Disney World Extra Magic Hours are a “Waste of Money “

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Staying at a Disney World Resort can add a little extra fun to a Disney vacation, but it seems like Disney’s magic doesn’t go as far as it used to. Disney has made several changes to their resort and hotel experiences in the past few years, and Guests are growing upset.

A recent report from Twitter shared just how much Disney has taken away from a true-to-form stay at the Walt Disney World Resort, namely the effectiveness of Extra Magic Hours, and many were quite dissatisfied. However, the same fans commenting on the thread pointed out how much more of a benefit early entry is compared to the late-night add-on.

The Biggest Cash-Grab at Disney World

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For those unfamiliar with the term, Disney’s Extra Magic Hours are essentially extra time in theme parks Guests can purchase for late in the evening. While many do indeed make use of this addition, it might be because they skip the ever-popular Rope Drop option.

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All Disney World Resorts offer complementary early entry and early access to many popular attractions. Entering the Parks 30 minutes earlier than most Guests might not sound like a major perk to some, but a few willing to pull themselves out of bed in time to Rope Drop their favorite attraction were quick to defend their early-bird stance.

@disneyglimpses states,

“The truth is, if you are not a morning person or you like to do a breakfast and then visit the parks mid to late morning, there are actually zero resort benefits for you…”

But @Last_Crusader73 replies,

“Arguably the 30-minute early entry is better than the Extra Magic hours because of the flexibility. The 30-minute early entry works on YOUR schedule – you don’t have to plan your schedule around the 1 day a week when the park you wanted to go to was open early.”

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Another reply states that the early entry is more of a perk than a benefit, but getting an early start on your Disney vacation definitely has an edge over those willing to spend an extra $100 or so for Extra Magic Hours. Speaking from experience, there’s something very magical about sauntering through a less-populated Park as the sun creeps over the castle.

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While not many are willing to get up incredibly early when they’re supposed to be on vacation, they run the risk of missing out on some seriously enchanting Park time. Guests should definitely enjoy their time at Disney, but sleep in at their own risk.

Do you get a head start at Disney, or buy the Extra Magic Hours? Let Inside the Magic know in the comments down below!


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