vocal fandoms in pop culture, but they’re also one of the most detested in some circles. Be that as it may, the argument can be made that the number of grown-up Disney fans is starting to surpass the company’s intended audience.

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The sheer quantity of Disney adults has led many to suggest that the Walt Disney Company engage in specific days or hours set aside for its adult clientele at the Disney Parks like Disneyland and Walt Disney World, but how realistic is that notion when stacked against the company’s current model?

Disney Adult Days? Keep Dreaming

Disney Adults in monochrome
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Disney Adults might be capable of some pretty outlandish acts, such as bathing in a public fountain, but what separates them from people like football fans who paint themselves multiple colors and don garish attire every season?

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As cringe-worthy as they can sometimes be, most are simply just individuals who carry their love for Disney into adulthood. Even Walt Disney admitted that Disneyland was intended to be enjoyed by more than just kids and families. So, what’s the problem with catering to another demographic?


Replying to @Schwance It’s Disney 🤷‍♀️ childfree hours? Sure! Child free days doesn’t make that much sense to me personally. #childfreebychoice #childfreetiktok #disney #disneyworldflorida #parentsoftiktok

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@_cal_cifer is a TikTok creator and a very vocal advocate for the child-free-by-choice lifestyle, as are many adults who go to Disney. While her content might come off as abrasive to some, she raises a very good point in her video above.

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The creator expresses that it’s incredibly silly for fans to expect adult-only hours or child-free anything from a company like Disney, and she’s actually correct… to an extent. Cutting children completely out of the equation would be hyper-unrealistic based on Disney’s model and history, but does that mean the Disney Adults are wrong?

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The short answer is no, but entire days dedicated to an adult-only audience might not give Disney the boost in revenue most fans expect. However, adult-only hours at places like EPCOT and the Magic Kingdom might be closer than most expect.

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One TikTok commenter mentions how Universal Studios does the Orlando Informer Meetup, described as an adult-only event hosted by the Florida publication. Please keep in mind, though, that this is a third-party event and not one put on by Universal Orlando themselves.

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The description reads,

“Each Orlando Informer Meetup provides theme park fans the opportunity to experience them in a completely different setting. We limit the number of tickets available for each evening to ensure that you have the ultimate experience…”

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Although it’s highly unlikely Disney whatever dedicate an entire day or week to its adult fan base, there is a higher chance that a third party event like the one mentioned could have the same results. Until that time, Disney Adults will have to endure the sea of kids like everyone else.

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