Families Fight Following Stroller Accident at Disney World

in Walt Disney World

Guests walking down Main Street, U.S.A. in Walt Disney World Resort

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Walt Disney World Resort is still The Most Magical Place on Earth, but violence is becoming commonplace at the Central Florida Disney Park. Whether it’s caused by high prices, pent-up frustration following the COVID-19 pandemic, or something else entirely, it’s impossible to ignore increasing guest misbehavior.

The sidewalk was stained with blood earlier this year after a brutal fistfight over a photo spot at Magic Kingdom Park. Last summer, two families brawled over line-cutting in Fantasyland. All parties were banned from Walt Disney World Resort, but it hasn’t stopped others from following suit.

Tomorrowland archway entrance - Disney World
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Fighting isn’t the only problem, of course. Guests report rampant line-jumping, as well as unsanitary behavior. In the last few months, dozens of guests have come into contact with strangers’ bodily fluids on Disney Parks attractions.

Needless to say, tensions are high at the Disney Parks. Even benign accidents can turn into vacation-ruining altercations. Reddit user u/throbberbaron recently shared that their children were heartbroken after a heated incident at Magic Kingdom Park.

“On a crowded MK after hours Christmas party night, I accidentally hit the woman before us with the double stroller of my kids,” the Guest explained. “A slight nudge. And she turned around and yelled: ‘hit me one more time mothereffer and see what happens.’”

Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Resort after a rainstorm
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“Both my kids started crying and she ran away because she saw agitation in my face,” they continued. “I had to console the kids. Parents with kids face so many issues with other guests.”

Thankfully, this incident didn’t get physical. But years later, it’s a lasting memory for the little ones involved.

Never intervene if you witness violent or reckless behavior at Walt Disney World Resort. Instead, notify a Disney Cast Member who can de-escalate or contact security if necessary.

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