Disney Adults Could Get Exclusive Park Hours

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Disney Adults at Disneyland Resort with Mickey Mouse

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From unruly kids to violent parents, there has been a tremendous push for the Disney Parks to enforce Adult-Only Days and functions at Disneyland and the Walt Disney World Resort. While that might come off as a drastic measure to some, there might actually be a practical solution.

Mickey Mouse in front of the Cinderella Castle inside the Magic Kingdom with a couple of children
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For a solid while, many Disney fans, namely the oft-maligned Disney Adults, have been calling for the company to enforce some strictly adult-oriented Park events or days. Given the fact that adult audiences are Disney’s biggest and most vocal source of income, it makes sense that they would cater to them more. However, could this realistically be done?

Extra Magic Hours for Disney Adults?

Two Disney Adults dining at Topolino's
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Let’s make one thing clear, it’s highly unlikely Disney would devout an entire day to cater strictly to adult guests. As hard as that might be to hear, it’s simply not good for Disney’s finances or its reputation.

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That being said, Disney could easily get away with enforcing certain chunks of time similar to Extra Magic Hours at the resorts. In fact, they’ve practically been doing it for years.

Three adult women in front of Epcot.
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Those poor, unfortunate souls out there who still labor under the delusion that Disney is 100% directed at children are what we in the business like to call “wrong.” Walt Disney World has played host to several adult-oriented spaces for decades, guests have simply been too distracted by the Parks to notice.

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Along with the Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and the other incredible theme parks, Disney World is home to piano bars, a steampunk speak-easy, and entertainment venues with a significantly older crowd. Many of which are open late in the evening and on into the night. What’s stopping the Parks from doing the same?

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All Disney Resorts offer extra time in the Parks, either in the form of early access or extra park time. The latter half is typically offered during holidays or other special events like Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. Disney might be sitting on a golden opportunity for its grown-up guests to enjoy what they truly have to offer.

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It’s been proven time and time again that Disney knows no age limit. Adults love riding the rides, eating the various fried foods, and mingling with their favorite characters just as much as the kids do. Why not capitalize on the idea?

It’s highly unlikely Disney will set aside entire days for adults, as much as the public might be in favor of the idea. However, setting aside specific times during their slow seasons when kids are in school might result in a tremendous uptick in their performance with consumers. It’s wishful thinking, but not without grounds or reason.

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