Disney World Guests Clamor For More Adult-Only Areas

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Disney World Pleasure Island sign with Jessica Rabbit

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Walt Disney wanted his Theme Parks to welcome Guests of all ages. While most entertainment at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort is family-friendly, the Disney Parks continue to evolve, welcoming alcohol and adult-geared entertainment. But did you know that The Walt Disney Company was once much more appealing to adult Guests?

The entrance to Pleasure Island.
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When Central Florida’s Downtown Disney officially became Disney Springs, many physical memories of the former shopping and entertainment district were erased. Still, Disney fans remember Downtown Disney and its accompanying adult party district, Pleasure Island.

This week, u/ahumankid shared a video of Guests partying at Pleasure Island on Reddit, leading many to reminisce about experiences there:

Adults partying at Walt Disney World’s Pleasure Island in 1992

Adults partying at Walt Disney World’s Pleasure Island in 1992 from disneyparks

“That place was such a blast. Multiple individual clubs, plus the street party,” u/night-otter wrote. “NYE celebration every night of the year. And the alcohol flowed.”

“Disney Springs is pale in comparison. Downtown Disney and Pleasure Island were so much fun. I don’t like Disney Springs because it’s just shopping and restaurants. There isn’t much to do,” said u/sunnydaysahead2022. “Downtown Disney had so much entertainment.”

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“I was sad when they got rid of it. Disney Springs is BORING without something that’s only for adults,” u/JPCRam310 replied.

Indeed, many Disney Park fans long for more adult-only experiences at Walt Disney World Resort. “Disney Springs is basically an upscale shopping center with restaurants. Not sure I saw any entertainment,” u/Bumble1964 said.

Disney Springs at night
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Even younger fans wish Pleasure Island still existed. “Wasn’t old enough to really enjoy it @ the time and now it’s just a bunch of shopping sprinkled with some restaurants. There are enough outdoor malls in the world already. 😭” wrote u/samanthaamber79.

“I remember being a kid at Disney seeing the commercials for Pleasure Island and wanted to be old enough to go so bad,” u/gingerbot agreed.

Do you think Walt Disney World Resort needs more adult-only entertainment? 

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