Disney World Vacation: Single Mom Fights With “Aggressively Child-Free” Sister

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Those Disney Park vacations are meant to be magical and memorable and full of joy…

…However, not everyone’s vacations get off to the best start, and this single mom faces a pretty big decision when it comes to her planned trip to The Most Magical Place On Earth.

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From the spires of Cinderella Castle to the lively Tree of Life, Hollywood’s spooky Tower of Terror to the shiny plates of Spaceship Earth, Walt Disney World’s theme parks attract Disney fans from everywhere.

But for some, it is not all smooth sailing, and sometimes the problems start at home before they even land at Orlando International Airport or step through the gates of the Central Florida Resort. This is the case for one woman looking to bring her daughter to Disney World as her disruptive sister risks derailing their entire trip.

The post, which was written in the Am I the A–Hole SubReddit, asks whether a single mom is being unreasonable for not letting her sister come to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Central Florida with her and her daughter. The woman describes how she and her younger sister were incredibly close up until the point she had a baby — then everything changed.

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The confessional post (via YourTango) describes some of the moments that have caused intense strain on their sibling relationship:

“My sister is aggressively child-free to the point where she wouldn’t even watch my daughter so I could shower because, ‘I have no obligation to provide free babysitting,’ which has caused a strain in our relationship.”

The sister in question also does not buy her niece birthday or Christmas presents, citing that her sister’s “spawn” isn’t for her to care for. In another circumstance, the single mom was forced to travel to the emergency room with her daughter after her sister refused to look after her:

“My sister refused to watch my daughter when my appendix ruptured (I had exhausted all other options). I’ve been distancing myself from my sister since but somehow she caught wind of the Disney trip.”

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Now, the single mom, 33, has planned — “scrimped and saved”, as she writes — to take her nine-year-old daughter to Walt Disney World Resort, the sister is hunting for a spot on the trip, stating that it would be a fun bonding experience for “all us girls”.

The sisters’ mother claims that maybe the request to join the vacation is an olive branch, a way to make amends for past grievances. But, many of the replies on the post suggest otherwise with some stating that it shouldn’t take a trip to Disney World to extend an olive branch, and that the single mom should stand firm in her decision to just take her daughter.

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Whether or not the woman takes her sister is still up for debate, but whoever does make it to The Most Magical Place On Earth will experience up to four theme parks and two water parks, consisting of a plethora of attractions such as classics like Space Mountain and Splash Moutain, new stars like Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind and Avatar Flight of Passage, and the nostalgic Peter Pan’s Flight and Spaceship Earth, and lands like Fantasyland, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and World Showcase.

What would you do in this situation? Let us know in the comments down below!

Walt Disney World Resort includes four distinct theme parks: Magic Kingdom Park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, EPCOT Park, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios Theme Park. It also features two Disney water parks, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park and Disney’s Blizzard Beach Water Park, and the retail and recreation area, Disney Springs. A valid ticket, as well as a Park Pass reservation booked through the website, is needed to enter each Park and Park Hopper hours begin at 2 p.m. daily.

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