As Disney Reboots MCU, Marvel Boss Warns “War Is Coming”

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Tom Hiddleston as Loki looking shocked in the TVA - 'Loki' 2.04

Credit: Marvel Studios

Amid a particularly tumultuous time for the Walt Disney Company and one of its biggest subsidiaries, Marvel Studios, Loki boss Kevin Wright is issuing an unusual statement about what fans can expect to see in the upcoming Multiverse Saga as the franchise undergoes some extensive changes.

Loki, OB, Mobius, and Hunter B-15 in 'Loki'
Credit: Marvel Studios

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With the heyday of Marvel Studios seeming increasingly like a distant memory, there’s no denying that things are looking bleak for the superhero studio in the aftermath of its critically acclaimed Infinity Saga, which concluded in 2019 with Avengers: Endgame.

Now that fan-favorites such as Iron Man/Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), Captain America/Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), and Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow (Scarlet Johansson) are firmly in the past, new introductions such as Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk (Tatiana Maslany) and America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez) have failed to garner the same level of hype as the heroes before them, signaling trouble ahead for the MCU’s Phases Five and Six.

The Avengers gathered together on the promotional poster of 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'
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However, on the heels of less-than-impressive Disney+ releases, including She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and the Samuel L. Jackson-fronted Secret Invasionon top of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’s (2023) box office flop, one Disney+ original has remained relatively unscathed: Loki.

Starring Tom Hiddleston, it’s no surprise that Marvel’s Loki spinoff proved to be a massive hit for the streaming platform, with the titular God of Mischief being, perhaps, the most beloved anti-hero in cinematic history. Its loaded cast, featuring Owen Wilson’s Mobius M. Mobius and Oscar-winner Ke Huy Quan’s Ouroboros, certainly helps, adding to a stellar, well-written story that continues to redefine the boundaries of the known MCU.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki
Credit: Marvel Studios

Loki still holds the crown for Marvel’s most-watched show on Disney+, but just because it draws in some awe-worthy viewership figures doesn’t mean it hasn’t seen its fair share of controversy. Particularly in regards to its main antagonist, Kang the Conqueror/He Who Remains, played by Jonathan Majors.

With his name near-constantly in the headlines, it’s not exactly a secret that the actor has been in hot water after his March arrest, during which he was charged with assault and harassment following an alleged domestic dispute with his then-girlfriend. His trial is currently taking place, with his next court appearance scheduled for November 29.

Jonathan Majors as Kang the Conqueror in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania
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And that’s not all for Marvel. Amid a historic content purge that’s part of Disney’s cost-cutting initiative, multiple MCU shows have been wiped from Disney+ in recent months — something that could be mimicked for more of the studio’s poorly-reviewed releases, of which there are many. Walt Disney Company CEO also stated during a July interview that he also believes less Marvel content should be made, as it “dilutes” the overarching story.

All of this is to say that Marvel has been riddled with uncertainty for quite some time now, and it’s only getting worse as the SAG-AFTRA strike rages on, forcing the studio to postpone buzzy projects like the Disney+ Daredevil: Born Again revival and Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool 3 (2024).

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool scaling a wall in 'Deadpool'
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Now, there might be an in-universe explanation for why things are falling apart behind the scenes at the MCU, though it’s perhaps…a little less rooted in the company’s real-life happenings, instead, setting up its future and changing how we view the franchise forever.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Loki Season 2.

The latest episode of Loki Season 2, titled “Heart of the TVA,” has some massive ramifications for the future of the MCU, specifically regarding the next Multiversal War, which looms on the not-so-distant horizon as it’s expected to take center stage in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty (2026).

For one, we spend a major chunk of the episode with our eye on Victor Timely, a 19th-century Kang variant pulled from the Sacred Timeline by Loki, Mobius, and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) with the hopes that his Temporal Aura will help O.B. repair the TVA’s broken Temporal Loom — an invention created by Timely hundreds of years ago, or hundreds of years in the future, depending on how you see it.

O.B. (Ke Huy Quan) in Marvel's 'Loki' Season 2
Credit: Marvel Studios

Wayward judge Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) and the TVA’s rogue A.I. agent, Miss Minutes (Tara Strong), on the other hand, manipulate Hunter X-5/Bradley “Brad” Wolfe (Rafael Casel) into betraying the TVA, crushing morally dubious General Dox (Kate Dickie) and her army of imprisoned Minutemen into human goo in a particularly gory scene for a Marvel Studios production.

