Disney Parks Say Anyone Can Be a Princess, Conservatives Riot

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Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Credit: Disney

Conservatives are again outraged at what they believe to be a “man” in a princess dress at Disney.

In 2022, Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort announced that their iconic Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique locations would reopen with a significant change. Instead of Fairy Godmothers, Fairy Godmother’s Apprentices now help children transform into Disney Princesses!

This came a year after the industry-renowned Disney Look guidelines loosened, allowing Disney Cast Members to wear any costume piece matching their location, regardless of gender. The updated rules also allowed certain piercings, tattoos, and unnatural hair colors.

Cinderella with a young Guest and their family at Disneyland Paris
Credit: Disney

Both decisions caused outrage – some guests even shared videos of gender-non-conforming Disney Cast Members online to stir hate. Though the little girls in the videos appeared to have magical experiences, conservatives online claimed it was inappropriate for them to encounter a non-cisgender Disney Parks employee.

Last week, viral right-wing social media star Chaya Raichik (or @LibsofTikTok) shared two photos of Disney Cast Members to her 2.4 million followers. Raichik called the employees “men,” though their genders are unknown. She claimed that “disturbed” visitors contacted her.

“Disney has men dressed as women, wearing dresses greeting children at some of their attractions,” Raichik wrote. “Received both of these this week from disturbed visitors.”

Many @LibsofTikTok followers vowed to boycott Disney if they weren’t already. Some blamed the new Disney Look guidelines for the perceived downfall of the “woke” company.

“When I worked at Disney World in the early 90s, male cast members could not have facial hair, you could not have visible tattoos (either sex), jewelry was limited in size and quantity, and females could only wear muted makeup,” @JoeGayHistorian said. “Plus, only males could work at 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and The Jungle Cruise. They got away with this by claiming they were “casting for a show.” I bet Walt is spinning in his cryogenic chamber.”

“There are plenty of other theme parks that decent, honorable families can safely take their children to,” @Furrystoat wrote. “There are other movies you can watch. There are other products you can buy. Don’t give Disney a DIME. Bleed them dry. Unleash the glories of Capitalism & a Free Market on them.”


“Disney has pushed us from indifference to actively cheering for their fall…they did it to themselves,” @Chilango83 agreed.

Despite right-wing outrage, the Disney Parks are making more money than ever. And their so-called “woke” politics trace back longer than many think.

Disney rainbow balloons at a Pride parade.
Credit: Disney Parks Blog

Disney Cast Members are overwhelmingly pro-LGBTQIA+, and many are members of the community. The Walt Disney Company supported LGBTQIA+ employees as far back as the 1990s when many companies remained openly discriminatory.

Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort haven’t commented on @LibsofTikTok’s post about their employees.

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