Disney Icon Dick Van Dyke Celebrates Wife’s Birthday at Disneyland

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Dick Van Dyke posing with the Dapper Dans at Disneyland

Credit: Drew Tablak via Facebook

On October 2, Dick Van Dyke celebrated his wife’s birthday in the only way a Disney legend can: by taking her to the Happiest place on Earth.

Dick Van Dyke smiling and covered in soot as Burt in Mary Poppins
Credit: Disney

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Dick Van Dyke is one of the most iconic actors of all time. After his breakthrough performance in Bye Bye Birdie (1960) on Broadway, Van Dyke became a global superstar for playing Burt, one of the most beloved Disney characters of all time, in the live-action musical Mary Poppins (1964) alongside Julie Andrews.

Since then, Van Dyke has been recognized for his numerous performances in film and TV shows, including The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961-1966) with Mary Tyler Moore, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968), Dick Tracy (1990), Diagnosis: Murder (1993-2001), Night at the Museum (2006),  Mary Poppins Returns (2018), and season nine of The Masked Singer (2019-present) as “Gnome.”

Dick Van Dyke after he leapt onto the desk in Mary Poppins Returns
Credit: Disney

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Van Dyke is easily one of the most legendary actors alive, having earned a Tony Award, a Grammy Award, multiple Emmy Awards, Kenedy Center Honors, and an Academy Award Nomination. And like any Disney Legend would, he celebrated his wife’s birthday at Disneyland in Southern California.

Dick Van Dyke and Wife Thrive at the Happiest Place on Earth

Dick Van Dyke and his wife, Arlene Silver, celebrating her birthday at Disneyland
Credit: Gail Vyncke via Facebook

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On Monday, Dick Van Dyke was spotted with his wife, Arlene Silver, at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA. As you’d expect, they received the golden experience, with access to Club 33 and the Dream Suite at 21 Royal in New Orleans Square. After their stay, the couple left Cast Members two spoons, each with a sugar cube and a note: “Two spoons full of sugar! Thank you, Royal 21 and Club 33. Love, DIck and Arlene.”

Van Dyke, a lover of choirs and barbershop quartets, was also greeted by the Dapper Dans. They proceeded to sing “It’s a Jolly Holiday With Mary” to the Mary Poppins icon, which caused him to reply, “That was only sixty years ago!”

One of the Dapper Dans, Drew Tablak, said of the experience, “Got to sing for an icon today. [Dick Van Dyke] is an absolute gem of a human being. I don’t really get star-struck, but today was an exception. What a joy my job is. I’m incredibly grateful.”

The couple explored the entire Disney Park with a guide and Laura from Alaura Imagery and Design, who documented the whole trip. “He had more energy than all of us put together and ran us around the park, jamming away to every musical interlude within earshot and hopping on more rides than we could imagine,” said Laura.

“There were laughs, love, surprises, tears (good tears!), and all the feels in abundance as fans started to realize they were sharing a very special day at Disneyland with a Disney legend. These two certainly know how to bring the magic!” It also just so happened to be Laura’s birthday as well.

Dick Van Dyke and his wife, Arlene Silver, riding Radiator Springs Racers at Disney California Adventure
Credit: Dick Van Dyke Official Facebook

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Fans were excited to see the Disney icon roaming Main Street, U.S.A., and enjoying rides like Radiator Springs Racers in Disney California Adventure. They even participated in Arlene’s birthday festivities, singing “Happy Birthday” to her as she stood on the balcony in New Orleans Square.

Happy birthday, Arlene Silver! And happy soon-to-be birthday to Dick Van Dyke, who will turn 98 in December. Here’s hoping you had a wonderful day at Walt Disney’s favorite theme park.

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