However, it seems like directors Justin Benson and Aaron Morehead went into the episode with a plan — one that extends far beyond Loki‘s sophomore season. After the whatsit Casey (Eugene Cordero) and O.B. have been building is complete, and the doors to the Loom are finally opened, Timely steps out into space to save the day while heroic music blares — only to be instantly spaghettified by the sheer level of radiation.

Jonathan Majors as Victor Timely in 'Loki' 2.03
Credit: Marvel Studios

It’s here that Loki, Mobius, Sylvie, O.B., and Co watch in horror as the Sacred Timeline they’ve literally dedicated their lives to blows up in front of their eyes. After the loom explodes, the TVA is swallowed up in its blast and then — fade to white. It’s a chilling cliffhanger, and even though there are still two episodes left to go, meaning there’s undoubtedly a fix-it on the way, the moment hits like a truck and makes the MCU’s future look especially grim.

Speaking with The Wrap, Loki Season 2 executive producer Kevin Wright offered some insights on that bombshell Episode 4 cliffhanger, leaving fans with a cryptic message: “War is coming.”

Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson) in 'Loki' 2.01
Credit: Marvel Studios

Following Timely’s, well, untimely death, Wright teased the fact that Miss Minutes and Judge Renslayer are still “a big problem,” posing the question of if these two “know what needs to be done” in order to get the TVA back on the right path:

Look with what happens at the end of [Episode 4], we don’t know where anybody is, or where they’re going, or if they’re alive. I think the thing that I would say is, if we were able to get back to that TVA, do Renslayer and Miss Minutes know what needs to be done to get time and reality back on track? Is Victor a key element to that? I mean, obviously they felt like he was for the TVA.

Miss Minutes in Episode 2 of Loki
Credit: Marvel Studios

Without Timely (and therefore, He Who Remains) in the picture to act as the symbolic glue between the Sacred Timeline and the TVA, Wright reiterated that his “warning still holds true: war is coming” and commented on Loki seeing the mysterious bureaucracy as “the only thing that stood between that war and reality crumbling:”

I would suggest that maybe reality is in even graver danger now. Because even without Victor Timely, the warning still holds true: war is coming. The TVA, in Loki’s opinion, was the only thing that maybe stood between that war and reality crumbling. If somehow they are able to get reality back after episode four, I would say they still have a very serious problem to deal with. And they maybe have just lost a very valuable tool in Victor Timely, who was essential to getting that mission on track.
Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Mobius (Owen Wilson) at the Chicago Worlds' Fair in "Loki' 2.03
Credit: Marvel Studios

Still, fans shouldn’t expect to see the full-scale, Avengers-level Multiversal War just yet. Wright explained that initially, the impending war was going to be explored more prominently in Loki Season 2, but this idea was later scrapped, as it “felt completely wrong” in his eyes to go down that path without “earning” it yet:

In one version, we go full-on Multiversal War, but even as we were saying that, it felt completely wrong, jumping to something we haven’t earned yet.

So, with Wright’s comments in mind, what’s in store for the MCU’s future? Well, it’s difficult to say, but based on these remarks, all signs are pointing to Kang as the Multiverse Saga expands further. With the Sacred Timeline and its loyal protectors compromised, we could see alternate timelines colliding in a Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)-esque team-up romp as the Council of Kangs assembles.

Jonathan Majors looking stern as Kang the Conqueror
Credit: Marvel Studios

This could lead us to Deadpool 3, which is confirmed to be bringing Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and the X-Men into this corner of the Marvel universe after many years under Sony Pictures’ supervision. And with the Multiverse Saga ending with Avengers: Secret Wars (2017), a prominent crossover event from Marvel Comics that sees two different universes engaging in war, Loki could be just the start.

As for the show itself, the following episodes could see Loki, Sylvie, and Mobius waking up in separate timelines if the TVA did explode, forcing them to search the Multiverse in search of each other — perhaps, causing them to time-slip as we saw the titular Asgardian trickster doing in Episode 1. Or, the blast could see our heroes transported to the end of all time, where they could reunite with some familiar variants.

Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino), Mobius (Owen Wilson), and Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in 'Loki' 2.02
Credit: Marvel Studios

Or, Marvel could fall back on its typical gung-ho optimism, with the TVA somehow miraculously surviving and leaving our main ensemble to pick up the pieces. However, this seems extremely unlikely, as the TVA’s destruction likely sets up a pivotal plot point that will lay the foundation for The Kang Dynasty.

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see the fate of the TVA in next week’s episode and what exactly Kevin Wright means when he says, “War is coming.”

The next episode of Loki premieres on Disney+ on Thursday, November 2, at 6 p.m. PT.

What are your theories for the remainder of Loki Season 2? What did you think of that dark cliffhanger? Let us know in the comments below!

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