Disney Goes Woke, Then Goes Broke, Fans Say

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After running an article about cancel culture, and the “Disney Goes Woke” phenomenon, stock observers were quick to relate the Walt Disney woke movement with a steep drop in share prices.

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Disney Goes Woke, Company Goes Broke?

While publicly traded companies are always vulnerable to the masses, Walt Disney World made a splash in pop culture. First, it was the Little Mermaid remake. Then came Snow White and the trademark loss of Mickey Mouse.

This all occurs during the period that Walt Disney World Resort was under the microscope thanks to Reedy Creek and a culture war over diverse characters. Fans are connecting the woke phenomenon to a loss of share value.

Disney CEO Bob Iger and Florida Gov Ron DeSantis have been in an ongoing battle about “woke Disney” and issues surrounding sexual orientation and gender identity.

The whole ‘Disney Gets Woke’ idea is a hot topic because it takes tradition and makes it modern. Fans, however, seem to relate these woke Disney Park and movie phenomena to the stock market.

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How Disney “Waking Up” Could Impact Shares

The theme park phenomena, and Walt Disney film audiences in the United States and internationally, show the backlash. However, recent successes with films like Elemental suggest that Disney CEO Bob Iger is on the right track.

Disney films are only one aspect of the multifaceted experience that makes the magic happen at theme parks and for audiences. While share prices are concerning, hitting their lowest since 2014, Disney is far from the only company suffering.

Disney goes woke, but so did target, as this share image shows an upward trend, suggesting no correlation between woke and broke
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Among other major players in the publicly traded industry is Target Corp. This was another business under “woke” attack by Gov Ron DeSantis. However, their stock is actually on a significant upward trend.

This shows that, while Disney films’ woke nature and the changes at parks might suggest a causal relationship with stock, it’s not a firm fact.

What do you think about the changes to fictional characters and how they impact the Walt Disney Company?

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