Hugh Jackman Will Reportedly Not Be Done With Marvel After ‘Deadpool 3′

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hugh jackman as wolverine

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The world was stunned when Ryan Reynolds nonchalantly announced that Hugh Jackman would join him in Deadpool 3. The pair teamed up with one another to deliver a few hilarious videos about the announcement, which carpeted the internet for weeks. Though everyone assumed that Jackman would be returning one final time, a new report indicated that might not be true.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine bursting from water
Credit: 20th Century Fox / 20th Century Studios

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Jackman became the central figure of the Fox-produced X-Men films, even popping up in the prequels; as we all know, Logan doesn’t age. Jackman’s prowess and perfect form made him the quintessential Wolverine, often leading to everyone wishing he would eventually return. When that day came, the internet was set on fire, followed by the actor being shown in a comic-accurate Wolverine costume.

Though the excitement for Hugh Jackman returning to the MCU has been palpable, it has sadly diminished because of the industry strikes. Shooting was underway for Deadpool 3, but Jack and Ryan Reynolds are both SAG-AFTRA members and production on the highly anticipated MCU sequel was shut down.

To make matters worse, Deadpool 3 was also missing from Disney’s Q3 earnings report, which dictated what big releases were upcoming this and next year. Deadpool 3 initially had a May 3, 2024, release date, though it was noticeably missing from the release schedule. The industry strikes are likely a huge part of why the Marvel film has been pushed back. It had an initial release date of November 2024, which might now be the case.

Despite the sad news released on the film, we now have a new report that should make plenty of fans happy. Hugh Jackman will be appearing in the MCU past Deadpool 3.

Hugh Jackman Met With Kevin Feige Over Wolverine Role

Per an update via Deadpool Updates on Twitter and industry insider, DanielRPK, it appears that Hugh Jackman had met with Marvel boss Kevin Feige over the role of Wolverine. The report indicates that it wasn’t just about Wolverine being placed in the MCU but how the character would be an integral part of Avengers: Secret Wars.

Before the SAG-AFTRA strike began, Jackman had reportedly met with Kevin Feige over his role, and this could mean that we will be seeing much more of the actor in the MCU. This is massive news considering most of the plot reveals have indicated that Deadpool would be traveling to the future to potentially stop Logan from dying.

Should this be the case, and Deadpool interrupts the Multiverse, it would also make sense and point to the other plot secret: the TVA (Mobius and Loki) would be hunting down Deadpool and Wolverine to get him back to his own timeline.

The rumored plots are starting to add up, especially with the reveal that Hugh Jackman will be a massive part of the MCU moving forward. This is just speculation, but it would make perfect sense to have Wolverine be a huge player in the future of Marvel, at least until Avengers: Secret Wars blows up the Multiverse.

We know that Marvel uses the Jonathan Hickman storyline for Avengers: Secret Wars. In the comics, Doctor Doom becomes God Emperor Doom and attempts to destroy the Multiverse. Considering Phases Five and Six are called the Multiverse Saga, there needs to be a rightful ending, much like the Infinity Saga ended with Avengers: Endgame (2019) and the death of Tony Stark.

Hugh Jackman returning to the Multiverse Saga to correct the timeline and potentially end his life for the betterment of the MCU would be the perfect sendoff. Granted, he already did that in Logan (2017), but that was mostly to save the Fox universe. He can give his life again for Marvel and ride back into the sunset as a legend.

Deadpool and Wolverine in new looks.
Credit: Ryan Reynolds’ Instagram

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Wolverine is also indestructible, and if Doom is the big baddie who becomes the infamous God Emperor Doom, he won’t be stopped by the normal heroes that comprise the Avengers. He might need to be stopped by someone with an adamantium skeleton. We can’t wait to see more of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

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