You’re An All-Star: Benefits of Disney’s Value Resorts

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When it comes to Disney Park hotels, many fans are quick to think of the Contemporary, Bay Lake Towers, or the original Disneyland Hotel, but they might be overlooking the benefits of the resorts that won’t break the bank.

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While the term “Value Resort” might turn some Disney fans off, particularly those who want to live in the lap of luxury while visiting the place where dreams come true, Disney’s All-Star resorts at Walt Disney World truly have some of the best magic for your money when it comes to a core Park experience. They might not have a monorail running through the lobby, but what they do have is the essentials a true Park Hopper needs to enjoy their stay without going overboard on amenities and extras.

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That might sound like a “cheap” statement, but when visiting the Parks, Guests need to think about just how much time will they actually be spending in the resort. Lounging by the pool and chowing down in the food court are both acceptable ways to spend a little time on a Disney trip, but they aren’t the reason they should make the journey. Chances are the main reasons for planning a Disney trip in the first place is to go to the Parks, and the choice of hotel truly doesn’t become that important beyond choice of location.

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For a true Disney experience, Guests are highly encouraged to stay on Disney Park property for the most convenient stay. Travel to and from the Parks is currently a complimentary service that is offered throughout the day. The Contemporary might have the Monorail in the lobby, but Guests visiting on a budget aren’t sacrificing much travel time by taking the bus, especially if Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a high priority on their list.

Another thing to consider is what the room itself offers to Guests looking to Park hop across property. If visiting the Parks are the primary concern, all visitors really need to satisfy their needs at the resorts are a bed, a bathroom, and a wifi connection. Most Disney fans only use their rooms and resorts for a quick recharge before heading out again to enjoy more fun outside the hotels. Not to mention, hopping to another resort for a meal, drinks, or simply to enjoy their decor isn’t out of the question either.

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The more extravagant hotels and resorts certainly have their benefits, but most regular park-goers might not need all the extra bells and whistles. Fancy pools and amenities are nice, but they simply aren’t worth the extra dough for Guests who honestly won’t be spending that much time at the hotels.

While some guests might not gel well with the more simplistic approach to their stay, sometimes all a true Disney fan needs to enjoy their stay are the bare necessities of life.

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