Disney Resorts’ “Benefits” Berated by Fans

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Grand Floridian Resort, exterior aerial shot

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Staying at a Disney Park Resort can truly have a tremendous effect on anyone’s visit. Along with their proximity to places like Disneyland and Walt Disney World, they offer a unique stay compared to other nearby hotels. As magical as places like the Grand Floridian, Wilderness Lodge, or even the All-Star Resorts can be, some fans are finding that they’re not getting what they paid for.

Disney's Beach Club Villas
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Disney has changed a great deal in the past four years, and some would say not for the better. A common consensus among fans is that a pre-Chapek Disney World can’t hold a candle to the current state of affairs. Despite all of the discounts currently running at Disney, some fans are truly getting a new perspective.

The Real “Benefits” of the Disney World Resorts

The post above from @disneyglimpses sparked a heated discussion concerning whether or not staying at Disney is even worth it any more, and the comments were divided to say the very least. Many, including this writer, were quite upset at how much the resorts have lost. But are location and 30-minute early entries enough to keep Guests coming back?

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Although the original poster disagrees, @Last_Crusader73 responds,

“Arguably the 30-minute early entry is better than the Extra Magic hours because of the flexibility. The 30-minute early entry works on YOUR schedule – you don’t have to plan your schedule around the 1 day a week when the park you wanted to go to was open early.”

However, @KevPG13 takes a counter argument and writes,

“Morning EMH is pointless at 30 minutes. You’re barely even through the gate and half way to the first attraction by the time it’s over. Evening EMH were so much more beneficial, at least to me.”
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@disneyglimpses later explains how proximity has become the primary reason for visiting, and even that is starting to become debatable. The user adds,

“Proximity is the biggest selling point. But the price they are charging is not proportionate with the inconvenience of staying off property, in my opinion.”
Judging from the discussion presented on the thread, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Disney Resorts are definitely losing some of their value. Staying there might be a must-do experience for hardcore fans, but the average Guest or family of Guests might not be willing to spend so much for so little.
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